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010.jpg636 views1 commentslinksonickApr 14, 2011
011.jpg415 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
002.jpg442 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
003.jpg383 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
004.jpg386 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
005.jpg432 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
006.jpg478 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
001.jpg445 viewslinksonickApr 14, 2011
weee2.pngMask333 viewsI like this one better >v<
I deleted everything in my old albums so I'm 'fresh'
yeeyyyy girly pose
3 comments~zeldadreamsMar 03, 2011
Hosiko.jpgHosiko273 viewsI had plans for her to appears I think after Chapter two again if I can get the inspiration...she's also the last of her tribe unless I can come up with more ideas...

Hosiko by: Amy122
Uura Tribe by: Nintendo
2 commentsAmy122Feb 27, 2011
Stell~0.jpgStell299 viewsHere's the colored's scanner cut off his name and made his other view the way it is....I can't do anything about it...sorry.

Stell by: Amy122
4 commentsAmy122Feb 27, 2011
Stell.jpgStell155 viewsI have plans for him to appear in chapter two but, since I need inspriation that may take a long time to even do...anyway, he dislikes Orge Deity a lot and he's a 'demon' hunter. He falls in love with Akako and doesn't see why she's in love with Deity really.

This was taken by my phone camera and uploaded on here, I wasn't able to get to a scanner until last night, and right now it's ready for the second coloring and ink and it'll be done.

Stell by: Amy122
Amy122Feb 25, 2011
lostwoods_sm.jpgLost Woods273 viewsPicture done for Melora as part of the Zelda Exchange back in 2008. 1 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
010411e.jpgLink and Zelda338 viewsFirst finished picture of 2011 after a two year drawing hiatus. Not too horrible for being so rusty. XD This was a gift for someone in DeviantArt. 3 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
013011finweb.jpgLink vs. Stallord318 viewsFirst boss fight picture ever.2 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
010411bgsm.jpgA Moment of Peace305 viewsLink and Zelda pic with background.1 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
ww.pngmajora's mask324 viewsHi there, sorry for the deadness! I just got tired of drawing Zelda stuff, and i made a different account somewhere else...
I can't edit this anymore, considering my tablet JUST decided to go whacko
8 comments~zeldadreamsFeb 13, 2011
Triforce2.jpg272 views4 commentsKITTJan 28, 2011
Triforce.jpg213 views1 commentsKITTJan 28, 2011
RunedeNewYears.pngRunede at New Years373 viewsA bit late for New Years, but whatever. XD

So, Runede spends her New Years praying at a shrine. And she sets off fireworks. ^^

Runede, Art (C) hauu13
8 commentshauu13Jan 24, 2011
zantsSister.PNGZant"s Sister336 viewsThis is my other Twili OC, Zant's sister. She has no name, but I have got a rough outline of her character:

She is an up and coming member of the Royal Court; her charisma and calculating logic make her up to be the heir to her family's title and place in the Twili Ruler's advisors. She and Zant do not get along, mainly due to their wish to both gain the family title and one day be claimed as heir to the positon of Ruler of the Twili Realm, for the current Ruler has no heir. (Midna, being another potential, was chosen to become heir) Soon after Midna was named heir, Zant's father died, leaving the sister as the head of the family and a place in Midna's Advisors.

Midna, Zant (C) Nintendo
Zant's sister, Art (C) hauu13

(A better version with a full-body view will be uploaded in several weeks, most likely)
4 commentshauu13Jan 21, 2011
AkakoandDeity.jpgKissing330 viewsHA! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S BOSS UPLOADER! BOOYA!! >}
*sees everyone look at her werid* Umm.....*straches the back of her neck* hehehehe nice day is it? ^^;; *sees them pointing toward the picture* oh...
OH, um...well this is the one that I have been working on for quite sometime. Um, sorry that Akako's hair isn't long like it should be...I wanted Deity's had to be shown...Anyway this is Akako's night dress. She would apparently sleep in this dress at night in her Caslte. And as for Deity? IDK why he's kissing her while she's in her night dress...YOU ladies can figure that out ;)

Akako by: Me
Fierce Deity Link by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Zelda by: Nintendo
8 commentsAmy122Jan 15, 2011
Amy122-on-12-12-10-at-05-51-20.pngTwilight Princess Master Sword292 viewsI finally got off my lazy butt and made the guards longer. I was actually trying to upload a drawing but the stupid uploader says '0 uploads' >_> I can't help it if my drawings are always vertial. >< ANYWAY I'll upload it on PB then on here.

Twilight Princess Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
5 commentsAmy122Jan 15, 2011
RunedeinWind.pngRunede in the Wind329 viewsRunede, being all serious like with her hair blowing in the wind~ Drawn on a 3"X4" index card and colored in GIMP.

Twili race (C) Nintendo
Runede, Art (C) hauu13
5 commentshauu13Jan 10, 2011
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