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3024320050425_075804_0_big.jpg2999 views24 commentsdavogones
3024320050425_075805_1_big.jpg2897 views24 commentsdavogones
3024320050425_075806_2_big.jpg2881 views1 commentsdavogones
3024320050425_075808_3_big.jpg2582 views22 commentsdavogones
3024320050425_075809_4_big.jpg2425 views10 commentsdavogones
Alone hero.jpg
Alone hero.jpgAlone Hero323 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece like this with the older style Link, but had never gotten around to it...200513 commentsFyrborn
Captured 2005-8-17 00000.JPG
Captured 2005-8-17 00000.JPGLink and Rikah138 viewsOkay, I think my story is coming together... I won't reveal it yet, but here's the lowdown; I know, Rikah and Link look a LOT alike, I did that on purpose (duh)! It's a part of my fan fic.
Once again, having a scanner would save my drawings' life. My stupid digital camera is killing them!!!
3 commentsPrizzZel
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPG
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPGThe new Master Sword Pedestal!131 viewsDIE, Navi, DIE!!! Muahahaha!

I do know the master sword looks a little small, but that's cause I ran out of paper. ^v^' Eheh heh...
3 commentsPrizzZel
Din.jpgDin 2005162 viewsDin wearing modern day clothes.2 commentsgoldenforce82
Din.jpgDin169 viewsDin the goddesses in 2005.1 commentsTforceofcourage
e3_zelda_tp_480.movE3 2005 Trailer4955 viewsDownload7 commentsKhuffie
EGMjoke2005.jpg838 views11 commentslord-of-shadow
gdc_2005_high.movGDC 2005 Trailer - Hi Rez6760 viewsDownload
1 commentsKhuffie
gdc_2005_low.movGDC 2005 - Low Rez4198 viewsDownload

10 commentsKhuffie
Grand reward.jpg
Grand reward.jpg-Grand Reward-408 views-Grand Reward- JN 2005 Fyrborn

The mist of sorrow rolls by in the deep darkness of night.
The cold chilling wind blows through the the trees of the forest.
A hero stumbles through the pain of his life.
Through the trees of end and the mist of forgotten.
A great dark misting forest of stone raises up before the hero.
He stumbles to a limp to a crawl,before long he is dragging himself through the dirt with his wartorn hands.
His breath falters,it nears,the end.
In the grass behind him lays his world,the things he worked for,the things that changed for the better.
The hero grasps a tomb,realizing it is his own.
remembering his life before,his eyes go cold and his hands go limp.
With his last breath,as he slumps to the ground,alone.
He speaks"it was worth it".
The cold wind of lonlieness blows through the trees of steel and over the body of man.
Heros will come and go,but there will always be a world for them and lives for them to protect.
So in the end,this is the heros.
Grand reward...
8 commentsFyrborn
halloween3.jpgHappy Halloween-Dark Link585 viewsDrawn for Halloween 2005 ^^ I worked very hard on this picture~ I really like how it came out! Sketched it out on paper and finished it in Photoshop CS ^^15 commentsChibi-Rinku
Link 2005.JPG
Link 2005.JPGWalking through the Forest197 viewsI made this picture just after the first E3 trailer came out for the latest Legend of Zelda game. I made this with oil pastels.3 commentsArt1st4786
Link sketch 2005-06-small size 2.jpg
Link sketch 2005-06-small size 2.jpgLink sketch179 viewsspent the last couple of weeks down in Mexico, only managed a couple pencil sketches (its tough to do in the car..:))7 commentsGirlink
Link sketch 2005-06-small size.jpg
Link sketch 2005-06-small size.jpgcat nap179 viewsAnother pencil sketch from my trip to Mexico8 commentsGirlink
Link&lightning.jpgLink and Random Ligntning that doesn't look like lightning...... *bother*496 viewsOnce again! this was magalink's pic, and i added bg..... well its a cool pic, so i edited it, i felt like being random with the paintbrush, so i made random lines. once i was done making random lines, i thought it looked cool, but then i realized "If only i could change the color without really doing anything". well i knew how to do it, but once again laziness prevails14 commentsdude_thats_evil
Link2005.jpgTwilight Princess Link131 viewsLink from the new Zelda Game Twilight Princess.1 commentsgoldenforce82
MasterSwordBHR.PNGTwilight Princess Master Sword90 viewsHello everyone. As you may or may not know I used to draw swords for this website on MS Paint back in 2005, and after 6 years I've decided to take another try at this hobby. So, as my sort of coming back contribution, I've remade my first and most popular sword in its latest incarnation. I really hope all of you enjoy it.6 commentsBountyHunterReturns
My style Link.jpg
My style Link.jpgMy style Link176 viewsThis out of the newest ones I did lately this is my fav.
I almost think I draw up close stuff better then farther away...
14 commentsFyrborn
Omega Maximus Link.jpg
Omega Maximus Link.jpgOmega Maximus Link177 views I Originally wanted to draw Link as a serpent, kind of that what if Link succumed to his evil side, type thing but it became alot more, the more I drew...still not quite happy with how the wings turned out though...20058 commentsFyrborn
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