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37851020060427_180738_0_big.jpg912 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180739_1_big.jpg1088 views2 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180739_1_big.jpg980 viewslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180741_2_big.jpg1134 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180742_3_big.jpg960 views2 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180743_4_big.jpg916 viewslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180746_5_big.jpg999 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180750_6_big.jpg683 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
37851020060427_180750_7_big.jpg862 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
freakish.jpg5111 viewsScanned and Edited by Melora. From EGM of June 200628 commentsMelora
GoogleLogo3.jpgThe Legend of Google165 viewsA Google holiday logo for February 21, the anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda game release date in Japan. (20 years as of 2006.) Yet another project done in my Graphics and Design class; the sword, sheild and Triforce were sketched by hand then scanned and colored on Photoshop 7.0. The images were then melded into the traditional Google logo. Yay for Zelda and Google! 2 commentsHyperlink
goron.jpg5945 viewsScanned and Edited by Melora. From EGM of June 200623 commentsMelora
happynewyear0001.jpgHappy New Year!228 viewsYeah, I cheesed out, and did this in 5 min with a sharpie marker and photoshop fills..well, thats not the point. I hope you all have a good new year and please spread the love, not the hate, and all that...I wanted to write something profound but I am tired and cant think of shi*t, so just love yourselves and each other, make this year better, we can. Have a great 2006!!!!!!!!3 commentsGirlink
knight.jpg5218 viewsScanned and Edited by Melora. From EGM of June 200620 commentsMelora
link.pngLink87 viewsclose-up of link
(c) 2006 Pralie (
link2.pngGossip Stone vs. Navi100 viewslol. just playing around with the oekaki boards, very poor quality, but whatever. =/
(c) 2006 Pralie (
linkpico_ds_01.jpgPico climbing version 2 (Minish Cap II)99 views while ago I played Minish Cap for GBA and those Minish characters (mouse-like sprites) really made the game for me. I came up with the idea that a possible sequel could be made by Capcom's Flagship studio for that platform but then edited the original image to carry the up-to-date DS logo.

I used a 'light/dark world' scenario where in the Minish World the human characters become micro and the Minish folk themselves are macro. Link, the hero of the Zelda games, becomes stranded in this land and his size makes him helpless so relies on his young friend Pico to transverse the immense terrain. This creates game-play interactions on the touch screen where the characters switch helping each other overcome monsters and obstacles in a new exciting adventure!

Nintendo DS and logos are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo.
linkww.pngWaker of the Winds76 viewsLink from Wind Waker
(c) 2006 Pralie (
Link_in_The_Caramel-Filled_Chest.JPGLink in: The Caramel-Filled Chest; part three86 viewsThis is a part from my story, 'The Search for A Key'. Actually, it's the last part. It will be in comic form, and this is kinda old. I tried to draw a hand... I hope it came out right. And it doesn't have to be funny. Where Link got that stick, we will never know. Until I turn this humor comic into a story. Again, old thingy, I made it in... ummmmm.... 2007 or 2006. Yeah, that old. Stop bugging me about it.
Link and Aryll is (c) to Nintendo
Random stick is (c) to me
Drawing is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I will send Butterfly after you!
4 commentsVaati_Lover
mylink.jpgLink 2006129 viewsLink's about to deal some pain to an unseen foe!Tforceofcourage
nayru.jpgNayru110 viewspencil sketch of nayru, the oracle of ages and goddess of wisdom
(c) 2006 Pralie (
picoinhouse.jpgHome sweet home (Minish Cap II)98 viewsAnother revamped sketch I found on my cluttered desktop.

Turns out the young Minish Pico is actually learning to become a sage and knows a great deal of spells as the storyline unfolds. The kid is also fascinated by Hyrulian lore, history and prophecy as shown by the stain glass windows. He looks up to Link which is funny given present circumstances. =3

Nintendo © 2006.
pinkrabbitlink_aLttP.jpgPink rabbit Link84 viewsAnyone who's played "A Link to the Past" on the SNES or GBA will know where this funny character comes from.

The game revolves around this corrupted dark world where you must retrieve the sacred Triforce but all mortals who enter here are transformed by the golden power into a reflection of their own heart. First time round I was really fascinated to see Link emerge in this dimension as a pink innocent rabbit, an ingenious concept for early 90s. Problem is you're harmless and everyone else has turned into ravenous monsters, not to mention the little guy only appears for a short time in the game. >.>

Nintendo © 1991-2006.
rickyrulz.jpgRicky > Link224 viewsYes it's true the roo is greater than the rider. >:3

Having played Oracle games recently I realised that Link is such a pain-in-the-ass to control, I'm not bashing the difficulty factor because gamers love a new challenge, and all Zelda games start with just 3 hearts meaning the monsters can inflict tremendous damage to your life-force, BUT here you always seem to come off worse whenever fighting a screen full of enemies, the hero moves like a stoned snail and his sword is pathetically weak! (you can't upgrade it until the last leg of the quest) …don't even get me started on those damn electrified monsters. ]:x

My annoyance sky-rocketed after the first few dungeons; then I found Ricky, and I actually started enjoying the game again. This kangaroo kicks ass! Ricky can move far faster, attacks bad guys like crazy, jump over cliffs easily, and unleashes powerful mini-tornados upon command. =3

Pity you can't take this companion into the dungeons. >.>

Ricky, Link © Nintendo 2006.
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