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10000hitssmall.PNG10,000 Hits340 viewsThis is a pic I did for getting over 10,000 pageviews on my DevArt account =3
I love the way this pic came out, 'cause it's the Links in a different media from me. X3
They're holiding flags of the different digits and Blue's also holding up a comma sign XD

Green, Blue, Red, Shadow and Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
Eth.jpgPrincess Ethina76 viewsHey ZL. It is I Divine_Link. I had no choice to create this account because I couldn't recover my password and I tried to reach the administrators and no reply at all. If there's a way to retreive a user's password please tell me. Really, really appreciate it.

Now onto my concept of my new character; Princess Ethina (Eth-thee-na) of the North has a gift to see to those can't see, many people seek her advice and voice of reason to decide. In the town of Drastar, the locals treat her very special and men tend to give her silk ribbons due to her passion for ribbons. During the quiet nights Ethina goes out and watch the stars for hours.

Princess Ethina R.M.
5 commentsCaranthir Felagund
Koume and Kotake.jpg
Koume and Kotake.jpgKoume and Kotake613 viewsThis is also from my ZP account. This is a pic of Koume and Kotake when they weren't so..... old. Anyways yeah, the outfits were really fun to design. I'm really proud of this one, it took a lot of work. BTW, Koume is Red, Kotake is Blue. Hope you like!10 commentsSusie Q
Link_And_Epona.jpgOut of the Woods274 viewsHaven't submitted (or drawn even) much Zelda artwork for a loooong time. I decided to draw this after completing MM again, cause i felt the need to appease my Zelda.... uhm... craving or whatever. check out my Deviantart account to see my other artwork. (
Hope you like.
Copyright crap is all on the pic.
(just to let you know, i'm quite sure when this pics supposed to be taking place, cause navi's there too...)
1 commentsLinkmaster
Link_The_Business_Man_-_Sm.JPGLink The Business Man111 viewsThis was based off a pen sketch i drew like 3 years ago or so when i was 13 or younger prolly. Anyway, that one sucked but i loved the concept of it so i did a redraw.
And BTW the signature says WolvesKin cuz that's my deviantart account, not cuz i stole it from someone and was stupid enough to leave their signature, XD lol.
Anyway, hope ya like it.
LozfL4wm.jpgJust Chillin'136 viewsEh. Having fun with markers and free time! This is also on my deviant account...which may/may not view better. But for now I hope you'll enjoy it!1 commentsMythicLullaby
Marin_s_Death.JPGMarin's Death302 viewsThis is some psycotic gothic looking doodle I did in the middle of the night when I couldn't get to sleep on account of the two Vaults I had drunk that day. :)3 commentsjiminycricketX
Master_Sword-1.JPGMaster Sword66 viewsHere's the complete verison of the Master Sword. And I must say it came out better than the first one I was doing. I still have the Great Fairies sword to do, the WW sword, WW master sword and the Phantom Sword...maybe Sheik's knife too....

Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

BTW, Please ignore the P.S. in the last one...I have that on my SA account cause there's a lot of art thieves out there. >O
5 commentsAmy122
screenshots_047.jpgZelda's revenge190 views"Oh come on Ganondorf, that flower looks pretty! ^-^"

Teehee... HyruleZelda's SSBM shots reminded me I had some screenies of my own. Mine won't get as orginizaed as,ever...
See the black edge on the right side of the screen? Yeah,that's where my TV ends.
It's still pretty funny,right? xD

(And I understand this account has a pickled past. Not the same person,peoples... my friend gave it to me. She stole ideas. That 'Desteny' charicter of 'hers'? MINE. Blech.)
1 commentsDarkZelda
slgl.jpgShadow and Green for Princess of Twilight51 views"You're me, but not..."
"And you're me too..."
That was probably what happened when they first saw each other, or Shadow just tried to kill Green... Hope you like it PT!
Shadow, Green (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
vaatistarereducido.jpgvaati's stare257 viewsVaati's suspicious stare.
Greedy, heartless, ambicious, that's what makes him one of my favourite characters from the Zelda series.

Ah, finally some free time to draw again, It's been a while and I'd like to try some more stuff on photoCHOP. I'm not sure I'll upload very often here, but if you have the slightest interest on my humble works, you may check on my humble DA account at
1 commentsAltaire
ww.pngmajora's mask101 viewsHi there, sorry for the deadness! I just got tired of drawing Zelda stuff, and i made a different account somewhere else...
I can't edit this anymore, considering my tablet JUST decided to go whacko
8 comments~zeldadreams
Zelda.jpgThe Seventh Sage359 viewsThis pic was originally posted on me ZP account but ZP is always down, so I'm moving over to ZL. So um yeah. This is just a pretty basic zelda, I like it though. So Enjoy^_^8 commentsSusie Q
_OMG_It__s_Vaati_by_Figure3.jpgFwee!!!217 viewsVaati!! The second hottest Zelda villian! Darky's first. :3

It's been awhile since I've submit anything on this site! XDDD I forgot to mention in my last picture that I got a deviantART account. ^^;;

This picture is screwed up. D:
3 commentsVain
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