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awesomewlevels.jpgHero of Courage, Wisdom, and Power518 viewsPhew! This took forever to do, but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. The scene is supposed to be Link receiving all three pieces of the triforce (Zelda and Ganondorf are dead or something, notice they only appear as reflections beside Link's). Lots of work, lots of lighting effects, lots of satisfaction. Whad'ya think? Note especially the lighting on Link, with the blue and red, not to mention the water...17 commentsdudeofrandomness
Earrings b&w.jpg
Earrings b&w.jpgEarrings (WIP)462 viewsAnother picture inspired by a post on the Nintendo Forums. Someone posted that years ago, in a Nintendo Power magazine, a girl asked how Link got his ears pierced, and they responded that Rauru must have gotten bored during Link's seven-year sleep. I decided to let Navi get in on the action, too. Edited in Photoshop.9 commentsArt1st4786
faeriez.pngNavi, Tael, and Tatl122 viewsLink is giving the fairies a pep talk and these are their reactions. :)lemonfairy
Goron weapons.jpg
Goron weapons.jpgGoron Weapons445 viewsHear are a few goron weapons as I see them. They are all based around the concept that they would be used to hack, bash, and do a lot of damage( and in the hammer and pic-ax's case, work) with.

The Spiked Club- This is a simple weapon used to bash in helms, armor, and other various things.

The Sword- The goron race is known for there steel work. However, the Goron knife found in the game is more of a hylain weapon, made to be used by a strong hylain warrior. Sword made for themselves however, would be much different. Being so strong, the Goron would make a heavy thick sword, not so much elegant as it is powerful. Because of a gorons physique, I thought it better to make it a one handed sword.

Hammer- Of course the gorons will have a hammer in their inventory. The megaton hammer, being one of the strongest weapons in the game, became a base for this hammer. This one looks like it has some bells and whistles on it, but it certainly looks like it would get the job done.

Bomb- The most well known weapon of the gorons, Bombs are made from the harvested bomb flowers that grow on death mountain. One question thats always bothered me, is how do they work? Here is my theroy. Bombflowers contain two powerful substances in them. When mixed the reaction is explosive. One substance is right under the shell, one is in a membrane in the middle, which is connected to the root. In a young state, unharvest bombflowers that are picked immaturely calapse their membrane and mix instantaniously, becoming a instant bomb and explode shortly after being picked. A harvested bomb have a harder shell, and are picked when ripe. They can be carried for a long time, and when needed, must be bashed against a hard object to colapse the membrance and begain the reaction which will finish a few seconds later with a bang.

Pic-Ax- Now, this would be more of a work tool, but most weapons in medieval battles were work weapons, so I added this baby in there. It could certainly do some damage, and it was fun to draw.

Chain Foil- Need a place cleared of enemies fast and easy, take out this thing. This is made to utterly pulverize anything it hits.

Shield- The gorons are a hardy race, but even they need protection from pole arms, and strong swords, So I gave them a shield that can be worn as a gauntlent on a free arm, that bashes away a attack and opens up room for a counter-strike.

Well thats it. If Anyone has any suggestions for other weapons for the goron race please comment. Ill put up a warrior outfit for the gorons soon, to go with these weapons. Expect Zoran weapons soon too.
8 commentsBraxis
inevit1.jpgInevitability DeMotivator1053 viewsI don't know how many of you know about DeMotivators ( ), but they're a fun bunch of posters which i happen to be a big fan of. After viewing some of the new Z'05 screens, the idea came to me to mix some of my reactions to the pics with the basic concepts of the DeMotivators. Here we see Link facing the Inevitable.

It happens to be 800x600, so it can be used for a background or small printout. Made in photoshop, during my Independant Study of graphic design, very quickly and easily.
12 commentsKoroks Rock
kuzzle01.jpgbehold the weirdness of kuzzle206 viewsOh, the humanity!
Will you ever forgive me?
For I have written a fan-fic with my limited english!!

This here is Kuzzle, the wizard that summons Link to "test him and stuff". There is a reason for his actions, and he's "kinda" stupid.
2 commentsAltaire
Link,Zelda&Adult Saria.JPG
Link,Zelda&Adult Saria.JPGTeam Up!852 viewsLINK,ZELDA, and ADULT SARIA TEAM UP IN ACTION! Link has a power of fire or Din's fire , Zelda has the power of water and adult Saria has the power of wind. made from c/p. How is it?18 commentsAllysa
Linkness.pngLink Manga Style202 viewsWell, as you already know I'm trying to improve my Manga Style of art. I drew Links face with more "action" in it then my OC Altair. It's a png so it will look better and less crapping, so try and deal with the slightly large file size.5 commentsbounty hunter
linkpico_ds_01.jpgPico climbing version 2 (Minish Cap II)99 views while ago I played Minish Cap for GBA and those Minish characters (mouse-like sprites) really made the game for me. I came up with the idea that a possible sequel could be made by Capcom's Flagship studio for that platform but then edited the original image to carry the up-to-date DS logo.

I used a 'light/dark world' scenario where in the Minish World the human characters become micro and the Minish folk themselves are macro. Link, the hero of the Zelda games, becomes stranded in this land and his size makes him helpless so relies on his young friend Pico to transverse the immense terrain. This creates game-play interactions on the touch screen where the characters switch helping each other overcome monsters and obstacles in a new exciting adventure!

Nintendo DS and logos are trademarks of Nintendo. 2006 Nintendo.
Linkreadyforaction.jpgReady for Action192 viewsThis pic i drew about 2 years ago, its much better than that Zelda pic i drew a while ago... Umm... oh yeah i think i have a colored version of this, but i felt like showing the original (anti-photoshoped) version. Enjoy!8 commentsdude_thats_evil
Link_in_action.jpgLink and the Fire temple boss153 viewsI just finshed this. I didn't have enough room to draw Volviaga, though. This is my first time drawing Link in action, so I hope you think it's good!HyruleZelda
manga1.JPGManga Page 1158 viewsThis is a manga I started. You read it from left to right. It's a love/action/adventure story. This is my earlier work so it will be a bit messy and Green,Red,Blue,Vio, and the other characters might look wierd, but they will look better by 2 chapter. And so you know, some of the pics. in my manga were handwritten, like Shadow Link in the first pic. near the top right corner. Please bear in mind that I started it before I finished the actual manga. Hope you like it. Enjoy ^_^ 1 commentsRed_Fan
readytogo.jpgAnticipation - no background105 viewsNo background version for a better, close up view of Link without the distractions from the background.1 commentscyen
redlink.jpg1022 viewsRed Link leaping into action.
seagull.PNGKifan12's request: Waugh!45 viewsThat is WW Link's reaction to having something, no matter how cute, on his head. I wonder if he had a bad experience when he was little? Hope you like it Kifan!
Link, Makar (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do reqeusts, that I do
4 commentshauu13
sketchy-blushing-link.jpgEh?291 viewsThat's his reaction, I leave the rest up to you. ^^2 comments[cuccoattackforce]
svg4lra.jpgSupultra VS. Ganondorf for Link_Rules_All117 viewsLRA asked for a pic of Supultra his OC fighting Ganondorf, so here it is. The two girls in the backround are my OC Zenia and me, Neko-San in my fic. Fear my terrible swords and action poses! Me and Zen are betting on who's gonna win. Click on full view so you can see all the stuff I wrote. Zen's wearing a Gloomy Bear tee instead of her normal clothes (I'm jealous, I want Gloomy!)
Supultra (c) Link_Rules_All
Zenia (c) hauu13
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
Gloomy Bear (c) Mori Chack
6 commentshauu13
z64toy-link01.jpg1252 viewsLink action figure, in package.3 commentsdavogones
z64toy-link02.jpg986 viewsLink action figure, sword raised.davogones
z64toy-link03.jpg885 viewsLink action figure, standing.1 commentsdavogones
z64toy-set.jpg1433 viewsZelda 64 action figure set, with Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.3 commentsdavogones
Zelda-GirlSword-700.jpgThe Legend of Zelda: The Girl is a Sword118 viewsI've figured out the riddle of the new concept all. Best game ever.3 commentsPsytronic
zelda64toy.jpg1188 viewsSealed package, action figure of Link and Epona.2 commentsdavogones
zelda64toys.jpg1506 viewsThree sealed packages of action figures: Link and Epona, Ganondorf and his steed, and Impa and Zelda.3 commentsdavogones
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