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...Adult Link....JPG
...Adult Link....JPG"You want some of this?!"278 viewstaken from the official manga. basically i just thought that it was so cool i had to draw it.7 commentshappy_macgyver
adult link (twilight princess version).JPG
adult link (twilight princess version).JPG178 viewstwilight princess ..6 commentsgamesloth
Adult Link.JPG
Adult Link.JPGAdult Link, manga style283 viewsFirst of all; thank goodness that the site is up and running again. 2nd; Minish Cap kicks ass.

And last of all; this is a pic i drew a while ago. it's not perfect, i know. the arms are too long for my liking, and his waist is a bit skinny. apart from that though, i think its alright
10 commentshappy_macgyver
AdultLinkCatchesAFish.jpg449 viewsFrom IGN641 comments
adult_link.jpgadult link169 viewsadult link from OoT
hope you like it :)
adult_link_1.jpgAdult Link274 viewsjust a drawing of his face. I drew another one of young Link in the same pose. I'm pretty happy with this, but I still have to improve on coloring with colored pencils. Any tips and/or constructive critism is appreciated.5 commentsTwilight_Zelda
Adult_sWalletEdited.jpg256 viewsIron Knuckle
Adult_sWalletEdited~0.jpg311 viewsIron Knuckle
bowarrow.jpg1086 viewsThe Fairy Bow used by Adult Link.2 comments
capntetra.pngCaptain Tetra119 viewsI can't believe I haven't uploaded this yet! Anyway, here's another version of adult Tetra. I based her outfit off her mother's outfit.3 commentsavroillusion
deathmountaintrailadult.jpg802 viewslord-of-shadow
File0006.jpgadult link121 viewsthis is a pic im pretty proud of. i got it from the ocarina of time manga1 commentsAnarchy-Dude
gerudofortressadult.jpg898 viewslord-of-shadow
hammer.jpg835 viewsThe Megaton Hammer used by Adult Link.
hookshot.jpg799 viewsThe hookshot used by Adult Link.
Kafei.JPGKafei203 viewsA picture of Everyone's favorite Adult turned 10-year-old.1 commentsjiminycricketX
kawa_#322;02.jpgLoZ_OoT_adult_saga_ep25171 viewsa screenshoot of my deskop;)cahir-the-witcher
lakehyliaadult.jpg991 viewslord-of-shadow
leaves.PNGLink of the forest48 viewsNothing much to say...
Adult Link (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
Legend_of_Zelda_Little_Fellows_by_Dayu.jpgLittle Fellows197 viewsLinks still see the minish although he's an adult XD6 commentsDayu
Link,Zelda&Adult Saria.JPG
Link,Zelda&Adult Saria.JPGTeam Up!852 viewsLINK,ZELDA, and ADULT SARIA TEAM UP IN ACTION! Link has a power of fire or Din's fire , Zelda has the power of water and adult Saria has the power of wind. made from c/p. How is it?18 commentsAllysa
link-adulto-chibi.jpgLink adult chibi224 views6 commentsLinkgirl
Link.jpgThe New Face of Courage167 viewsAlright, while there's only been a short trailer for this (that I know of) the upcoming Game Cube Zelda Link just looked so cool that I couldn't help but try my hand at him. I know it could use some more detail, but at least is was fun to draw.4 commentsBlackHawkA100
link.jpgThe hero of time331 viewsThe heroic adult-Link! Here I imagine him being around 20 years old.9 commentsedind
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