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bloody_link.PNGLink has hinamizawa syndrome!110 viewsEither Link's killed a lot of enemies, or he's got hinamizawa syndrome and killed his friends. Ahahahahaha! Okay, seriously I have no clue why I drew this. This was a real quick slipshod drawing in paint, so that explains why its not very good.
art (c) hauu13
link (c) nintendo
hinamizawa syndrome (c) the person that created higurashi
7 commentshauu13
evilshadow.PNGEvil Shadow217 viewsI doodled this in Science and finished the colouring job of it in English.

This is Shadow, but all evil!! He's taken the same form as he has when he got possessed by the Dark Queen Fairy, but this time he's got different wings! (DQF's wings were feathered) But why is that you ask? Well, I have a fic planned.. Wahahahaha..

Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your mind!!
1 commentsKeitii
gerudolink_gimp_b-g.jpgGerudo Link -colored-271 viewsI'm still asking myself how I managed to produce something like this. Thing is, i had seen an example of how to color skin with the computer somewhere on dA (divine-star's gallery I think it was) and since I had recently downloaded Gimp (thankyou KR), I decided to try it on dear Link's face. And I fell in love with how it looked. So of course I had to color the whole pic that way. ^^"

I got bored about halfway through and just smudge-tooled the tunic into submission. XD

I will not tell you how many hours it took me. I don't have a graphics tablet, so I did it all with my mouse... my hand is dead now.

The only part I'm really not satisfied with is the shadow at Link's feet. Meh.
2 commentsaquawolf
Merry Linkmas!!.jpg
Merry Linkmas!!.jpgMerry Linkmas!!!!155 viewsAfter a long day of drinking eggnog/martinies Link was a little bombed so he decided to give Ganon a present.. an active bombchu...
Have an explosive christmas!!! Zelda legenders!!!!!
we wish you a linky christmas we wish you a linky christmas and a exploded Ganon.
6 commentsFyrborn
Mezlas_001.jpgMezlas499 viewsThe boss I bet no one was really waiting for is finished! DONE. I AM DONE UNTIL TWILIGHT PRINCESS COMES OUT. (Though I know one of the bosses and can work on that one...c_C; )

I know the design is kinda' simple but I had to mostly go with memory. My memory doesn't like me very much so, ...yeah.

4 commentsMariaGemini
Oni_Link_Painted_jpeg.JPGOni Link pixels135 viewsFeel the pixelated WRATH of FIERCE DEITY LINK!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 1 commentsDragon of Great Bay
ptbday.PNGHappy B-Day Princess of Twilight!!76 viewsSorry it's late, plz to forgv? (Lolspeak I noes it.) Midna's giving you a present! Wonder what's inside, maybe it's a lolcat! Or a cheezburger! Or a lolcat and a partly eaten cheezburger! (The lolcats love the cheezburgers).
Midna (c) nintendo
lolcats (c)
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
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