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adler.gif546 viewsThe ancient Adler.
Chibimidna!!.jpgOld Chibi Midna!73 views I found this ancient picture in a folder! I think it's cute.2 commentsKifan12
dizi and pyro.jpg
dizi and pyro.jpglike ice and fire... or something1116 viewsAnother, old (ancient, really) pic of mine.

Anyway, this was my part of the trade with a girl from Deviant Art
She wanted me to draw her character Pyro doing something with fire. Since I had no idea what to do I decided to put one of my OC with her. Pyro is very sexy and very strong looking, so I decided to put there the only character that could match with her: Dizi

So, in the left, we have at Dizi, expert using ice; and in the right, Pyro, whom you can guess loves fire.

Pyro (C) chibibichi
Dizi (C) ME!!! >D
15 commentsdan heron
Dragoness.JPGShine Dragoness114 views"Transcending History and the World, a tale of Souls and Swords eternally retold."

This sacred sword was made with an ancient magical crystal and is worshipped by the Antherians. The blade was forged in deep within the Baslong Forest under the guidance of the Dragon Guardians of Anthera, the crystalline sword is fused with the departed souls of previous Dragon Guardians to honor the sword, its edges sometime shine with bright light to warn the user of coming dangers and it has a radiant power to purify the tainted ones. And it was named the Shine Dragoness by the very first king of Anthera.

Shine Dragoness by Divine_Link

5 commentsDivine_Link
emma6.jpgEmma Sketch184 viewsThis is my first complete sketch of Emma. I have been looking for a permanent kind of look for her like I have for Green. Her it is. Now, I just have to get all those others in my other fics. I have a lot of characters at fictionpress but I don't know where to post them. If anyone has any idea of a good and secure website, I'll appreciate it. ANyway.
Emma is thirteen years old. She has brown hair and eyes. She lives on an uknown island no too far away from Hyrule. It's a mystery why it's there, and Link is trying to figure it out while trying to save Emma and islanders from a mysterious, yet familiar creature terrorizing them for a powerful ancient artifact. This story might have a bit of romance.
I think my writer's block is dieing (did i spell that right?) anyways. If you want to reach my stories, go to My username is kitana5055 in the zelda section. Use search, it's easier. ANyways, please comment. I'm trying to get better at my drawings, and I'd appreciate your input. Thank you! :)
1 commentsjade2824
Essence2_Ancient_Wood.gif214 views1 comments
fado.jpg1944 viewsFado, ancient Kokiri sage.6 comments
happy_birthday_eponagirl_final.jpgAncient Hero270 viewsJust a silly sketch i colored for a friend for her birthday :)1 commentsbrigette
Island of the ancients theme.jpg
Island of the ancients theme.jpg'Island of the ancients' logo121 viewsAs you can see, this is Scarface. The same T-rex you saw battle that Dodongo.

THIS is what happened to a spinosaurus that messed with him. Arm ripped off, Sail snapped off, and jaw (including tongue) snapped right in two.

Kinda makes you think twice about JP3, huh?

Ol' Scarface is the king of this island.
Niko the ninja
jap2.jpgA japanese publicity ZLegend Image101 viewsSorry about the other imge, it wasn't complete at all.
If you remember it this one has common chineese caracters and the zelda word has original ancient hyrulean language letters. The 'legend of the sacred legacy' is the sposed translation of ZLegends to the oriental world.
That's all.
Please comment.
tout heure!
1 commentsHyrule_SwordsMan
laruto.jpg1778 viewsLaruto, ancient Zora sage.
oos-level6_ancient_ruins1.mid408 viewsdavogones
oos-level6_ancient_ruins2.mid505 viewsdavogones
SS_Ancient_Cistern_10.png88 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_11.png75 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_12.png69 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_13.png64 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_14.png66 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_3.png84 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_4.png70 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_7.png66 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_8.png75 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Ancient_Cistern_9.png67 viewsflimsykitty
StarGateZant.pngZant in Stargate Garb97 viewsI guess you could say this is my Christmas Gift to all you ZL members, a drawing of Zant in the outfit of one of the guards from Stargate~ Zant's outfit in-game shares something with the outfits of the Stargate guards, which sparked my interest into drawing this picture.

I hope you guys enjoy, and had a lovely Christmas~

Zant (C) Nintendo
Stargate (C) Lionsgate Films
Art (C) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
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