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glasscolorized2.gifcolorized stained glass animation713 viewsI like this one better than the other stained glass one, I got it to work better. Thumbnail dumbness (again). That seems to happen with all my animated masterpieces (lol...masterpieces...)13 commentsdudeofrandomness
mastersword.gif1081 viewsThe Master Sword from the title screen. (animated sprites)
medlibeakmove.gifMedli169 viewsA Medli animation I made by editing a Malon base that I found on Zelda Central.1 commentsLuneste
navicirclingall.gifcircling color-change navi392 viewsI think this one is better than the last one, if you've seen the last one.6 commentsdudeofrandomness
reallink.GIFReal Link120 viewsThis is my attempt at drawing a realistic face for Link. But now that I think about it...he's better animated. Either that, or I need some serious drawing skills, hee hee.6 commentsManicAlpha
rock1.gifRock105 viewsA animation I made for Link_Rulez. Click for a better view. Please comment. Thanx
Link- SemiJuggalo
Rocks- Debug
3 commentsRed_Fan
rupees.gifRupees (animated gif)323 viewsI know the quality is really crappy, it's even worse than a gif usually is. i want to make this a Flash animation, but i'm totally confused on how to. any easy tips anyone?8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
rutoswims2.gifPrincess Ruto104 viewsPrincess Ruto, swimming, though it sort of looks like shes doing jumping jacks.1 commentsLuneste
Tetra_Tunic_Chibi.jpgTetra in Tunic195 viewsHello again! I love drawing chibis now! Anywho in my fic Tetra takes on the infamous green tunic and fights evil in Hyrule. I took most of the designs from TP princess Link well actually I took the pose because I couldn't think of anywthing. TT_TT; I still can't draw feet so I was Legion of Supeheroes The Animated series and I loved how the girls boots were drawen aso I tried it and I like it!

My watermark from DA is here in fear it be stolen. ^^

Art (c)me aka "Dragon-RKG"
TLoZ (c) Nintendo
Dragon Warrior
triforce.swfspinning triforce--again330 viewsyes, i know this is old. i posted this as an animated gif awhile ago, but i converted it to
flash. so now it's a tiny filesize, looks better, and doesn't have a random blank frame.
plus, now that more people know me, i want to know what they think of this, one of my early pieces. (ignore this)
10 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Welll excuuuuse me!!.jpg
Welll excuuuuse me!!.jpgWelll excuuuuse Me!!248 viewsHAHA just an ode to the old animated series,.which to me is pretty D@^^* funny.

Link saying the line that normaly got his @$$ in trouble.
And on occasion a slap>.<

Poor Link
13 commentsFyrborn
yelling3.gifYelling Back480 viewsi'm trying to get reinvolved in the Legends Alliance forums, so a new avatar was in order. this pic is the product of a very simple edit: instead of link just smiling into Ezlo's wrath, he's yelling back. It's so small as to be negligable, except that it completely changes the meaning of the pic.

edit= i decided it was worth animating after all. animated entirely in Imageready, which was a learning expirience. it would have been easier to do it in flash, but i need to familiarize myself with imageready. this actually took three tries to get it right, with just using imageready, and 5 uploads. bleh.
10 commentsKoroks Rock
yeshlink.gifanimated model970 viewsits my model.. in animation >.< neways it kinda looks like link is looking at the sign. but origainally there wasn't like anything behind link and it looked kinda plain so i just added something in but now it looks like he's looking at it which wasn't orignally wut it was supose to do. o well. 15 commentsbathroomhacker
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