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Animeclub-dudesindistress.jpgLink in distress281 viewsHeh heh... I'm a member of the Anime Club at my school, and we have art contests every now and then. The theme for this contest was Dudes in Distress. Unfortunetly, I had more time to work on this than I thought. I colored it with colored pencils, then found out that I had another week to work on it. I tried to improve it in Photoshop, but, well, as you can see... I ruined it...
However, the original one took second place in the contest! Yea!
3 commentsLinksLove
Anime_Midna_Complete.pngAnime Midna109 views This was sitting on my computer for awhile, but all that was done was the hair and bottom of the fused I finished it! Yay! This is what I think Midna would look like if there was a Zelda Anime with her in it. Done 100% in MS Paint (ALL; EXCEPT FOR PARTS OF THE FUSED SHADOW's OUTLINE; WAS DONE FREEHAND WITH MOUSE) enjoy! ^-^
Midna (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
(P.S. If anyone wants a request, I'll be more than glad to do one for you)
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Fan_Girl_Attack_XDDD.jpgFan Girl Attack Quickie170 viewsA quick drawing that I just whipped up...Based on a doodle I drew I on the whiteboard during Anime Club one time...Yes, thats me glomping Link...I debated for a moment on adding a background, then decided against it...
I also find it noteworthy that if I ever made Flash movies, I'd most likely use a style similar to this.
Female_Link_painting.PNGFemale Link Painting293 viewsRe-done in Gimp. I did this a while back for AMA 06 (an anime convention that comes to town in June) and actually sold a print of it *gasp!* Aside from the older style, it looks MUCH better than the origional (I brightened it and smudged it to look like a painting) I'm thinking about completely re-making this pic for comparison purposes (and I'd rather have a European-style dragon there. I was still a newb, so crossing over Asian style into a medieval based world was a verry newb-ish thing to do) 2 commentsLinkFan
Four_Swords_Plus__Anime_Screencap___Red_and_Blue___HUGGLES!_____by___PrincessofTwilight72.pngFour Swords Anime!?!277 viewsLol, it's a fake screencap I made of Four Swords, and what the anime would look like If I made it...^^; I love Red's little cute expression. ^^ Hope you all like it.

Red and Blue (C) Akira Himekawa

Art (C) Me

Alyssa Aleida: My scanners been acting up a little bit, so when it works, I'll post the Twili Zelda.^^
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Goddesses.jpgGoddesses of Hyrule183 viewsOkay, first of all, I know you all are wondering why there are four Goddesses when there's only three. The middle one is my own made up character (who's the spirit within the girl from another realm) and she's Hera, Goddess of Fear. She was banned and sealed within the human girl before Din, Nayru and Farore made Hyrule, and that's why the Triforce was the Triforce.

Yes, my fanfic is based off of OoC.
1 commentsSage of Ice
goron small.jpg
goron small.jpgA Goron Stole My Gumball199 viewsThe artwork, which is really rather like the front cover of a book, for my fanfic, 'A Goron Stole My Gumball'. If you own photoshop and are interested in coloring this pic, please e-mail me ( with your request.2 commentsAnime James
Iken.jpgThe blind Keaton108 viewsYup, you read the title right. This is Iken, the blind Keaton. Iken was born blind and was never been able to see anything and had to use his other senses to get around. However, this big time trouble maker, made a very bad deal with a Hell demon Goddess, and was given a third eye, but, he's only able to see black, white and gray. He was banned from his own home and began to travel around... Of how he meets the other will be kept a secret. ^^Sage of Ice
kawa_#322;02.jpgLoZ_OoT_adult_saga_ep25171 viewsa screenshoot of my deskop;)cahir-the-witcher
Let_It__Burn____by_____PrincessofTwilight72.pngLet it Burn...90 viewsWooooo!! Another Four Swords Anime screencap! I did this today! XD

Well, as stated previously...I decided to make another fake anime snapshot of Four Swords +, this time with Shadow. I'll probably do a few more because it's a fun, yet tedious, process. (Given the fact that I had to use a tracking pad for the bg and drawingit....I used curve tools in Paint for the lines though.) I was going for a darker feel in this image, adn I think I managed to accomplish that goal. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!^^

Shadow Link (C) Akira Himekawa
Art (C) Me

Programs used: MS Paint (lines and basic coloring & highlights) and Paint Shop Pro (background and additional color/effects)
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Linebeck_Screencap_____PT72.pngPH Anime: Linebeck103 viewsLinebeck = Win. :3

Linebeck (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
1 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Link.JPGLink153 viewsYep, I drew this during my Science and English 1 class since I was really bored. Sorry it's on line paper folks. ^_^;; And I decided to place wings on Link since he is like an angel saving lots of people and lands.

Link is (c) to the Zelda corp.
4 commentsSage of Ice
Link_and_Navi_2.jpgLink and Navi143 viewsLink and Navi. Link is drawn anime style. Hope you all like it. ^_~TaliaArt
Link_and_Zelda.jpgLink and Zelda53 viewsLink hugging Zelda from behind (aww). I tried to draw them as they appeared in LttP, and of course some cutesy anime-style art of Zelda and Link were my reference in drawing this.

I know it's a wee bit sloppy--this is an older art style.
3 commentsDBoyWheeler
Link_anime_club_pic_finished_copy.jpgLink by a tree148 viewsA drawing for Anime Club, CG-d and the background is an altered pic of my yard. Cause I'm too lazy to draw a background. ^^1 commentsLinksLove
look alike.jpg
look alike.jpgSimilarities693 viewsIf you guys know the anime/manga called "Hikaru No Go" Then you would know this. But dont they both look alike in some way? I thought to myself that Hikaru (left) looks like the futuristic Link and Young Link in the past. There hair looks similar and their faces too. Man I LOVE HIKARU'S SHOES! And of course I like Link too! What do you think?14 commentsAllysa
Midna_Collage.pngMidna Collage130 views This is just a collage of screenshots I captured, sprites I made in Paint a long time ago, and my personal fav, my anime Midna! I di this as a dedication to one of my favorite Zelda characters, Midna. I hope you all like it!
Midna (c) Nintendo
'Art' (c) Princess of Twilight
(p.S. Amy122, Akako will be up either later today or tomorrow, is that okay?)
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Navi and Talt.JPG
Navi and Talt.JPGNavi and Talt152 viewsFirst off, sorry if I misspelled Talt's name. ^^"

Yay! My first fanart post on ZL. ^^ Yes, I hand drew this picture, and it didn't take me too long to draw, ink and color this picture. And yes, I drew Navi bigger than Talt just to clarify that. And also, my friend sorta messed me up so if you see something that is weird looking or inncorrect, my friend messed me up. xD

I'm open for any comments. ^_^

Navi and Talt (c) to the Zelda corp.
1 commentsSage of Ice
Nayru3.JPGNayru132 viewsYesh. I can't find my inking pen so it'll have to be just my rough sketch. xD Well, this is the Oracle Nayru, not the Goddess. I was bored and yah... This only took me a hour to draw. XDSage of Ice
Nayru4.JPGColored Nayru124 viewsYay! I found my pen and now I can ink pictures and or color them. xP

Here is the colored version of Nayru.
Sage of Ice
parallels.jpgParallels393 viewsLink and Zelda decided to dress up as (what many seem to consider) their videogame parallels!

This was supposed to be for Halloween, but I'm lazy and slow. So they're going to an anime convention. >__>;;;
6 comments[cuccoattackforce]
Princess_Zelda_anime_style_by_crazyfreak.jpgPrincess zelda anime319 viewsThis is how PZ would look like if I made an Anime of Zelda XD2 commentscrazyfreak
redead.jpgRedead612 viewsThis is actually the picture I had in mind when I decided to do stuff for this fanart page. . . this is what I meant by darkening things up a little. As you can tell, this is an OoT redead. Yes, that is a snake coming out of his neck, yes, those are maggots in his tongue, and yes, he does have dripping blisters on his eye. Heh, and you thought they weren't all that scary.
Pretty much the entire thing is PS brushwork. One gradient tool. No filters or other good stuff (can't think of a good way to work it in when I can just brush it on there). I'm content with it. Hope you guys like it.

No cutesy anime for Dan Heron.
16 commentsScipio
Shadow and Link.JPG
Shadow and Link.JPGNew friends?147 viewsTrue fanart has arrived. ^_^ This is a drawing of Link meeting my Keaton demon Shadow. Notice that Shadow is a fox demon, but related to the Keatons from MM. It took me a while to get Link's hair done in a side view way >< But it turned out okay, no? I wish I had my inking pen so I can ink it and color it to make it look better.

If your wondering what Shadow looks like (as in color ways) here- Silver hair, icy sapphire blue eyes, lightish skin color, silver fox ears with black tips, four silver fox tails with black tips. Outfit- A long black Japanese kunoichi with silver outlines and belt with a icy blue dragon going aound on it (I didn't draw the dragon on her dress, gomen (sorry) XD), and bandages on both arms and feet.

Shadow is (c) to me.
2 commentsSage of Ice
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