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091 - Acro-Bandits.png
091 - Acro-Bandits.png133 viewsdavogones
2.jpgHappiness in sadness337 viewsUh-Oh, Lorica's sad...but she has a smile on her face? Something super hormonal must be happening here. And, being the good husband he is, Symphann comforts her..

On a completely unrelated note--CK's gota bit of artist block, and one of the best ways (next to colorful fanart) to cure it is a new character. But, thanks to my artists block I'm feeling a little indecisive, and I need to know whether I should make this new character a girl or boy, and so I figured I'd have you guys vote :D
7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
BandanaGuy.gif316 viewsIron Knuckle
beach.PNGPrincess of Twilight's request:Dates at an oasis65 viewsOh look at that childish looking background! Midna's hair is down, WoW! Yami no longer has the headband, maybe she took it off before she went for a swim? Hope you like it PT!
Vio, Shadow, Midna (c) nintendo
Yami (c) Princess of Twilight
art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Chibi Lock.jpg
Chibi Lock.jpgChibi Lock219 viewsLock is a character from my fanfiction. She's a tough girl who lost her parents as a baby and was abandoned by her foster family. She's kind of like the independant woman... until she meets Link. She ends up falling for him at some point. This is a chibi pic of her.6 commentsLinkFan
Dancing_Shadows_by_dan_heron.jpgDancing shadows562 viewsAnother old piccu, this time of our lovely Calis. If you remember, all these bandages covering her body are shadows that they control at their will, used mostly when there is no light to create new shadows.

The Numtians and the Devas pray each morning to their gods, letting their tikel sombrem to move freely, letting it take as much sun as they can. The tikel requires at least a degree of “will” to be effective.

Oh, and Calis IS NOT AN ANGEL!!
dan heron
docbandum.jpg1006 viewsDoc Bandum, expert on ChuChu jelly.1 comments
fairies.jpgFairies beneath the glow115 viewsThis is what I think the main Zelda fairies look like underneath that light. Navi's got a baton and looks like a marching band leader, she's even got a blue cummerbund! Nothing real special about Tatl. Tael looks like a samurai, or a soul reaper (from the manga Bleach) wearing purple.
Navi, Tatl, and Tael (c) nintendo
Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests.
9 commentshauu13
farts_on_fire.JPGfsa hilarity!130 viewsGreen and Red jumping on the reality tv band wagon! edited from fsa official art3 commentsdarklinkbeta200
indigogos.jpg2599 viewsBig image of the Indigo-gos, the Zora band.2 comments
Liliyna.JPGLiliyna107 viewsAnother fanfic character. This is Liliyna, the name was given to her by Link. He finds her out in a forest unconcious and a wolfo comes to attack her but Link saves her. He takes her to a near by town who nursed her back to health and gave her an oversized shirt to wear. Since she doesn't have a home, Link takes her along with him. Strangly though, she doesn't remember who she is or where she came from or who her parents are. But, the only clue is the headband of cat ears she wears... I'm thinking they could be magical somehow, but I don't know what for. XD Any ideas?1 commentsSage of Ice
puzzle_s.pngCompleted Doc Bandam Puzzle441 viewsSubmitted by Lesoria.Ricky
Shadow and Link.JPG
Shadow and Link.JPGNew friends?147 viewsTrue fanart has arrived. ^_^ This is a drawing of Link meeting my Keaton demon Shadow. Notice that Shadow is a fox demon, but related to the Keatons from MM. It took me a while to get Link's hair done in a side view way >< But it turned out okay, no? I wish I had my inking pen so I can ink it and color it to make it look better.

If your wondering what Shadow looks like (as in color ways) here- Silver hair, icy sapphire blue eyes, lightish skin color, silver fox ears with black tips, four silver fox tails with black tips. Outfit- A long black Japanese kunoichi with silver outlines and belt with a icy blue dragon going aound on it (I didn't draw the dragon on her dress, gomen (sorry) XD), and bandages on both arms and feet.

Shadow is (c) to me.
2 commentsSage of Ice
statue.PNGLRA's Naruto Link Jr. crossover request- Like staring at a statue72 viewsI think I messed up on Gaara's outfit, but who cares? And I had no idea what Shiaka was supposed to wear so I gave him random clothes, and I didn't know if he had any tattoos so I gave him a random one (yes,it is the natural symbol if you play an instrument). And Naruto's hair looks bad, and so does the stinking headband. Oh, and Naruto is eating.
Naruto, Gaara (c) I forgot the name, again...
Shaika, Link Jr. (c) LRA
art and the leaf of DOOM (c) hauu13
I will do requests, nothing else to do...
8 commentshauu13
Subrosian_Bandage.gif135 views
The_Hylian_Heroes_by_MagmaDP.jpgThe Hylian Heroes98 viewsI made this a while ago, it's a poster of the Links as a band. ...And yes, I do realize I made Vio look more gay with the harp. But he's the smart kid.
The Hylian Heroes band is (c) to me
Hylian and Hyrulian races are (c) to Nintendo
The Links are (c) to Nintendo
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll regret it.
7 commentsVaati_Lover
United.jpgUnited256 viewsAnother fanfic pic. I made up a band called United. They are way famous and a few of them end up sages. I used names fron the games and the mangas. Cermia(Front) is the singer, Mikau is the Zora, Rooro is the Rito, and Shiek(the drummer in the back) is, well, a Sheikah.4 commentsLinkFan
vaatihurt.PNGHurt and shunned73 viewsThis is my reason for Vaati havinf his hair over his right eye. A little backstory is in order I believe. So, Vaati lived alone with his father and his father was often drunk, and he would beat Vaati. Then one day, his father stabbed Vaati in the eye with a shard of glass (from a broken bottle). After this Vaati ran away, but no one would take him in because of who his family was. Then finally, starved, gaunt, and faint he arrived at Ezlo's home and was treated as if he was Ezlo's son.
Vaati (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
10 commentshauu13
zantmein.PNGZant- Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns)51 viewsA sketch of Zant singing something by Rammstein (German band). The song doesn't really fit him though, it's more like something Ganondorf would sing, but oh well...
Zant (c) nintendo
Mein Herz Brennt (c) Rammstein
art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
zora.jpgZora334 viewsHere is my redesign of the male Zora. As you can see, not much has changed. The major changes would be to the hands, which have become more fish or bird like, but have two opposible thumbs on each side. His fins remain relatively the same except the two arm fins. The arms fins, when in the water, are strecthd out, allowing the zora to glide through the water at great speeds with little movement. When out of the water, the fins contract and slide up the arm, sticking upwards from the elbow. I placed the gills at the rib-cage, so the zora can still breath even with partially surfaced. His outfit is only a few garments, a shrawl around the waist, and some arm and shin bands. Also instead of having normal eyes I gave him shark like eyes, for better sight underwater. One will assume they have dolphin like sonar, but you cant draw that, so its implied.4 commentsBraxis
zoraband.gif1228 viewsThe Indigo-gos, a popular Zora band.
zoraband.jpg968 viewsSmaller version of the above image.
zoraband2.jpg1418 viewsSharper version of the above image.
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