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13_Blast_Ring.gif171 views1 comments
Allos_head_template.jpgAllos' head122 viewsThis is the head of Allos from "Dimension Hopping". Allos comes from a dimension where animals are the equivalent of people. That helmet of his can shoot optic force blasts from the visor covering his eyes.

Allos' body template is on that of a dinosaur known as Allosaurus: who was T-rex before T-rex was T-rex.

If anyone wants to draw the rest of his body, read my fic and tell me. Capiche?
1 commentsNiko the ninja
Link_s sword blast.jpg
Link_s sword blast.jpgLink's sword blast256 viewsthis isn't as old as some of my others, it's just a sketch I drew when I was bored...back when I had been playing OOT.
about 5years ago..I think
3 commentsFyrborn
melora_zoras_falls.pngZora's Falls352 viewsI always loved this area in A Link to the Past, I thought it would be nice to nap there if the Zora's weren't trying to blast you. Done with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program3 commentsMelora
me_bum_popped.jpg"Oh no. Me bum popped."387 viewsThis is a scene in my fanfic. Vaati just poked the rear end of a voodoo doll of Marche (the dude with the large, hideous cowlick), and his butt popped. Confetti blasts out at Link Y., who just happened to be standing right behind him. Skye, fire_wolfa's character (FW let me put her in there), and Vaati laughed like mad.

If you have played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, or you know someone who has played it, then you know who Marche is.
If you've seen the game's official art, then you have probably noticed that Marche has a gigantic @$$. Vaati has revealed why in my fanfic using only a pin and a voodoo doll (it's full of air and confetti).

Why is Vaati doing this? In my fanfic, Marche is the bloody jerk who deserves it. The Japanese text on the top says, "Oh no. Me bum popped." And Link Y. is PO'd.

Vaati (c) Nintendo
Marche (c) me forgets...TT_TT
Skye (c) fire_wolfa
Age of the Wizard, art, and Link Y. (c) vaati_girl (moi)
5 commentsvaati_girl
tetra.jpgTetra Hyrule181 viewsWell here she is. I fecked up the energy. It <b>was</b> suppose to her signature spell "Goddess Blast" but like I said I fecked it up. A few minor changes to her appearance cause I found old pics I had started and I liked the ideas I had put into them. Um and I <b>hate</b> the colouring. I so can't colour with pencils anymore! TT^TT

Princess Tetra Hyrule(c)me:icondragon-rkg:
TLoZ series(c)Nintendo

2 commentsDragon Warrior
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