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Amped_up_pt._2.JPGAmped up pt. 2 (remodeled)110 viewsThis is a better version of my previous file.

I based Volvagia's head off Spinosaurus, a predatory dinosaur around the same size as T-rex.

Now you can see Bongo's snake tail's nose and the end of its forked tongue.
Niko the ninja
bongo-bongo.jpg2443 viewsBongo Bongo, the weird boss of the Shadow Temple.4 comments
bongo-bongo2.gif1776 viewsBongo Bongo.1 comments
Bongo_Bongo_Color.gifPhantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo249 views Link Rules all originally drew Bongo Bongo, and said that anyone could improve it. So I accepted this challenge! This was my first ever drawing of Bongo Bongo, so I had to glance at the official art :-( , then recreate it into this pic. ( I added Link Just for kicks, and yes he's being bounced on the drum!)
Original Art (c) Link Rules All
Official Art (c) Nintendo
P.S. This pic looks better when u enlarge it!
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Evil.JPGEvil271 viewsThis is the sequel to my pic of Zelda and the Sages. Here we have Ganny and all his evil minions (I tried to kinda make it a mirror image of my Sage pic), and I threw in Dark Link for Rauru's equivalent, since Rauru has no boss in his temple. Oh, well. I obviously took some artistic liberties, mostly with Morpha and Bongo Bongo.
2 commentsElphaba Boy
ganonsmileps.jpgGanon Smile283 viewsGanon Smile is photoshoped! I think I could have done a little better on the hair, but it was a good attempt. I wanted to do a firey background, but my internet isn't working, so I can't look up the tutorial. Not as good as my Sheik vs. Bongo, but I still like it.
5 commentsHeroftime
sheikvsbongoresize.jpgSheik vs Bongo Bongo663 viewsWell, I did it. I found a way to color under the outline without tracing over the whole thing. This is another landmark in my photoshoping skills. I got hooked on it today. 5 hours in front of the computer. I'm ready to go out and get some excercise, eat some food, get some sleep, and uh...bathroom break.
17 commentsHeroftime
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