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Allos_head_template.jpgAllos' head122 viewsThis is the head of Allos from "Dimension Hopping". Allos comes from a dimension where animals are the equivalent of people. That helmet of his can shoot optic force blasts from the visor covering his eyes.

Allos' body template is on that of a dinosaur known as Allosaurus: who was T-rex before T-rex was T-rex.

If anyone wants to draw the rest of his body, read my fic and tell me. Capiche?
1 commentsNiko the ninja
BHgildedsword.jpgBounty Hunter's Gilded Sword Challenge239 viewsBounty Hunter drew this killer sword, and challenged everyone to color it. Even though I suck at photshop (this sword is my 2nd project), he did design an awesome sword for me last week, so I thought I'd try it. Hope you like it BH! (I couldnt find very many pics of it on the web, so it kind of turned out in my own colors..)...photoshop CS2....8 commentsGirlink
Comic 001.png
Comic 001.pngMeeting another LoZ fan.289 viewsNEVER AGREE TO MEET ANOTHER LOZ FAN OVER THE NET. And it's fan art. See the LoZ logo on my shirt? That's LoZ logo art!!!2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Gilded_Sword.JPGGilded Sword62 viewsHere it is, done. I had to use reference, from a friend. I use his desgins on his sword, mostly the hilt and the blade. But the color is mine. I would say I asked but, since he's been offline for IDK, there's no point in asking.

Gilded Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

The friend I used his desgin is DarkBountyHunter. Half of the desgin on mine may be different. If you think that it's too much like his please tell me and I'll remove it.
2 commentsAmy122
Gyden.PNGSprite of the bounty hunter.154 viewsHere is a sprite of him.3 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
In, retrospect, this was a bad idea..png
In, retrospect, this was a bad idea..pngThat bounty Hunter Again...118 viewsAhh, life is easy when you only post a multitude of pics you made long ago...4 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
master sword 1.gif
master sword 1.gifMaster Sword210 viewsyes. this is the master sword. i based it mainly off of Bounty Hunter's drawing. like usual, i used Pro/DESKTOP.
this was my first actual multi-day project, not including stuff i work on from 11:30 to 12:30. i'm really happy with the result, even if no one else is. PLEASE COMMENT! if you do, i will try to comment on your art.
4 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
MasterSwordBHR.PNGTwilight Princess Master Sword93 viewsHello everyone. As you may or may not know I used to draw swords for this website on MS Paint back in 2005, and after 6 years I've decided to take another try at this hobby. So, as my sort of coming back contribution, I've remade my first and most popular sword in its latest incarnation. I really hope all of you enjoy it.6 commentsBountyHunterReturns
oni_link.jpgOni Link request for Bounty Hunter387 viewsThe most powerful character in the Zelda universe, wielding his Helix Sword, inside Majora's Moon.20 commentsRICKY
Original character.jpg
Original character.jpgOriginal character234 viewsThis is my original character. As you might see I'm not the best artest around, but i am trying. I don't have many photo editing programs on my computer so all i did was scan the drewing and slaped it on here. As for the characters info, he's a bounty hunter (go figure) and his name is Altair. Please feel free to comment.11 commentsbounty hunter
Picture.pngHylain Bounty hunter 2.112 viewsZgamer(HVCR)
Princesses,_Pirate_and_a_Bounty_Hunter.jpgDifferent Version103 viewsIt's the same only difference is Samus, her hair is long, she has platform shoes and her suit is different...I finally found a Concept Art of Samus's Ze5ro Suit which I'll use for future ref. unless they (nintendo) comes out with a new metroid. Speaking of Metroid, OTHER M SUCKS! WHERE THE (beeping, beep) is Samus's (beep) FAN FARE? HUH WHERE IS IT? SHE'S SUPPOSE TO HAVE IT WHEN SHE FIRST APPEARS!! >O Sorry for the language. For those who's play Fusion and beat it, Nightmare is in Other M, Ridley dies in Other M by the Metroid Queen. And of course Mother Brain is back in a human android body. >< the only thing I liked was seeing Samus actually talk, and she DOES actually cry when Adam dies.

Too much spoilers....

Okada Christine and Princess Akako © by: Me
Princess Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Samus Aran © by: Yoshio Sakamoto
Metroid Other M and Zelda Twilight Princess © by: Nintendo
7 commentsAmy122
Razor_Sword.JPGRAZOR SWORD64 viewsHere's the Razor sword ready for use :) Enjoy

Razor Sword MM verison © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

IF this looks too much like DarkBounty hunters sword then I'll remove it, just tell me Cause I had to use his as a reference.
Red_Shock_Lock.pngRed Shock Lock152 viewsNow this is NOT from my latest fanfic. It is, instead, from a fanfic in progress.

Lock Rhonia is a bounty hunter who makes a living catching and/or killing her marks. She meets up with Mel (admitidly a self insert character) who is a Hylian knight, and together the meet with several other people, some of my own creation, some being OC created by Zelda Freaks from, all to stop a darkness created by Vaati and the Shadow Kin (they come back in this fic) all the while trying to find out what Ganondorf is up to as all these happenings go on (they can't keep track of TWO bad guys at once!)

A CG piece I did in the Gimp 2.2.10 About 10 hours of work.
The_Princess,_the_Pirate_and_the_Bounty_Hunter.pngThe Princesses, the Pirate and the Bounty Hunter39 viewsI was looking around some of Princess of Twilight's files of her drawings and caMe across The Princesses and the Bounty Hunter and thought of this. I love how they came out too ^^ I'm working on coloring it now too :)

Akako, The Pirate Christine Okada © by: Me
Zelda, Samus Aran © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Metroid © by: Makoto Kano

I'm accepting requests for either MS Paint or Drawing.
22 commentsAmy122
The_Princesses_the_pirate_and_the_Bounty_Hunter.jpgThe Princesses The Space Pirate and the Bounty Hunter64 viewsOkay I've been working on this for a while, I would have had it done sooner but, I was sick this morning...unlike I had some cold Chicken to settle my stomach.... anyway, as you can see, they're all holding weapons and both Zelda and Akako are holding their books. As for Okada, she's suppose to be holding a knife in her right hand but since Zelda is in the way, you can't see it, in her left is her gun that she keeps under her jacket, the necklace some random guy who was dying ran into Okada and gave it to her.

Remember: MORE than 2-4 comments to keep me posting art on here!

There's going to be another one like this, because Samus has officially changed esp her Zero Suit.

Okada Christine and Princess Akako© by: Me
Princess Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Samus Aran © by: Yoshio Sakamoto
Metroid Other M and Zelda Twilight Princess © by: Nintendo
4 commentsAmy122
The_Princesses___andthe_Bounty_hunter(Color).pngThe Princesses and the Bounty Hunter123 viewsThis is the request that Divine Link made ages ago, finally colored and DONE!^^ I hope you all like it.^^ I personally thnik the color look nice, but what do you guys thnik?
Zelda, Peach, and Samus (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
The_Princesses_____and_the_Bounty_Hunter.pngThe Princesses...and the Bounty Hunter(lineart)83 viewsThis is Divine Link's request that they made long long ago, and I'm sorry it took so long,(PLEASE FORGIVE ME) it was really hard to find a reference for Samus without her armor on at the angle I needed. This was also my first time drawing Peach and Samus^^ so I'm glad you requested this since drawing it was really fun! I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, and I'll color it ASAP(probably tommorow, since I'm really sleepy. -.-) But I uploaded the lineart to show you what it looks like and I hope you like it!^^ Please comment!
Zelda, Peach, and Samus (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
TP Link! You f--- the sink!!!.png
TP Link! You f--- the sink!!!.pngMy first TP Link198 viewsThis is my first TP Link art. I originally planned to make another DBZ Link, with his hair slightly raised up, as he's about to turn into a Super Saiyan, but it ended up as this. Also I couldn't get the neck right.8 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Yeah, baby...YEAH....png
Yeah, baby...YEAH....pngHylain Bounty hunter.144 viewsThis is what a Hylain Bounty Hunter could look like.2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Zgamer pic.png
Zgamer pic.pngBounty hunter 4.169 viewsHere is a fourth picture.2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
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