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Bubblybluebg.pngBubbly101 viewsNewbie Alert!

So, yeah, I got the idea for this pic after listening to the song "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. I love that song, it's so... gushy-cute. So, that song, mixed with my sad nerd-crush on Twilight Princess Link led to this. Link, surrounded by shojo bubbles. Lots, and lots, of shojo bubbles.

Oh, and I know my shading isn't the greatest, it's never been my strong point. Just be greatful it's shaded. I had to sharpen up the lines by hand using a 1pt sized bush and eraser because I don't know any other was of going about it.Aand the bubbles and background swirly-thingies were both brushes. Yeah, I'm a cheater. I found the bubbles on Brusheezy and the swrils on... some place that was linked on the Photoshop Support website...

Colored and re-re-reinked in Photoshop Elements 2.0. Oldskool.

Hope you guys like it!
3 commentsthepbjninja
Bush.gif425 viewsIron Knuckle
BushDark.gif235 viewsIron Knuckle
BushDarkGone.gif220 viewsIron Knuckle
BushDarkShadow.gif220 viewsIron Knuckle
BushShadow.gif382 viewsIron Knuckle
ganonbush.PNGGanonbush540 viewsThis one I made a few years back. As you can tell, I was bord. So what I did is get a Ganondorf pic, cut off the head, and replace it with President George W. Bush's head.

Most of my friends find it funny and makes jokes of it. Who you believe that some of them like George W. Bush and find this pic funny? XD
9 commentsInuLink
Keaton.JPGA Keaton137 viewsWhenever I draw those little grass bush/patch things from OoT and MM, I do it like that because I can be a lazy person.Dragon of Great Bay
Legend_of_Zelda__Jelly_Ambush_by_Dayu.jpgJelly Ambush193 viewsLink ambushed by jellies D:2 commentsDayu
LinkBush.gif378 viewsIron Knuckle
linkbushes.jpg782 viewsLink going through some bushes.
self pencil.jpg
self pencil.jpgA Different Gerudo King316 viewsI've always wanted to know what the other gerudo kings looked like. This is a postulation of mine, using just an ordinary pencil and plain white paper. Not even photoshop.

The reference for the pic was, bleh, me. I have a very Egyptian look to me (gee, wonder why...), and so what better way of designing something than using your own body parts? yes, i do have a beard patch, but no, the rest of my hair is not like that. i have very bushy wild hair that i did not feel like drawing. i tried to get the shadows under the eyes right but it kind of failed.

oh, and the background... kind of cropped up halfway through the sketching process, i got tired of following reality. but then i wnet back to shading, which erased a lot of the Egytian details. There were several shading things i didn't like, but my hand was getting shiny and cramped, so i stopped.
7 commentsKoroks Rock
vaatitazadete01.jpgVaati at breakfast425 viewsSo thisi is Vaati at breakfast
what are you lookin`at? I need to eat, you know?
Link should just come out of a bush and get him while he`s distracted.
6 commentsAltaire
viothebutterfly.PNGVio the Butterfly395 viewsI thought up this cool little thingy in my mind. Where there's like an Animal Festival in Hyrule, and it's a day where everyone dresses up as their favourite animals! =3 I might do a short fan-fic or manga for it or something.

Vio is a calm and relaxed guy. And his fav colour is purple/violet (gasp-eth!!). I , in my Four Swords fandom mind, think that Vio likes various pretty things. My examples, he likes Sailor Moon and to dress up as them, he loves his Rubber Ducky with him in the shower, and his second favourite things are Purple Lilies. So, sticking to the flower idea, Vios' favourite animals are BUTTERFLIES! They're pretty, can be purple and they hang around on pretty flowers. Also, Vio must like to relax in a big bush of 'em X3

I kinda copied the pose and some of the costume design from a pic of Roll.EXE ( I found in my Nintendo Magazine. ^^;

Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
4 commentsKeitii
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