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BabyEponaLooksUp.jpg201 viewsFrom
Dinstridingcolourversion.jpgDin Striding112 viewsI'm really excited about this one!!! *bounces up and down*
I used a tutorial to help me colour this and I'm really pleased ith the results... most of my art it kinda.... alright but this I think is a much better quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the tutorial i used

This is the godess Din (who else???) creating Hyrule. I decided to do a different costume design and hair style. Because most ppl (including myself) normally draw her with long hair, I drew her with a short messy cut. The outfit just popped right out of my head...

I'm really pleased with the lighting *starts screaming most randomly then suddenly stops* errr.... ok.... Thats all I have to say.... bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Drawn in pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
3 commentsFaerieEpona
fgdf medium.JPG
fgdf medium.JPGZelda Bonus Comic!810 viewsThis is my second time making a comic, so it's not too good. My 1st was requested from ZP group, it was fun so I want to do it again. Now im working on the second page so hold up. It's almost done...Hope you like it so far. BYE! ^_-
(Click on pic to make it bigger so you can see the panels more clearly)

7 commentsAllysa
fhghfhdf.jpgSeven Years Ago706 viewsThis was actually made for my little cousin for a Bday card, he liked it a lot that he hanged it up in his room. so ice of you cuz...well hope you like the background effects that i included. bye.13 commentsAllysa
goodbye.jpgGood bye538 viewsLink sets out for adventure, leaving Zelda behind. She sees him go as she remembers the good childhood days.4 commentsMalu CLBS
goodbysaria.jpggood bye saria277 viewswell i thought of this one when i passed oot i looked at saria and looked at mido and how sad he was so i made this i hope everyone likes it ^_^3 commentslilredfox14
linkbye!0001.jpgPeace Out223 viewspencil6 commentsGirlink
one final goodbye.jpg
one final goodbye.jpgOne Final Goodbye133 viewsKia
PenLHighlight.jpgGood-bye...130 viewsLink looking pretty sad as he watches a dear friend leave. Highlighted with Photoshop 7.0.Hyperlink
SheikSaysGoodbye.jpg200 viewsFrom
wowowwo bigger.JPG
wowowwo bigger.JPGZelda Bonus Comic Page two!813 viewsIm done! one more page to go....and hope you will enjoy it so far...sorry if its too big but its better if you click on it. I just did this last night. k bye.9 commentsAllysa
zeldalinkclr0001.jpg"Goodbye Link, as always for now, but never for always"235 viewsLink and Zelda, freehand color pencil7 commentsGirlink
zelda_dark_triforce_1_copia.jpgZelda: The Dark Triforce pic 1161 viewsJust a fan story bye me.2 commentsZilkenian
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