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!!SIG!!!.gifLink vs. Ganondorf sig992 viewsThis is Kind of like the battle against ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. I just couldn't find a sprite showed ganondorf using his cape so i made that wierd block. Plus their aren't any light arrows involved. So it is only like the battle against ganondorf in the power ball way. Except that he didn't charge the really powerful ball. Oh, well. It is just a power ball volley i guess.20 commentsMysticWarriorTai
3.PNGFarore, Goddess of Courage53 viewsAnd plants, wind, and animals. It's so green.
Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do take requests
4 commentshauu13
b-magic-cape.jpgMagic Cape310 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
Cape.gif132 viewsIron Knuckle
Cape.gif241 viewsIron Knuckle
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpg
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpgEscape from Agahnim702 views I always wonderd why Zeldas dress in ALttP is dfferent from the other games. So I thought, Zelda knows about the danger from Agahnim and wanna flee in a simple town-dress and hide. But her earrings will betray her to the guards.9 commentsRooro
Hyrule Field by Kakariko.jpg
Hyrule Field by Kakariko.jpgHyrule Field by Kakariko260 viewsThis is another landscape that I made in Photoshop. This is just outside of Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time.2 commentsArt1st4786
jakle2.jpgLink's Gonna Get... Eaten?51 viewsSmothered? Enveloped? By Jackle... And yes, Jackle has no body; just a floating head, pair of hands and feet, and a cape. And he's being his insane self by attacking people, Link to be be exact. Yes...
Jackle (c) sega
Link (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
9 commentshauu13
kt-land-of-hyrule.jpgLand of Hyrule2081 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora. The Illustrator was possibly Katsuya Terada. Notes: A landscape of the Kingdom of Hyrule.Melora
LinkCan'tEscape.jpg176 viewsFrom
link_escape.jpglink escape100 viewssorry if it looks bad, but hey, I tried.1 commentslinkwolf48
LoZ TP drawing.jpg
LoZ TP drawing.jpgLink & Zelda224 viewsThis is a pict of Link and Zelda. I drew it by looking at some prodution art by nintendo. I've changed a few small details like the sword and the cape but its mostly the same.2 commentsJ-M
Magic Cape.jpg
Magic Cape.jpgMagic Cape1980 viewsLink vanishes as he puts on the Magic Cape...17 commentsMagalink
mirror.pngmirror mirror195 viewsHey, haven't drawn anything for a I thought I'd stop in. Is a scene from my fic. I'm in the middle of the chapter I am working on and I needed a break anyway.

She picked up one of the larger pieces and stared at her reflection. A crack running through caused her image to skew. Broken images fell like scattered raindrops in her head and Kageri felt ill. Master Hito was so sure that they’d killed the intended Hero when he was still an infant. Perhaps they did; she and Kage had sickened many children that year, though it was still possible that some might of escaped. Mournful cries floated up from her memory as bits and pieces of her broken past vied for her attention. It was always part of the plan, but the tekuragari regretted the taking of innocents.

She really isn't a very nice'd be better off staying away from this one.

So many things are wrong with that picture...ah well - hope you like
Roc;sCape.gif185 viewsIron Knuckle
roccape.gif246 viewsdavogones
Rocs_Cape.gif242 views1 comments
snowy.jpgA bit of Terragen307 viewsEh. I'm getting that hunger for really epic landscapes again, now that I've read l-o-s' post on the landscape designer for TP. Being something of a mapper myself, i know the desire to make massive, amazing landscapes altogether to well. It's the kind of endeavor not many get to fullfil, except in programs like Terragen.

This picture also enjoys the role of being the top banner for my website, Cube Legends. Cube Legends, for the newcomers to this gallery, is a game Mod that i started over a year ago, orignally about Zelda, but now it's branched off into a different direction.
3 commentsKoroks Rock
the calm before.gif
the calm before.gifThe Calm Before...303 viewswell, here's my second landscape animation. for info on how this actually relates to zelda, check the first one. this actually looks a lot like the tp weather, with the moving clouds and the cloud shadows. this is actually another sunset (you can see part of the sun on the--hold on--the right side). and the clouds aren't actually moving, it's just the light changing...i'll try to use that again later. this one was only 27 pictures, so it was less miserable to make than the last one, but i had to do it twice, because the first was over the size limit.6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
trapped!!!.jpgplayin tp161 viewsthere is no escape, link and midna are trapped! plz commentlinkwolf48
Twilight Princes. 006.jpg
Twilight Princes. 006.jpgThe Twilight Princess170 viewsThis is a scetch of the girl in the cape in the latest preview of the ne "Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess" (obviously Zelda), this image also appears in the concept art of the poster of the Twilight Princess, this is sketched in pencil then colored in with derwents. hope you enjoy!!!5 commentsLegendary-Hero
Twilight_Princess_OR.pngMidna Oracle Style!156 views Me and my sis were bored one day so we both decided to make this (and a zelda T.P. Style) completely in MS Paint. It is a recreation of the Oracle Series official art of Princess Zelda, (As u can see by Hand position and lower cape) but the rest was done by me. If we aren't allowed to post stuff like this, I will remove it as soon as I'm told to do so!
Oracle Series Zelda (c) Nintendo
Midna (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
4 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Twili_Zelda.pngRQ- Twili Zelda194 viewsWell, ALyssa ALeida, here's the TWili Zeld you requested.^^ My sis helped me with the design, so the credit for most of it goes to her. I can up with the markings on the cape and so forth.

Design (C) Zelda: Princess of Hyrule

Art (C) Me

Zelda (C) Nintendo
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
vaati.JPGVaati and a flower95 viewsYay! Here's hauu13's request! This is the very first time I've ever drawn Vaati! Hope you like it! I made Vaati's cape longer so he would look eviler. If that's even a word.

I'll still take requests. ;D
6 commentsKifan12
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