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another_zelda_aceo_by_rooro22-d4iwmsh.jpganother Zelda ACEO128 viewsAnd a Zelda card again :)
Drawn with pencils.
1 commentsRooro
Cardexample.jpg818 viewsSubmitted by Beno.Ricky
chariot.jpgThe Chariot481 viewsThis is the forth card I have done for the Majora's Mask tarot card set. The chariot is meant to be a triumphal car, so I figured that Link would be perfect, and what other horse could be pulling the car but Epona? The wheels are slightly noticeable -_-; I hope you can see the chariot form... It also shows the moon and sun symbols that are meant to be in this card, and also, it's meant to have two horses, but since Link has only one... well, you get it. The legend reads "Sensha" (tank, military vehicle) Thanks for for the font.8 commentsMalu CLBS
creepy_pasta_card_5th_ben_drowned_by_gatanii69-d6twz1p.jpgBEN Drowned312 viewsYouv'e met with a terrible fate, haven't you?BEN Drowned
fhghfhdf.jpgSeven Years Ago701 viewsThis was actually made for my little cousin for a Bday card, he liked it a lot that he hanged it up in his room. so ice of you cuz...well hope you like the background effects that i included. bye.13 commentsAllysa
justice.jpgThe Justice519 viewsThe first card I made for the Majora's Mask Tarot series that I decided to make. I'm planning to draw the major arcanas (22 cards) This is all about art... I really don't believe in card reading ^_^u I just thought this would be a cool thing to do. Well, here is Zelda featuring the card. The bottom of the card reads Koumei, which means fairness or justice. It is written with the Wind Waker font (thanks to Also, the brush I used for the petals came from a set of brushes that flutterstock (from deviantArt made). So thanks for this. BTW, do you recognize the 4 symbols on the four sides? They're the ones that are above each of the 4 exits of Clock Town. I also used an ice-coloring tutorial, but I forgot where I found it O_o2 commentsMalu CLBS
keaton_card.jpgKeaton Pokemon Card366 viewsjust a bit of fun i had with the templates from Pokemon Zeo.8 commentscerasly
melora_card.jpgHappy Holidays421 views(plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture)

I tried to make a festive picture of Link and Zelda. It's OoT style, but I was thinking of the old animation a little. I always hated that Link, but I loved that Zelda. I really dislike Navi's wings, I should have had them mirror each other. Done in photoshop and sent out as a card for my site, History of Hyrule
6 commentsMelora
Members_Card.gif196 views1 comments
ng.jpgGanondorf as a Nightmaren62 viewsI'm obsessed with drawing Nightmarens, they're so neat! And yeah, this is a Nightmaren Ganondorf. And the thing he's holding is the Ace of Spades, which signifies death in fortune telling with cards. I was originally going to have him hold a Persona (mask), but realized that would make him too much like Reala! I might color this someday, but then again I might not.
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
Nightmaren (c) sega
art (c) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
Phantom Ganon.jpg
Phantom Ganon.jpgThe Forest Phantom177 viewsCreepy eh? While it really doesn't work the way that it should, I really like this picture. Unfortunately it comes out like the mask is in fact the face, and not a mask. I couldn't really change anything either, did it completely with a sharpie on a note card when I got bored...6 commentsBlackHawkA100
Post card copy.jpg
Post card copy.jpgPicture time156 viewsWhat would it be like if Link Megaman Vash the stampede and inuyasha met well thats a good question but hes a pic of what it might look like .Unttin7
RunedeinWind.pngRunede in the Wind110 viewsRunede, being all serious like with her hair blowing in the wind~ Drawn on a 3"X4" index card and colored in GIMP.

Twili race (C) Nintendo
Runede, Art (C) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
scan0006.jpgMerry Christmas or something like that.406 viewsThis is a Christmas card/drawing for my bestest friend. If you don't get it, you're either really young or insanely ignorant.4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
strength.jpgThe Strength520 viewsThe second card I made for the Majora's Mask Tarot series I'm doing. I thought that Romani suited perfectly for this card because she showed her strength when she protected Romani Ranch along with Link from the UFO attack. The description for the card says that there's a woman with a lemniscate over her head and a lion. However, since there aren't any lions in MM, I used a Wolfos instead. At the bottom of the card you can read Tsuyosa, with the Wind Waker font (thanks to here for the font)2 commentsMalu CLBS
theadventureoflink cardset.jpg
theadventureoflink cardset.jpgLinkstuffitem Link2 cardset199 viewsI knew I still had these some one of my card binders.
these were trading/game cards that came from nintendo in1998..many other cards had mario and other charecters..each pack of about 9 also had a sticker card at random.
this is all ten the adventures of Link set of cards..there kind of played like you would a scratch ticket..I lost at most of them..
3 commentsFyrborn
thelegendofzelda cardset.jpg
thelegendofzelda cardset.jpglinkstuffitem link1 cardset240 viewsthis is the first set of ten cards from the nintendo game/trading cards that were made back in 1998...these are all ten of the series 1..all kept in good condition..cept I lost at most of the scratchoffs..these were sold in packs of about 9 for like a buck I think and featured other game charecters like mario...I think I have most of them that were made...I used to buy them all the time..makes me wish I didn't give away my doubles.9 commentsFyrborn
tradingcard-link.gif726 viewsA "Trading Card Treats" trading card, with Link. (Submitted by Blaze.)2 commentsdavogones
Twilight_Winter.jpgTwilight Winter429 viewsKarma bit me in the butt; I was supposed to be working on something for my grandfather but instead I did this- and I managed to save over the large 1117 pixel wide one when I shrunk it to the 349 wide size it is now to see how it would look as a site header. *doh* I haven't done that in ages! I don't know how I didn't notice until it was too late. I was going to crop it and use it for a xmas card, but now I'd have to draw over it so I could make it larger again ;>_> *crap* I don't think I have time for that. So, anyway, yeah. This is it (*sobs and laughs at self*)8 commentsMelora
ZeldaXmascard.jpgLink's Christmas Wish409 viewspencil sketch, ink, Photoshop..Sorry its messy, it was a quick one...Happy Holidays to everybody at ZL!!!!!!!6 commentsGirlink
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