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cake.jpgMy B-Day Cake127 viewsThis cake was for my Birthday. I'm pretty sure you all recognize the picture. X3 It was really cool and really good to eat! =P My dad really liked this picture, so they put it on my cake without me knowing, so I was surprised to see it....I apologize for the poor quality of the image, I had to take it with my cell-phone. ^^U I hope you enjoy the pic.
Art on cake (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Colored_Minish_Cap_Pic_with_BG.JPG"Whaah?!!"173 viewsA dear friend sent me sum new excellent set of colored pencils and i tested it out on this minish cap pic, thank u daniela!
Ezlo: "Watch out, Link! A huge girl's huge shoes are headed straight for us!!"
Link: "WHAAAH?!" *turns*
Ezlo: "Hey U can see her underpanties from here!"
Link: "ur riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeee"
2 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
Dragon_Roost_Island.jpgSailing for Dragon Roost Island292 viewsValoo, what a great character, if only he was thinner and had larger wings! What a fine dragon would he be! Anyway, critics welcome to my intent of cartoon-cell shadish drawing style.1 commentsLudovic
Full_Moon_Cello_moving.gif393 views1 comments
g-cello.jpgFull Moon Cello409 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora.Melora
ghastly.jpgChancellor Cole387 viewsIron Knuckle
Link_cell.PNGA cell image of link in combat robes114 viewsThis is my third image of link that i have tried to do. So irt isn't super good. i will try a pencil drawing next!1 commentsflash_fires
mURI_temp_ea1b245e.jpgDress - another pose455 viewsto show off the workmanshi that went into it. Armor, apron, etc are all 100% accurate to OoT.
crown was a copout and is 100% accurate to LttP. :P

And, er... yeah. I broke my own rule of "not larger than the screen" but I'm too lazy to crop it! waah.
this pic isn't terribly flattering to my curves, but it really showes off the dress well.
and yes, those are Zelda and Link cellphone danglies hanging off the armor :P just got back from a con. such things happen
9 commentsChibi-Zel
New_Cell_Shades.PNGSwords106 viewsFound out a new way to cel shade objects, have to figure out the lighting effects with the shader but I thought I'd upload some examples.5 commentsParaclete
Sword_of_Tears.pngMaster Sword {Twilight Princess} Remap68 viewsWas looking through Amy122's folders and I saw a comment buy a Link_Rules_All so I went to check out their fanart and saw a pic for a Sword of Tears. Looked like a black Master Sword so I played on that so I guess the remap credit should go to Link_Rules_All.
Anywho, cell shaded version on top, normal on bottom, went with a marble texture for handle, guess black on black background wasn't too bright eh?
3 commentsParaclete
Tetra_____by____PT72.pngTetra (Again) 91 viewsIt'sd a picture of Tetra done in the cell shaded style of WW. :) I hope you all Like it!!!

Tetra (C) Nintendo
Art (C) me
3 commentsPrincess of Twilight
wind_waker.jpgThe Wind Waker502 viewsOne of my favourite games ever, and Nintendo rediscovers the Zelda series with an excellent game and an amazing style! Here is a little drawing I made using pencil, ink, and Photoshop. The game rocks! :>15 commentsKimya
Zeldadress.jpgZelda Magic700 viewsI love this pic. I feel like I can do much better now, but this drawing was a milestone in my photoshoping skills. I did the whole thing on the computer using a mouse (drawing included), and used cell-shading on the dress. I haven't done that much detail on one photoshop before. I also added shine to her hair and all the magic effects using the blur and smudge tool. Now that I've learned about overlays and lighting effects, I feel like I can make this pic SO much better, but I still love it.
6 commentsHeroftime
ZeldaScan3.jpgTail Cave273 viewsThis is the third drawing, it shows Link coming out of the first dungeon in Link's Awakening, check the Full-moon Cello he's carrying. All of the drawings in this series have the title and date, but I'm afraid they are a little blurry.Ludovic
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