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allLinksEver1.jpgLink through time732 viewsI grabbed an official art of Link from each Zelda game (thank you Nintendo, and Capcom for the 4 swords ones) and put them all together into this. Its supposed to be a wallpaper (1024 x 768) but I think its too busy for you to be able to see any of the icons over it. Feel free to suggest how I could make it a better wallpaper or a better picture in general, I want to do something more with this.15 commentsdudeofrandomness
awesome_collage_of_links~0.jpgThe Linkness Collage437 views10 commentsdude_thats_evil
collage2.jpgChallenge Background1112 viewsOK, here's my entry in the little Z'05 challenge. Any advice or comments are very welcome, I doubt this is the final version.

Made entirely in photoshop during my Independant Study.
32 commentsKoroks Rock
collage2~0.jpgTP Contest Collage818 viewsSo this is my second attemp, i followed some advice graciously given to me by the other fanarters, thank you- collages are not my speciality but i'm willing to give it a shot. This time around the pic is much busier, with it's base material pulled from more sources. Still essentially the same pic though, I'm too lazy to completely redo it :)19 commentsKoroks Rock
collageoflinks.jpgLink Collage774 viewsMade it myself from a bunch of official art (I think all of it's OoT, credit to Nintendo). I intentionally left a *small* halo around each Link so the greens wouldn't bleed into each other.13 commentsdudeofrandomness
ganondorf1pe.jpgGanondorf Collage 1347 viewsMy first Ganondorf collage.8 commentsNinjas_Kick_Anus
ganondorf26bo.jpgGanondorf Collage 2235 viewsSame as #1, but with a different background.2 commentsNinjas_Kick_Anus
ganondorf34yb.jpgGanondorf Collage 3257 viewsThis is a mix of Ganon collages 1 and 2 (well, the backgrounds are combined).2 commentsNinjas_Kick_Anus
IM_A0010.JPGWW collage162 viewsSo, I did this two years ago for my now ex-boy friend's birthday. Edited in Photoshop (which i don't have on this computer....arg.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
links9km.jpgLinks to the Past587 viewsA "collage" of many different Links from many different Zelda games.13 commentsNinjas_Kick_Anus
linksFinished.jpgChallenge collage558 viewsThere you have it, my collage. If you can't see what it says, I gave the Z'05 game the subtitle 'Hyrulian Revolution' but after all was said and done I realized that it should technically be 'Hylian,' but whatever. I think it turned out quite well. Work done in Fireworks, pics from trailer snaps, and the Zelda logo from an OoT wallpaper.21 commentsdudeofrandomness
masterswordcollage.gifMaster Sword collage162 viewsHere is the master sword i made from a bunch of different angles. yep that's it, this is the shortest description i've done so far.6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Midna_Collage.pngMidna Collage130 views This is just a collage of screenshots I captured, sprites I made in Paint a long time ago, and my personal fav, my anime Midna! I di this as a dedication to one of my favorite Zelda characters, Midna. I hope you all like it!
Midna (c) Nintendo
'Art' (c) Princess of Twilight
(p.S. Amy122, Akako will be up either later today or tomorrow, is that okay?)
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
mlhugeproject1.jpgTribute to Magalink1063 viewsML's done so many good pics, I thought I'd throw some together into a collage. (I hope that's OK, ML, just say the word and I'll take it off if you want). All of the pics are totally ML's work and she totally deserves all the credit ;) and I'll just be happy that I could help. The file size is larger than I usually keep my jpegs at, but it was hard to cut down on this one with all the color information to store. The only thing that bugs me a little is that there's all the random sizes of heads and stuff. Oh, and let's all say a big horray! for ML because her crisp drawings and the magic wand tool made this put-together a breeze.18 commentsdudeofrandomness
Pumpkin.jpgHappy Halloween! (9 months late)340 viewsHey, I finally uploaded the pics of my Pumpkin from last halloween. I made a collage so you can see all the details. I loved that thing, I didn't want to throw it away..... Anyways, it looked really cool in person and I had a really fun time making it.8 commentsSusie Q
Random Challenge.png
Random Challenge.pngRandom Dude's Challenge360 viewsThis was produced for Random Dude's Challenge (see his gallery, and find the pic that looks similar to this) I want everybody to realize that this was produced very quickly, so it probably could have been better, but i am practicing at producing very effective illustrations in very quick time.
NOTE: Sorry about the fact that its a PNG, i didn't want to loose any quality, cause there is alot to see on this pic.
7 commentsdude_thats_evil
tpnewcollage1024x768.jpgTP collage/wallpaper (again)493 viewsI do way too many of these. But I like this one a lot. Screenies + official art. As always. Fireworks. As always. Washed-out (blue this time) and sized at 1024 x 768. As I've recently done. Suggestions? (as always?)
<note>this was partially inspired by ganondorfs-girl in the pic where she compares zelda to hooded zelda. And then it turned into this</note>
6 commentsdudeofrandomness
zeqwboots.jpgfixed equipment collage685 viewsFollowing some advice, I've fixed this pic so the mirror shield is more fitting and so are the hover boots. I deleted the other (inferior!) pic in favor of this one. I halfheartedly tried to remove the halos on the tunics, but failed and didn't want to spend the time when I could just use the excuse that it "adds effect" or something.11 commentsdudeofrandomness
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