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mariolink2.jpgMario Link298 viewsyeah.... I was bored one day and I drew this on an oekaki XD; 3 commentsChibi-Rinku
mURI_temp_8f820e3f.jpgDress 1415 viewsit took me 3 years to make, but it is not quite done. By the time it is finished, it will be outdated. time to start on the TP one <35 commentsChibi-Zel
mURI_temp_ea1b245e.jpgDress - another pose455 viewsto show off the workmanshi that went into it. Armor, apron, etc are all 100% accurate to OoT.
crown was a copout and is 100% accurate to LttP. :P

And, er... yeah. I broke my own rule of "not larger than the screen" but I'm too lazy to crop it! waah.
this pic isn't terribly flattering to my curves, but it really showes off the dress well.
and yes, those are Zelda and Link cellphone danglies hanging off the armor :P just got back from a con. such things happen
9 commentsChibi-Zel
Ninja Link with icon.jpg
Ninja Link with icon.jpgNinja Link Cosplay193 viewsI'm a huge fan of and The Return of Ganondorf. I chose to do this because it was different.1 commentsHylian Blood
parallels.jpgParallels393 viewsLink and Zelda decided to dress up as (what many seem to consider) their videogame parallels!

This was supposed to be for Halloween, but I'm lazy and slow. So they're going to an anime convention. >__>;;;
6 comments[cuccoattackforce]
pirategroup.pngPirate Group441 viewsYosh! Teh five Links pirates are done! =D This is what they look like in their pirate clothes from chappie 50.

I know Red's kinda cosplaying as Nami (from One Piece), but these clothes look really cute on him dammit! >.o;

Yay for pirates ~<3

Vio, Shadow, Green, Blue and Red (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
3 commentsKeitii
ps link.jpg
ps link.jpgOot Link Cosplay271 viewsYup that's me :). The Malon is my friend MaryAnn <33 commentsHylian Blood
s640x480 cropped.jpg
s640x480 cropped.jpgPrincess Attack!390 viewsand, er, now I'm posing in the costume. if you're curious how I made it, click through my cosplay gallery, I have more detailed notes written in the previous pic.

again, than you for viewing ^_^
7 commentsChibi-Zel
zelda14.jpg133 views This is my Princess Zelda cosplay. All is made by me (except the wig) It's not 100% accurate. I never had a chance to add the details to the bottom of her dress. One day I will though. Imbeorodwen
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