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4swords.JPG4Swords Links149 views Just a screenshot I captured from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. (I appologize for the poor quality, I took it with my old crappy camera. T-T ) Anyways, its of Toon Link (Green), and his alternative costumes (Red, Blue, and Vio). I thought it looked like Green was giving out orders to the other 3, and they were all listneing. Plus it's in the order of the formation that id used during gameplay. Enjoy!
SSBB (c) Nintendo
Screenshot caught by Princess of Twilight
P.S. I will take requests and try to get them done ASAP.
P.P.S. zeldamovie?no!!! you're Midna will be up tommorow (Sorry for the wait! -_- U)
P.P.P.S My fic the 5 Links has been updated for those of you, who are interested. ^-^
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Gilded Sword.png
Gilded Sword.pngBH's Gilded Sword Challenge314 viewsThere is no offical art of the Gilded sword so I took it upon myself to make an art peice of it. I got in way over my head, all I had to go by were crappy screen shots. I tryed to color it but nothing I did looked right, I think I might have finally pushed paint too far this time. All I have to show is the outline of it.
So I leave it to you who are blessed with programs like photoshop and paintshop to finished what I started. BH's Gilded Sword Challenge has begun, now go and color like you've never colored before!!!!
7 commentsbounty hunter
keatonthefox.jpgKeaton112 viewsWhaha... a Keaton. I luv these things to death. So cute. The shading on his back looks crappy though.Black_Mare
Link for comic.jpg
Link for comic.jpgLink For Comic528 viewsYeah... this is a pic of link i drew for a one pager comic about majoras mask. It'll look better when it's actually on the comic page. XP I really don't feel like having my crappy proportions and poses picked at, so don't be too hard on me T_T Hope you like it... i'll upload the comic here when i've finished it, but so far this is the only pic i've even drew for it, lol. ^^;6 commentsLinkmaster
Little_Miss1.pngTetra...on some night120 viewsPart of an art trade...I have no idea why the person I'm trading with would want random crappy oekaki's from me - but since I said I would...I did.

Still I like how she turned out.
1 commentsachitka
MedeRam_001.pngMedelock and Ramrock617 viewsLOOK AT THAT CRAPPY ROCK. ...Er,...BOULDER.

melora_6.pngBah204 viewsCrappy Oekaki of Link on Epona. An Oekaki is a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program1 commentsMelora
Minish2.jpgMinish Sketch204 viewsjust a crappy sketch ^^U3 commentsDust_Bunny
onilinkblk.jpgOni Link236 viewspencil sketch, prismacolor pencils (took me forever to color) crappy black computer background fill.....enjoy!10 commentsGirlink
rupees.gifRupees (animated gif)323 viewsI know the quality is really crappy, it's even worse than a gif usually is. i want to make this a Flash animation, but i'm totally confused on how to. any easy tips anyone?8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
The_Return_new_small_wind.pngThe Return169 viewsthis was originally me just practicing backgrounds... then turned into this. The lineart is rather crappy because i did it directly on the computer instead of scanning it and then doing it that way... I feel dumb @_@4 commentsbrigette
vaati_evil_col2.pngVaati172 viewsI'm improving on Photoshop... But it's still crappy. Very crappy.4 commentsvaati_girl
wrappedinwonder.pngWrapped in Wonder309 viewsRed Link, just sitting on the grass, near a cliff, with his sword looking up to the sky, just thinking to himself ^ ^
Please forgive my crappy cliff-look attempt XwX
I put Japanese text on it 'cause I can! BD It says:
"Red Link
Wrapped in Wonder"

Red Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
4 commentsKeitii
zelda.jpgZelda510 viewsDrew Zelda the second time. but this is crappy. i tried to change my artwork by mixing markers to give her darker shadowing. i guess i put too much.6 commentsAllysa
zelda_four.gifWeird169 viewssome crappy faces!7 commentsfiorella
zora.jpgZora Link172 viewsI can't remember how to spell his name... "Mikiou"? Urgh. Whatever, you guys know who I'm talking about.
This was a pic I drew for a friend on another forum. She loved it, even though I didn't think I did too great of a job. ^__^;;
My crappy scanner didn't pick up his shadow... _
3 comments2of7
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