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Before_being_sealed.pngFierce Deity136 viewsThat'll be the last one for today. :) The portrait was drawn and painted in Photoshop CS2. ^^ It's still my favourite even though it's not the most recent; yet there are many details off, proportion-wise at least. :/ Well, enjoy <36 commentsWaann
CreepyBlue.gif177 views
CreepyGreen1.gif186 views
CreepyGreen2.gif179 views
CreepyHouse.jpg399 viewsFrom
creepy_pasta_card_5th_ben_drowned_by_gatanii69-d6twz1p.jpgBEN Drowned322 viewsYouv'e met with a terrible fate, haven't you?BEN Drowned
Easter1.jpgHappy Easter 200972 viewsHeh, I drew this for my little sister for Easter. I'd thought I share it with you guys! Aww poor WW Link is scared of the bunny's creepy big eyes! O_O lol You may me see in the piece.

Zelda, Link Nintendo
Artwork Divine_Link
3 commentsDivine_Link
link_kolor_z_tlem.jpgtake off your hat link162 viewstoday was my "legend of zelda day", sort of, becouse i found few very funny vids about the LoZ and read some mangas and fanfics

2 commentscahir-the-witcher
link_nastolatek.jpgLoZ OoT:enjoying nice weather184 viewsugh... another creepy background but it's better than nothing
and the sky is nice
so adult Link and Navi are taking lil break from saving the world
melora_epona.jpgChildish Epona313 viewsEpona done in a silly style. Crayola pencil. I didn't finish because I was doodling it at the Laundromat and some creepy homeless guy started hitting on me- decided it was time to grab my crud and skidatt5 commentsMelora
mom_dad_look_wat_i_found.jpgMom! Dad! Look What I Found!1225 viewsMe.. being happy... lol. And I originally drew my parents the way they really look, but that was creepy. So now they look too young.. oh well. I can't help it if I can't draw old people! XP29 commentsSora
notcool.jpgcourage?791 viewssome of the monsters in the new game are so creepy!13 commentsMichelle K.
nukidashdite.PNGZelda/Rika72 viewsThis is from a scene in the opening to the second season of Higurashi where Rika is chasing after something, unable to catch it (most likely the chance of everyone being able to live past June). I replaced Rika with Zelda since she is alot like her (they both have a creepy sense of inteligence despite their age for one).The words are the lines of the song that is playing when Rika is running.
Zelda (c) nintendo
Rika, Higurashi, lyrics (c) Ryokishi07
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I finally updated my fan fic! It'll probably be up tomorrow.
9 commentshauu13
Phantom Ganon.jpg
Phantom Ganon.jpgThe Forest Phantom177 viewsCreepy eh? While it really doesn't work the way that it should, I really like this picture. Unfortunately it comes out like the mask is in fact the face, and not a mask. I couldn't really change anything either, did it completely with a sharpie on a note card when I got bored...6 commentsBlackHawkA100
scary!.jpg Creepy Midna84 viewsI drew this on the computer and it looks creepy! But I kinda liked it, so I thought I should scare you guys.

I'll do requests. I promise you I wont draw them on the computer
6 commentsKifan12
shininglink.PNGShining Link361 viewsThis is my entry for Lo-Wah's contest on DevArt. =w=

He's so creepy! He's like murderous and evil and stuffs. Like Dark and Krad in D N Angel. Dark has black wings and looks evil-ish but is the good guy, and Krad looks like an angel but he's the evil one. This time, Shadow's like the good guy, 'cause he just wanted to be acknowledged and be part of the light, and Shining here's looks all good and white and stuff but he's all murderous and has blood-lust =O

The red marks in the background symbolise blood splats 'cause of his blood lust stuffs. I think I've done a good job and hopefully done the eyes right.

Shining Link (c) Laura Jun
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
1 commentsKeitii
twinkie.PNGStreet Gang Ganon!52 viewsThis is a product of me watching WAY too much West Side Story. At least he's not singing and dancing, yet. That would be kinda creepy... I wonder what gang he's in? (If you people have no idea what West Side Story is, tell me.)
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
West Side Story (c) Mirisch Pictures
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
zora_real.jpgReal Life Ruto570 viewsthis was great fun to do, and i like the way it turned out! i got some random photos off google images, but i have no idea exactly where they came from. ^_^;;; i think the model might be a fairly famous scupture (?) O-o heh. anyway, ruto (or lulu, whichever one you like better) looks a bit creepy in real life, ne?6 commentscerasly
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