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aloneintherain.PNGAlone in the Rain323 viewsThis is a pic of Green, he was running and then tripped into some mud ('cause it's raining) and he's sat up looking ahead of him. What's he seen you ask? Well...even I don't know..

I haven't digitalized this 'cause then it keeps it's black and white sad look. The mud marks are the slightly dark areas on Green. He's got tears at his eyes 'cause he's been crying. Why you ask? Well, I know but I'm not telling X3 Yeah, I copied a pose form the manga, but it's a hard pose for me to draw. I did draw the rain but I added the rain effect in PSP, I think it looks better this way. =3

Green (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
3 commentsKeitii
b-crystal-switches.jpgCrystal Switch312 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
B1L_minishcap_royalcrypt.midRoyal Crypt443 viewsIron Knuckle
crystal.gif186 viewsdavogones
crystal.jpg1563 viewsLink rescuing a maiden from a crystal.
crystal1.jpg246 views
crystal2.jpg250 views
Crystalball.gif340 viewsIron Knuckle
CrystalMaiden.gif407 viewsIron Knuckle
Crystals.gif333 viewsIron Knuckle
Crystal_Switch.gif263 views
Crystal_Switch_Blue.gif138 views
Crystal_Switch_Red.gif130 views
Dragoness.JPGShine Dragoness114 views"Transcending History and the World, a tale of Souls and Swords eternally retold."

This sacred sword was made with an ancient magical crystal and is worshipped by the Antherians. The blade was forged in deep within the Baslong Forest under the guidance of the Dragon Guardians of Anthera, the crystalline sword is fused with the departed souls of previous Dragon Guardians to honor the sword, its edges sometime shine with bright light to warn the user of coming dangers and it has a radiant power to purify the tainted ones. And it was named the Shine Dragoness by the very first king of Anthera.

Shine Dragoness by Divine_Link

5 commentsDivine_Link
FF-LinkA.jpgFinal Fantasy Link (Original rough)144 viewsI have a habit of drawing charcters in different styles to see if thier design would still work. Most of S. Miyamoto characters (Link, Mario, etc.) look great in the style of Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Black Jack). So with this one I tried the style of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Toshiyuki Itahana). I also uploaded the final of this but it's unfinished (too lazy)1 commentsDogmanSP
g-crystal-ball.jpgCrystal Ball344 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: Fortune Tellers use thisMelora
g-crystal.jpgCrystal Switches269 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
griffn.jpgZelda and Roam581 viewsIllustration for a later chapter in 'The Destiny Stone.'

NO more hints!
11 commentsSnowsilver
imsorry.PNGI'm sorry..398 viewsWOWZAHS! One of my bestest backgrounds I've made ever! =D Love it!

I done the muddy grass, the way he sliped on the mud, the rain in the background and the sky, and I like the way I've done the rain falling on him. I also made it dark 'cause it's like a dark day/afternoon/evening in the pic. I also like the muddy, tears and damage effects I done to Shadow.

Shadow has wings 'cause my fandom mind wants him to here and he's just got shot in the neck which made him plummet and slide on the muddy, wet ground. He was trying to save Vio but he's obviosly dropped him from being shot and he's crying and sorry and all that.

;-; This is like the most depressing pic I've ever done. The darkness, the rain, the tears. TwT I'm so proud of myself!

Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and rip your eyes out!!
4 commentsKeitii
Invisi-Link.jpgInvisi-Link43 viewsWell, he doesn't really appear in stories, but he is pretty neat and I wanted to draw him. Hope you like!

Link is (c) to Nintendo
Invisi-Link is (c) to me
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I'm gonna make you comment on one of my Fail-stories!
4 commentsVaati_Lover
link-cristal.jpgLink finish the battle250 views(sorry for the crystal, is too bad ^^U)6 commentsLinkgirl
Linkcryopthisoneissmaller.JPGWords made the most painful wounds367 viewsWell this is Link all upset from what Mido is saying and doing to him
I like this picture and i have never seen this kinda pic dont before so here ya go it might be a first but...uh ok ill shut up...
But one more thing, if you wondering about the puffed up chest (no he doesnt have...those) he is just taking in a deep breath like ppl usually do when they are upset like this. Ok ok im done now you like?
9 commentsRachel
LinkGetCrystal.gif433 viewsIron Knuckle
Link__s_Awakening_by_Yuese.pngLink's Awakening97 views... ... ... ... ...
I am The Wind Fish ...
Long has been my slumber ...
In my dreams ...
An egg appeard and was surround by an island, with people, animals, an entire world !
... ... ... ... ...
But, verily, it be the nature of dreams to end !
When I dost awaken, Koholint will be gone ...
Only the memory of this dream land will exist in the waking world ...
Someday, thou may recall this island ...
That memory must be the real dream world ...
... ... ... ...
Come, Link ...
Let us awaken ...
Play the eight instruments !
Play the song of awakening !!

(PS it's not my music all credit use to Reila123)

I love Link's Awakening !!!
11 commentsangel of light
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