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4sOnline.jpg4 Swords Online BG452 viewsSo, during my lunch i doodled a bit, very bored-like, and came up with a few little 4s in capital Os. I've been thinking for sometime about reincarnating the Zelda Online idea as a Cube Legends gamemode, and the sketches seemed to jump out at me "4 Swords Online!!"

So i took the sketches, went over to a comp with a scanner, and dropped the images into photoshop. twenty minutes later, with a little help from a CD of Zelda Media (something i recommend all fanartists make), I had a half-decent background.

So ja, just a little something to ease my appalling lack of fanart. Simple, easy on me, and maybe a bt of fun for yall to think about. Who knows, maybe it'll be worth it for me to code a zelda gamemode into CL (which started out as a zelda game, btw)
9 commentsKoroks Rock
BigKeyCubed.gif309 viewsIron Knuckle
blueemblem.jpgHyrule Emblem Texture295 viewsWow, i made this ages ago for Cube Legends (my game MOD) and just realized i hadn't uploaded it here. it's just a simple little texture for CTF maps to use, in order to help players know what side of the map they're on. It was loosely based off some of the 4SA official art, along with a stone texture i had already made.

Nothing fancy, just practical.
6 commentsKoroks Rock
bomb.jpgMD2 Bomb390 viewsThis is the new bomb ammo for the Bomb Launcher in LoZ:Cube. It enjoys a somewhat higher polycount than your everyday ammo, because it's a sphere, which requires more vertices. Unfortuneately the skin sux. Stats:

Number of Vertices: 55
Number of Skin Vertices: 57
Number of Faces: 106
Number of Frames: 1
Average Size of Triangles: 260

Build Time: 1 hour, plus lengthy skin work
7 commentsKoroks Rock
IceCube.gif223 viewsIron Knuckle
icon-screen copy.jpg
icon-screen copy.jpgLoZ-Cube Logo (in production)572 viewsSo here's a screenshot of me working on the new icon/logo/thing for LoZ-Cube, my game (which will be made available to the public this weekend!)

This goes to show that there are all sorts of alternatives to the dreaded MS Paint, if you'll just go googling. This is doubly productive to boot.
7 commentsKoroks Rock
LifeSucks-NoWii.jpgOutdated370 viewsI dedicate this to everyone who is dying to get a Wii but can't get one. It hurts, I know. ;__;
[and if you do have a Wii and are happily playing Twilight Princess, I'll give you a cookie if you don't gloat. :D ]

Quickie doodle in honor of the Wii release hype (and angst). Yesh, this will be outdated in a few months. Hooray!
6 comments[cuccoattackforce]
Link.jpgThe New Face of Courage167 viewsAlright, while there's only been a short trailer for this (that I know of) the upcoming Game Cube Zelda Link just looked so cool that I couldn't help but try my hand at him. I know it could use some more detail, but at least is was fun to draw.4 commentsBlackHawkA100
linkzeldapuzzle.JPGthe hardest puzzle ever654 viewsGanondorf has imprisoned the golden power inside the terrible... cubeee!!
try to solve this!
17 commentsAltaire
link_zelda_epona.PNGLink and Zelda's Stand.710 viewsZelda and Link riding on top of Epona at the end battle against Ganondorf In Twilight Princess.

-Pen and Photoshop CS2.

This was originally uploaded on my DeviantArt.
4 commentssonicholas
owl screenshot.jpg
owl screenshot.jpgOwl Statue590 viewsSo this is a screenshot form inside LoZ-Cube of the Owl statue i've recently made, based off of the MM owl statue, but in this case being used as one of the owls from LA. hence the ironic comment (hinting at just how deranged Link really is)7 commentsKoroks Rock
Shadow_Big_Bomb.pngShadow's Big Bomb250 views This pic came into my mind when I started playing 4swords Adventures for the Gamecube (again). Except I replaced the Shadow Link from the game with the one from the manga. He looks so evil in this pic. I hope you enjoy this!
Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa & Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
skynsea.jpgSky and Sea278 viewsAh...well, since I pretty new to this, I'll be testing things for a while. This is pretty much my oldest finished piece and is one of my many versions of teenage Tetra.3 commentsavroillusion
SmallKeyCubed.gif180 viewsIron Knuckle
snowy.jpgA bit of Terragen307 viewsEh. I'm getting that hunger for really epic landscapes again, now that I've read l-o-s' post on the landscape designer for TP. Being something of a mapper myself, i know the desire to make massive, amazing landscapes altogether to well. It's the kind of endeavor not many get to fullfil, except in programs like Terragen.

This picture also enjoys the role of being the top banner for my website, Cube Legends. Cube Legends, for the newcomers to this gallery, is a game Mod that i started over a year ago, orignally about Zelda, but now it's branched off into a different direction.
3 commentsKoroks Rock
twilight_vector.PNGZector Link131 viewsLink done with the pen tool in Photoshop CS2

-Also on my DeviantArt
4 commentssonicholas
WW_oni_link.PNGLittle Oni Link205 viewsedited official Minish Cap art, done as Oni Link from 'Majora's Mask'

Photoshop CS2

Also on my DeviantArt.
5 commentssonicholas
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