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Akako.jpgAkako61 viewsI got done with this, I think...Either Christmas Eve or the day before. The dress came from Alyssia who did this with Akako for Christmas. Anyway, even tho I didn't get a lot of presents, I will say this, this year was the BEST Christmas ever! It acutally snowed on Christmas day, we here in NC, actually had a White Christmas, and I think the last one was, 100 and some years ago.

Sorry it's up so late. The side it suppose to be saying Merry Christmas, but dad's stupid Scanner cut it out.

Akako by Me
7 commentsAmy122
cake.jpgMy B-Day Cake127 viewsThis cake was for my Birthday. I'm pretty sure you all recognize the picture. X3 It was really cool and really good to eat! =P My dad really liked this picture, so they put it on my cake without me knowing, so I was surprised to see it....I apologize for the poor quality of the image, I had to take it with my cell-phone. ^^U I hope you enjoy the pic.
Art on cake (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
celiawouldlaugh.jpgJust a little stupid laugh for you..maybe140 views Thank you Zeldadreams for making the Linebeck for me (that I crapily traced over with black). Yeah, It'll be kinda funny if you've played the "Phantom Houglass" game. So...yeah. I hope you think it's funny because it's supposed to be.

5 commentsKifan12
D_L__Reflection.pngLink's Reflection314 views I told u the next pic I uploaded would be of Dark Link and Link, so here it is. The idea is credited to my dad. He wanted me to draw a pic of Link looking into Lake Hylia and his reflection was Dark Link. In the top right corner Link looked into the lake and is thinking:
What?! No Way! (Sorry the "h" got screwed up)
Well anyway, I'm working on an OoT pic to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Enjoy!
Dark Link & Link (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Freak_Fest2.pngLink's Dad156 viewsSketching in zeldafreakmode. This is what comes out :D

Gerudowatchingcolour_copy.jpgSurveying the Sunset99 views9:00 on the 1st of January 2008. I was bored. My stepsister was on bebo, I was depressed as i had to get up at four the next morning, because i was going back to my mums (I had spent new year at my dads) and I was just doodling on a page, with no idea what to draw. I decided most randomly to draw a back view of some hair. then I drew the shoulders and soon enough i was drawing Nabooru (or at least I think its Nabooru :-? ).

I discovered the gradient tool and the lasso tool after reading a tutorial on
Notice the sunset out of the window? hehe...

I very pleased with this. I fell in love with the picture, which sadly was drawn in blue pen...
I'm pleased with the emotion it gives.... *sniffle*

Drawn in blue pen
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
MidnaEaster.pngHappy Easter!^^250 viewsI was inspired by all the Midna pictures that were recentley uplodaded(Kifan's and Magalink"s) umm yeah..I hope you all have a good Easter!^^ The Twilight in the BG looked a lot better before I scanned it but this isn't my regular computer/scanner so thats what happened..oh well.^^'
Midna (C) Nintedno
Art (C) Me.
10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
mom_dad_look_wat_i_found.jpgMom! Dad! Look What I Found!1225 viewsMe.. being happy... lol. And I originally drew my parents the way they really look, but that was creepy. So now they look too young.. oh well. I can't help it if I can't draw old people! XP29 commentsSora
pameladaddy.jpg1693 viewsPamela with her half-mummified daddy.
Real_Hylian_Shield_by_Wakxix.jpgReal Hylian Sheild139 viewsThis is an actual handmade Hylian Shield replica from The Legend of Zelda. It is made entirely out of scrap steel and is 21.25" long by 17.5" wide. My Dad and I made it over 10 years ago when Ocarina of Time came out. I recently repainted it along with a handmade Master Sword and Sheath3 commentswakxix
Real_Master_Sword_by_Wakxix.jpgReal Master Sword169 viewsThis is a hand made replica of The Master Sword and sheath from The Legend of Zelda. My Dad and I made them over 10 years ago after Ocarina of Time came out. The sword is made of 100% scrap steel and is 32" long with a 2' blade, the sheath is made out of a flattened out muffler pipe with a carved piece of wood at the top. After all of the use i put into them over the years i felt that they needed to be shined up and repainted. This is the final result. There is also a hylian shield that was made along with the sword, it is repainted2 commentswakxix
sandl.JPGDaddy's little girl206 viewsyep, issa girl. No name yet. I thought of one, and then I completely forgot it. He's pulling her up and down, you know, like making her jump. Babies love that kind of stuff.2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
scan0004.jpgLink and Midna176 viewsI drew this for my dad. This was only a rough draft, and I am working on more refined picture. This was actually the first Twilight Princess picture I have drawn.1 commentsBlack_Mare
sheik_nude.jpgmale sheik362 viewseveryone is entitled to their opinion concerning sheik's gender, and here is mine:

sheik is a man. no doubt. if you want proof, look at the official art of sheik ( compared to the official art of zelda ( there is NO way that zelda and sheik are the same person. i think zelda either transforms herself into a man, or takes on the body of a man. zelda's body simply doesn't have hips as narrow as sheik's, shoulders as wide as sheik's, or muscles like sheik's. also, the skin, eye, and hair color completley changes. so, we know the two bodies are completley different. but, you say, "maybe she transforms into another person, but that person could still be female!". if zelda can transform into any person, and she wants to be disguised as a BOY, why would she choose to take the body of another female? the conclusion: sheik is male.

you don't have to agree with me, but there it is...
5 commentscerasly
Stell~0.jpgStell69 viewsHere's the colored's scanner cut off his name and made his other view the way it is....I can't do anything about it...sorry.

Stell by: Amy122
4 commentsAmy122
TranslucentStonesAndADifferentDoorOfTime.jpg385 viewsFrom nintendo.com2 comments
ZeldaD1.gif1078 viewsIron Knuckle
zeldaD2.gif641 viewsIron Knuckle
ZeldaD3.gif439 viewsIron Knuckle
ZeldaDC.jpgRito Dreamcatcher38 viewsHey ZL. It's been awhile I since uploaded fan art here and so I drew this concept entirely on Paint. Heh, it took me two days to finish with the mouse.

As you see I titled it "Rito Dreamcatcher" because of the Ritos; they look a lot like Native Americans and some tribes represent the eagle as their spirit of guidance. Like how Quill poured his wisdom to Link in The Wind Waker.

Fanart RM
5 commentsCaranthir Felagund
zeldadragonclr0001.jpgZelda's Protector (Besides Link)...425 viewsWell, I thought maybe Zelda's dad might up the security when she gets older, keep her safe and out of trouble...Dont worry, she has the key. :) pencil sketch, prismacolors27 commentsGirlink
zeldadress.jpg...blueness..416 viewsuh, this wasn't even Zelda when I drew it originally (I was watching Wolf's Rain and you can see how the style of the show influenced my drawing..) but I think the dress would look pretty on Zelda...maybe I'll draw her in it later.6 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Zeldadress.jpgZelda Magic700 viewsI love this pic. I feel like I can do much better now, but this drawing was a milestone in my photoshoping skills. I did the whole thing on the computer using a mouse (drawing included), and used cell-shading on the dress. I haven't done that much detail on one photoshop before. I also added shine to her hair and all the magic effects using the blur and smudge tool. Now that I've learned about overlays and lighting effects, I feel like I can make this pic SO much better, but I still love it.
6 commentsHeroftime
zeldads.jpg726 viewsIron Knuckle
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