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aw_kisssy_kissy.JPG....367 views I can't help it.

And I'm BACK! MUA HA HA!!!!

Neways, this is not my fault. Ask O_F, she'll tell yah. In case yeh don't know, the chicker is Mrien and the dude is Neros. :3 awww, das shooo sweeet.
3 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
BadassLink0001.jpgReady to Fight229 viewsfreehand pencil sketch, colored with prismacolors10 commentsGirlink
complete_hyrule_map_by_rooro22-d33hx9d.JPGComplete Hyrule Map128 viewsI never liked Nintendoís idea that there are always different Links and Zeldas. In my opinion they are (of course except of Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks) the same persons.
Thatís why I created a map of a complete Hyrule with every location and dungeon of the game maps.
The Twilight Princess map was my first step because of the borders of Eldin & Co. Then I just put all the other places in.

If you find mistakes or if you think, there will be a better solution for a location, please tell me! And Iím not sure if I choose the right words (I only know the german names which are different from the english ones)
3 commentsRooro
Crimbo Link - color.jpg
Crimbo Link - color.jpgCrimbo Link - color214 viewsSame picture, only here I added a dash of color. No intricate shading techniques, just some color to brighten up the pic :)10 commentsCheebee
Dark Rose.png
Dark Rose.pngDark Rose401 viewsThis sword is for Girlink. She wanted a sword that looked feminine but still looked badass. I gave the hilt a lot of curves because women have curved bodys. I added the rose I used in the Great Fairys Sword to make it more girly. I really like how it came out, I hope you like it Girlink. 17 commentsbounty hunter
Dash_Dash_Dash.jpgDash Dash Dash88 viewsA Spirit Tracks Fanart, inspired by Kotoko's song "Short Circuit"2 commentsNenilein
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpg
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpgEscape from Agahnim702 views I always wonderd why Zeldas dress in ALttP is dfferent from the other games. So I thought, Zelda knows about the danger from Agahnim and wanna flee in a simple town-dress and hide. But her earrings will betray her to the guards.9 commentsRooro
lilzeldawolder.jpgZeldas547 viewsUmmmm...well...I couldn't think of the setting for this pic, still looks cool. Credit to Nintendo for the official art. The eyes were kinda hard, on older Zelda and Shiek (did I do ok?) but other than The work of Fireworks (good program, but not as good as photoshop).17 commentsdudeofrandomness
Linkdasboot.jpgLink Das Boot!!124 viewsHAPPY SOON TO BE CHINESE NEWYEAR!!
ON THE 29!!
heh Link went german...
4 commentsFyrborn
linkdash.jpg889 viewsLink running into battle.
Linkframefinal.jpgLink183 viewsWell, here is the man of the hour. Im still practicing with photoshop, but this one actually took my about as long to do the pencil sketch as it did to color it in photoshop. I know its not absolutely symmetrical, I tried..:) By the end, my hands were hurting pretty bad, so this is it guys! Hope you like it!! I used the hylian symbol from the shield, and tried to copy some of the sheikah symbols from Zeldas shroud in the new TP official art. The sketch of Link was a quick one I did in June, found it today in an old spiral notebook. Go figure!5 commentsGirlink
links-zeldas_dream.jpgjust a dream142 viewsfunny how link and zelda has a good dream. But not for shara, it is a nightmare.

1 commentslinkwolf48
Midna_True_Form.jpgThe Twilight Princess1282 viewsMy ®true form® Midna drawing to go to the Zelda one :D
Again, background is an edited image taken from
I hope you like it!
6 commentsMagalink
nukidashdite.PNGZelda/Rika72 viewsThis is from a scene in the opening to the second season of Higurashi where Rika is chasing after something, unable to catch it (most likely the chance of everyone being able to live past June). I replaced Rika with Zelda since she is alot like her (they both have a creepy sense of inteligence despite their age for one).The words are the lines of the song that is playing when Rika is running.
Zelda (c) nintendo
Rika, Higurashi, lyrics (c) Ryokishi07
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I finally updated my fan fic! It'll probably be up tomorrow.
9 commentshauu13
Oot group.jpg
Oot group.jpgOot group128 viewsanother oldy that I scavenged out of my artwork...I like zeldas eyes...and the design on the wooden shield...hopefully someone will like it ...kind of.3 commentsFyrborn
RVL_ZeldaSS_01ss01_E3.png62 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_02ss02_E3.png64 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_03ss03_E3.png67 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_04ss04_E3.png62 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_05ss05_E3.png66 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_06ss06_E3.png70 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_07ss07_E3.png62 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_08ss09_E3.png77 viewsflimsykitty
RVL_ZeldaSS_08ss10_E3.png63 viewsflimsykitty
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