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01 - The Songs of the Forest2.mp3
01 - The Songs of the Forest2.mp3The Rhythm of the Forest652 viewsYES!!!! I have gone through Heaven and Heck in order to bring this song to you!!! If u want me to, sometime i can tell you all the crap that happened to me, but it would take up too much room on this... lol... This is a compilation of all the forest song, (kokiri forest, Saria's song, and the Deku Tree's theme) i composed the song pretty much, cuz kokiri forest's theme was actually in a different key, but it needed to sound good with both of the other songs... so i magically made it all work out... Oh ya! This file is REALLY poor quality! get used to it! I am beaten! I can't spend another minute fixing this song... and around 2:20 in the song, it trips out cuz my studio kept tripping out during the recording (which made it EXTREMELY difficult to record) I'm sorry alot of it sounds like crap, if you want me to email u the higher quality version, just let me know... 37 commentsdude_thats_evil
05-ll-dekutree.jpgLink and the Great Deku Tree2441 viewsSource: Scanned and Edited by Melora- From the Versus Books Guide (US)3 commentsMelora
10dekuscrub7xb.pngDeku Scrub185 viewskao
12-16-2004 06;43;27PM.JPG
12-16-2004 06;43;27PM.JPGDeku Link125 viewsHe looks so sad.1 commentsTheFullmetal
A_modern_Minish_by_dan_heron.jpgA modern Minish537 viewsFor my Saria "anthro" I had only a few choices since the Legend of Zelda isn't exactly creative when it comes to forest related monsters. The main choices were Dabas, Deku spruts andů I think that's all. The rest of the plant monsters are too abstract to give them a human form.

That's why lovely Saria got to be a Minish ^^ yeh, I know this little race lives everywhere, but they originally came from the Forest, and are always hiding from people, just like the Kokiris. Besides, they are so friggin' cute you want to hug them X3 Just like Saria!
I know only forest Minish have feathers like tails, but what the heck, a feather tail is cute ^^

Oh, and Minish have those really big eyes that are very shiny. That's why she looks a bit weird.
Oh2: she's a bit older here ^-^;
Oh3: she's human sized
2 commentsdan heron
darkdeku2 farger.jpg
darkdeku2 farger.jpgDarkDeku348 viewsI'm trying too lean how to do the coloring in photoshop. And this is about it...10 commentsBerg
Deku Princess.jpg
Deku Princess.jpgGrown up Deku Princess445 viewsok, first off, this pic is old. Um, this is a concept design of what th deku princess woulc look like in 10 years or so. I got the idea from ZP where ppl were wondering what she'd look like so I drew this, but somebody else drew one and beat me to posting it, so I never displayed it. I took off her 'snout' cuz' it drove me crazy. 6 commentsSusie Q
deku-transformation.jpgDeku transformation368 views6 commentsLinkgirl
deku.jpg1141 viewsThe Deku Scrub Royal Family.
deku.jpgCrooked Deku Princess66 views The scanner made her crooked. Darn scanner. Anyways, the Deku princess is one of my favorite characters. I just wish she wasn't crooked.

2 commentsKifan12
deku2.jpg1189 viewsSlightly larger version of the above image.
DekuBaba.jpg128 viewsFrom
dekubaba.jpg573 viewslord-of-shadow
dekubaba2.jpg579 viewslord-of-shadow
DekuBaba2_2.png248 viewsIron Knuckle
DekuBaba2_2~0.png287 viewsIron Knuckle
dekuleaf.jpg707 viewsDeku Leaf.
dekulink.gif764 viewsDeku Scrub Link.
dekulink.jpg1568 viewsLarger version of above image on white background.
dekulink.jpgDeku Link136 viewsYeah. Just Deku Link... ^.^ He's sooo cute!2 commentsMusica
dekulink2.jpg1200 viewsBig, nice image of Deku Link.
Dekumonks.jpgDeku Monks80 viewsComing somewhere from a hidden temple3 commentsOuroboros
dekunut.jpg563 viewsA Deku Nut, used to stun enemies.
dekunut.jpgMD2 Deku Nuts451 viewsThe logical ammo for the slingshot was deku nuts, and here they are. Three simple spheres facing together. The skin is a rather low quality scan from my OoT guide, twisted appropriately (i'm afraid it's rather unconvincing ingame). And the stats are:

Number of Vertices: 78
Number of Skin Vertices: 78
Number of Faces: 144
Number of Frames: 1
Average Size of Triangles: 352

Build Time: 35 min, quick scan for skin
3 commentsKoroks Rock
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