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Allos_head_template.jpgAllos' head122 viewsThis is the head of Allos from "Dimension Hopping". Allos comes from a dimension where animals are the equivalent of people. That helmet of his can shoot optic force blasts from the visor covering his eyes.

Allos' body template is on that of a dinosaur known as Allosaurus: who was T-rex before T-rex was T-rex.

If anyone wants to draw the rest of his body, read my fic and tell me. Capiche?
1 commentsNiko the ninja
Allos__sign.jpgAllos' sign104 viewsThis is the marking on Allos' (The villain on my fic "Dimension Hopping") helmet. I got it from a combination between a velociraptor claw and an allosaurus skull.Niko the ninja
Amped_up_pt._2.JPGAmped up pt. 2 (remodeled)110 viewsThis is a better version of my previous file.

I based Volvagia's head off Spinosaurus, a predatory dinosaur around the same size as T-rex.

Now you can see Bongo's snake tail's nose and the end of its forked tongue.
Niko the ninja
dimitri.gif677 viewsLink riding on Dimitri, a small red dinosaur.
Lizafos.JPGLizafos175 viewsOld pic, so I know there are some problems. lolThat Guy
Tyrannus.jpgTyrannus122 viewsThis is a bad guy from a fanfic I'm writing. I'll only give the name, because he only appears once. "Tribes at War"

This guy is forty percent larger than your average T-rex. That means he's more than sixty feet long, between twenty and twenty-eight feet tall, and weighs more than 8 tons.

His ribcage is different from the rex at your local museum. A t-rex has a barrel-shaped ribcage while this guy has a much narrower one like a dog's or a tiger's.

That mark on his shoulder? That's the symbol of a group he works for. He's a member of a group of cutthroats known as The Separatists headed by, yours' truly, Ganondorf. It's a good thing he was wiped out before the war began.
Niko the ninja
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