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Aryll.PNGAryll Doll349 viewsThe base is from (obviously ^^;)
This is the second doll I've ever done ^^;
8 commentsMalon Aniku
Ghastly_Doll.gif177 views
LinkDoll.gif309 views
LoZ2--Doll.jpgZelda 2 AoL 1Up Doll28 viewsThe cute 1Up Doll from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. Isn't it cute?

Weird how Zelda 2 is one of the few Zelda games (if not the ONLY one) that has extra lives. How bizarre, how bizarre.

Anyway, I used an official artwork as a reference.
mad_minish.gifA very crazy Minish336 viewsThe Minish went nutters for the shiny dollar coin (It's got Sacajawea on it). I actually made this one a few months ago.13 commentsvaati_girl
me_bum_popped.jpg"Oh no. Me bum popped."387 viewsThis is a scene in my fanfic. Vaati just poked the rear end of a voodoo doll of Marche (the dude with the large, hideous cowlick), and his butt popped. Confetti blasts out at Link Y., who just happened to be standing right behind him. Skye, fire_wolfa's character (FW let me put her in there), and Vaati laughed like mad.

If you have played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, or you know someone who has played it, then you know who Marche is.
If you've seen the game's official art, then you have probably noticed that Marche has a gigantic @$$. Vaati has revealed why in my fanfic using only a pin and a voodoo doll (it's full of air and confetti).

Why is Vaati doing this? In my fanfic, Marche is the bloody jerk who deserves it. The Japanese text on the top says, "Oh no. Me bum popped." And Link Y. is PO'd.

Vaati (c) Nintendo
Marche (c) me forgets...TT_TT
Skye (c) fire_wolfa
Age of the Wizard, art, and Link Y. (c) vaati_girl (moi)
5 commentsvaati_girl
The_Twilight_Princess_version_2_by_kisssh0t.jpgThe Twilight Princess - Version 2428 viewsThis is an updated version of my Midna drawing that I did last year.

You can compare it against the old version if you want, you will notice I have drawn a new face, fixed her neck to look less doll like and added some extra glow effects to the pattern across her body. I have also made color alterations to her body as a whole.

The reason for the update? I felt I needed to fix some things because at the time I rushed the image.

vaati_plush.jpgA Vaati plushie ^^454 viewsthe plush doll all Vaati-fans want to have ^0^7 commentsShinigami_Gtc
yoshidoll.gif459 viewsThe Yoshi doll.
yoshidoll.jpg359 viewsSmaller version of the above image.
Yoshi_Doll.gif1114 views2 comments
Zelda_Christmas.pngMerry Christmas!!!350 views I wanted to draw this pic, because I was in the Christmas Spirit. Red looks so cute. :3 All of the other Links are small versions of themselves, and Red is prctically killing Blue by hugging him.(lol) Vaati is like a big plush, pillow, and Zelda is a collectible doll. Cute huh? I threw midna and Tetra in just for kicks. Enjoy, and have a reallly good holiday season!5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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