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artpad_no_go.PNGHail the fishing pole of DOOM!!71 viewsI love that fishin' pole - so shinyachitka
Doomknocker1.gif184 views
Doomknocker2.gif169 views
DoomraddleLeft.gif163 views
DoomraddleRight.gif177 views
Ganon.jpgGanon97 viewsThe evil pig demon of DOOM!

I found a reference a long time ago, but I forgot which it was. All I know is it was an official art of Ganon in Zelda 1.
ganonizstyle.PNGGanondorf Prince of Darkness (and Doom)49 viewsGanondorf in the style of Invader ZIM (AKA, Jhonen Vasquez's way of drawing). Don't even ask why I drew this, it was made on the spur of the moment. Yes.
Ganondorf (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
linksakaya_edalzelda_complete.jpgA Hope, a Dream, and a Whisper984 viewsLink's in the bg, Sakaya (my OC) is in the forefront, and Zelda's with Edal (my other OC, who's Sakaya's cousin). And just so u kno, that's not a scar on Sakaya's forehead. Nope, she's not a Harry Potter wannabe. I made her up before Harry Potter came out, about 7 years ago. Sakaya's got a golden lightning bolt on her forehead. And yes, i kno Sakaya's right arm looks messed up.

And no, i didn't come up with this wonderful title! I'm awful with titles, but my good booday, Ritz, The Pink Bunny of Doom, the master of titles, did her magic for meh. Thank u so much, my kick-arse friend!! XD
9 commentsSora
LoZ1--Gohma.jpgLoZ1 Gohma19 viewsThe giant spider crab of DOOM! Get that bow and arrow ready!

I used the official art in the manual as the reference here.
LoZ1--Goriya.jpgLoZ1--Goriya21 viewsThe boomerang-throwing weasels of DOOM! (from Zelda 1, of course).

I used the manual art as a reference, and drew two Goriyas since there were two colors for them.
LoZ1--Lanmola.jpgLoZ1 Lanmola17 viewsThe centipede of doom from Zelda 1--in two colors!

I used the manual art as a reference... and drew it twice, since there are two colors of Lanmola.
LoZ1--Moblins.jpgLoZ1 Moblins18 viewsThe bulldogs of doom, the Moblins, from Zelda 1.

Used the sprites as reference this time (as opposed to the manual art--he looked a bit robotic in the artwork), and drew two since there were two colors.
LoZ1--Patra.jpgLoZ1 Patra18 viewsThe flying eyeballs of doom from Zelda 1.

My reference was the manual art. And this was long before I learned how to do digital art, so it's not much to look at.
LoZ2DoomknockerByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Doomknocker111 viewsDoomknocker, aka Hell Guma, from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Here he is, patrolling the Island Palace.

I used a sprite as a reference here.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ2DoomraddleByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Doomraddle53 viewsDoomraddle, aka Guma, in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I'm calling him Doomraddle so he won't be confused with the fifth boss, Gooma (whom Japanese fans named "Giant"/Jaianto), but anyway, here he is dancing about in Midoro Palace.

Is it just me, or does Doomraddle look like an effed up Taz? Anyway, I used a sprite as a reference.
NaviDies.jpgNavi Meets her Doom449 viewsMy first and only comic EVER! It might be the only one I ever do. I might do another one depending on how you all like this one. The text in the 5th frame says "If I hear that fairy one more time I'll..." . The text in the last frame says "Ding Dong! The Navi's dead!7 commentsSkyDragon
Pink_Bunny_Of_DOOOOOOM.jpgPink Bunny Of Doom379 viewsThis is CITB's oc, TBOD. Is pretty old, i know i can do a lot better now. I've got some old crud that i might upload, but then again i might not. This is Zelda related,it's a Zelda oc, so do not delete!! I might upload later stuffs when my scanners workin again. Obly just got back into drawing Zelda!! ^^;2 commentsLinkmaster
Sakaya_newstyle_inked.jpg"And she calls to you"477 viewsTitled by Ritz, the Pink Bunny of Doom. It's a different style of Sakaya. I'm happy i inked it ^^8 commentsSora
sakaya_sai_bikinis.jpg"I'm wearing WHAT?!"1101 viewsTitled by the luvly Ritz, the Pink Bunny of Doom!

Done for 2 particular friends of mine.. whom i'm sure r really enjoying this pic...

Sakaya and Sai in bikinis. Sai's not really into the whole almost-naked-thing, as u can tell.. ^^
10 commentsSora
screenshots_037.jpgCurse of the Pheonix158 viewsI took this screenshot 'cause it reminded me of a roleplaying plot I came up with. ^-^
See,the pokemon thingy is supposed to represent a pheonix...
I've got a roleplaying plot where an amry of pheonixes attack Hyrule. Kind of an Apocalypic thingy going on in that plot... it's a classic among my friends.
I don't know if you can see Zelda or not....

Gah, that horrible BLACK EDGE!! My hand is so SHAKY!! >_< Blech.
I've got another shot of this from a different angel, in case you wish to see. =3
statue.PNGLRA's Naruto Link Jr. crossover request- Like staring at a statue72 viewsI think I messed up on Gaara's outfit, but who cares? And I had no idea what Shiaka was supposed to wear so I gave him random clothes, and I didn't know if he had any tattoos so I gave him a random one (yes,it is the natural symbol if you play an instrument). And Naruto's hair looks bad, and so does the stinking headband. Oh, and Naruto is eating.
Naruto, Gaara (c) I forgot the name, again...
Shaika, Link Jr. (c) LRA
art and the leaf of DOOM (c) hauu13
I will do requests, nothing else to do...
8 commentshauu13
Ultimate_Terror_by_dan_heron.jpgUltimate Terror500 viewsIT’S THE TEA CUP OF DOOM!!!!
“runs screaming”
With all and the drawing of the little heart and lil star!!!!!!
“runs some more”

No really, just our old Totally Random Weirdo, aka, Vire, god of terror, of evil, of destruction, of the yummy cupcakes!!!!!!
Fear him!!
No, no really, he’s a cool guy XD

Ah, I think I love this outfit for his “God” form. It was taken from one of mister Manabe’s design for Rufus from Drakuun.

Totally Random Weird, aka, Vire © teh Dan
dan heron
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