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Bomb_Thrower(DX).gif257 views
BossDX_Big_Hardhat_Beetle.gif308 views
BossDX_Buzzblob.gif294 views
BossDX_Stone_Golem.gif365 views
dxn.jpgDark LinkXNeko65 viewsDark Link gets an insane lady for a love intrest! There wasn't any character that I could find that would fit as Dark's partner. Yes, I'm lying. I just like Dark Link sooo much. TEEHEE.
Dark Link (c) nintendo
Neko, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
IM_A0041.JPGZelda93 viewsHmm...I think this is the AttP DX garb, but it appears in other games. The pic is old. Forgive my memory.zeldaiskoollink
LADX_begins.swfLADX Begins603 viewsJust a simple video capture of the beginning clip from LADX, plus a little bit of flash scripting to make it easier on you guys. Also makes it unthinkably smaller, if a bit lower quality :P11 commentsKoroks Rock
Link__s_got_the_magic_stick_by_Genaminna03.jpgLink's got the magic stick567 views Well, this is my renditon of Link if he was the 'normal teenage guy player', lol. ^_^;
Yes, these are thoughts that go through my mind while I play Ocarnia of Time, though... I can't really say what the 'normal teenage guy player' would truley say seeing that I'm no where near normal and am DEFINATELY not a guy! lmao
... I have a weird sense of humor, lol. XD
Yes, in the second to the last panel, that's Link checking out his... *ahem* OTHER 'new equipment', lol XD & on that note, what the 'side quest' is, is totally up to you! ^__~
.......Well... what do you *think* a newly aged 17-year old would think about?? O_o;;;;
XDXD 'Saving the world??' Pssshhh! XD Zelda's too hard to get =P lol (I'm so just kidding, lol) XD anyway, I hope you like it!
10 commentsgenaminna03
logodx.gif481 viewsThe "Zelda DX" logo.
logodx.jpg624 viewsLarger version of the above image.
lxr.jpgLeldXRyouiki for Princess of Twilight51 viewsHope you like it PT! I think the digital camera killed it, though.
Lelda, Ryouiki (c) Princess of Twilight
art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
navi.jpgNavi90 viewsA bit too dark... oh well. My hand hurts from srawing the glow. DXMystery_Girl
RedXShadow_by_MagmaDP.jpgRedXShadow99 viewsAlright. I used a base for this. Here's the base in case anyone wants to use it:
Yeah. Bet nobody thought of this pair.
EDIT: Forgot copyright.
Base is (c) to
Red and Shadow are (c) to Nintendo
Not-so-bad art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll regret it.
4 commentsVaati_Lover
Red_Blue_DX.gif232 views
ShadowXRed_by_MagmaDP.jpgRedXShadow91 views...yes. I do realize that Shadow's clothes are the wrong color. Get over it.
I asked my sister the first male pairing she could think of. This is it. ...Of course... At first she said 'TingleXShadow'. But who would want to see that? So this is the one I really like too. All those fans were too busy with pairings like 'BlueXRed', 'VioXShadow', and 'GreenXShadow' [not very popular so I've heard] that they never thought of pairing these two!
Green, Red, Blue, Vio, Shadow, and Tingle are (c) to Nintendo
Base is (c) to
Horrid fillin is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll regret it.
2 commentsVaati_Lover
wind_fish.jpgLink's Awakening (ending)572 viewsThe Wind Fish & Link the hero - Based on the ending of LA, naturally with no official artwork provided, only a badly coloured screenshot of the dx version.29 commentsRICKY
z4dx-01-cover.jpg664 views
z4dx-02-03.jpg745 views
z4dx-04-05.jpg1115 views
z4dx-06-07.jpg834 views
z4dx-08-09.jpg823 views
z4dx-10-11.jpg767 views
z4dx-12-13.jpg745 views
z4dx-14-15.jpg717 views
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