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b-creation.jpgCreation1998 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: A painting of the Goddesses creating HyruleMelora
bullets.jpgMD2 Magic Pot380 viewsThe magic pot was a fun little way of creating ammo for the Flame rod. Stats:

Number of Vertices: 56
Number of Skin Vertices: 115
Number of Faces: 116
Number of Frames: 1
Average Size of Triangles: 264

Build Time: 40 min, plus brief skinning
4 commentsKoroks Rock
darkworldbg.pngDarkworld709 viewsFirst uploaded image, whoo. Image is of Saria from OoT (with wings). The image is being used in a stepfile (any DDR fans in the house?) I'm creating; it's of a remix of the Darkworld theme from LttP. While they don't really have that much in common, I was out of ideas. Either way, image was done mostly in Corel Painter 8.10 commentsVirgo
dincreatinghyrule_copy.jpgDin Creating Hyrule62 viewsThis drawing was inspired by the fan made movie Dark Sage, when the godesses are creating Hyrule. I forgot to do the shadow on her neck, but oh well... I'll bring myself to do it one day! lol : )FaerieEpona
Dinfarorejanayru.jpgNayru, Farore and Din307 viewsAll three creating The Sacred Realm, I suppose. Anyway, I had wanted to draw these goddesses for a while now, so when I had the time, I drew them. Not very successfully, tough...3 commentsan-chan
Dinstridingcolourversion.jpgDin Striding112 viewsI'm really excited about this one!!! *bounces up and down*
I used a tutorial to help me colour this and I'm really pleased ith the results... most of my art it kinda.... alright but this I think is a much better quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the tutorial i used

This is the godess Din (who else???) creating Hyrule. I decided to do a different costume design and hair style. Because most ppl (including myself) normally draw her with long hair, I drew her with a short messy cut. The outfit just popped right out of my head...

I'm really pleased with the lighting *starts screaming most randomly then suddenly stops* errr.... ok.... Thats all I have to say.... bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Drawn in pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
3 commentsFaerieEpona
Do_ya_mind!01.pngDo ya mind?143 viewsIt's Link! And a goat! That's eating his tunic! In one of my ever changing chibi styles! Woo!

Yeah, I seriously don't know what the deal it with those TP goats. They look more like mutant bull-baboon-ram hybrids than actual... goats. And I know a thing or two about goats, my grandma has a bunch of them.

Dig that cheesy background.
6 commentsthepbjninja
ganondefeated.jpg1132 viewsLink defeating Ganon and getting the Triforce of Power.
kat.jpgHappy Halloweenies!382 viewsSo yes. Its meee! I'm Link :D I made that myself and my mom took this picture of me earlier tonight before I went trick-or-treating. I drew the triforce on my hand, just for added authenticity. Tights are uncomfortable, and that's just from a female perspective. Poor Linky, lol.18 commentsChibi-Kokiri
koshamu sketch copy.jpg
koshamu sketch copy.jpgKoshamu rough sketch856 viewsThis boy is a half Hylian, half Ayike. He's removing a blindfold of his eyes even though it makes no difference, he's blind from birth.
Boyfriend of Carid, body guard of Zelda, "big brother" of Hikagi and nemesis of Link. Yup, he can't stand his pressence.
Even though Kosh is blind he's more than capable to beat the crap out of Link any day, although, he also gets his fare share of beatings.
4 commentsdan heron
linkzelda0003.jpgHold Me...278 viewsYeah, even the hero needs a little compassion and touch once in awhile..haha..actually I have been really practicing alot on getting my pics more simple and line-like, creating new characters for my own story...when I practice, I still like to do Link and Zelda sometimes..enjoy! Pencil sketch.....6 commentsGirlink
LoZ1--Like_Like.jpgLoZ1 Like Like20 viewsThe shield eating blob, Like Like, from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference... and since it likes to eat Magic Shields, I drew it enjoying a recent meal.
Minish5.jpgRice with Minish191 viewssecond attemt at watercolor ^^U 8 commentsDust_Bunny
nabooru2.gifNabooru281 viewsI finally got around to creating a Nabooru fanart piece and I must say that I am extremely proud of how this one turned out. My goal was to make a much better Nabooru picture than the official art of her for OoT, and I think I achieved it. ^__^ The only thing that gripes me about this picture is the quality of it after I uploaded it to the browser. The .gif file was better than the .jpg and .bmp files, but barely. Please display it in its larger version to get the whole picture, despite the off quality.

Note: I drew her so that she does not look exactly like the official art, but in my own style. I thought the official art looked too unproportioned and awkward, and so made Nabooru look more human, lol.
9 commentsNabooru
Nayrucreatinghyruleoriginal.jpgNayru Creating Hyrule58 viewsI have had real problems trying to colour this in photoshop. If anyone has any idea's on how to colour this without ruining the brilliance of it... then go ahead. If anyone wants to colour this themselves in photo shop, then pls do, but leave me a comment if u do and put a note in the description.

Anyways, this is sorta a sequel to Din creating Hyrule, again inspired by the fan movie dark Sage. there will be a Farore soon, cause... I'M OVER MY ARTISTS BLOCK!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Nayrucreatinghyruleoriginal_copy.jpggjghfufbb.jpgNayru Creating Hyrule colour97 viewsWell, I finally managed to colour it in. My brushes and fill bucket had suddenly gone mental so i had to reset them and blahdey blahdey blah!

So... Whadda you think?
4 commentsFaerieEpona
oldman1.jpgMD2 Old Man508 viewsRemember the somewhat random old men scattered throughout Zelda 1? And have continued to appear everywhere since? This is his newest rendition. it's a very simple model that will stand on a text trigger, creating the illusion of an NPC (Non Player Character).4 commentsKoroks Rock
readytofight.PNGReady to Fight322 viewsHere's Shadow Link ready to fight with his Four Sword. He has no shining in his eyes here 'cause here he's about to fight his demon. Beating him in my fan-fic, he becomes one of the light, a real person.

Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
red_link_lil.gifLink eating160 viewsRed again eating takoyaki!6 commentsfiorella
saria yali.jpg
saria yali.jpgSaria and Yali rough sketch949 viewsI couldn't leave out at our lovely Forest Sage, now could I? XD
Saria has total control of the forest and is known for creating huge forest giants that are under her complete control. Yali is her loyal guardian fairy and you'll always see them together. They know how the other thinks and feels, sharing that special conection of the Kokiris and Fairies
10 commentsdan heron
ShadowLuvRamen.pngShadow loves Ramen260 views I can't believe I haven't posted any pics of Shadow! I love him!!! Well here's a cute chibish pic of him eating ramen. I love Ramen. And so does Shadow...XD
I hope u all like it! ^o^
Shadow Link (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Shine_Dragoness_signed.JPGThe Legend of Zelda: Shine Dragoness145 viewsHey everyone! I have created this concept to be a cover of my fanfic, this inspired me from the many covers of movie titles likes like Lord of the Rings, Stardust and such. As you can see, I finally created my villain wearing the Helmet of Dark Tears and Melartis' mother Queen Naruteen. Heh, also my first attempt creating a castle from scratch and the Twin Hall Mountain on the bottom right looks funny to me. Oh, well. What do you guys think? Comments appreciated.

Link and Collin Shigeru Miyamoto
Shine Dragoness, Melartis, Queen Naruteen, Princess Ocah, Helmet of Dark Tears, Anthera Castle, Twin Mountain Hall Divine_Link

7 commentsDivine_Link
Skyward_Sword_Master_Sword.pngSkyward Sword Master Sword65 viewsNintendo Claims that this Master Sword is suppose to be the same one from Twilight Princess but, they're wrong. Look at the difference between this one and my Twilight Princess Master Sword.

Anway, I just used Twilight Princess Master sword instead of creating a new one. Had to do a lot of changes too..had to change the color of the blade, take out some gold marks that was on the sword...even some that was on the blade...Other than that eh, it's good I suppose.

Skyward Sword Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
statue.PNGLRA's Naruto Link Jr. crossover request- Like staring at a statue72 viewsI think I messed up on Gaara's outfit, but who cares? And I had no idea what Shiaka was supposed to wear so I gave him random clothes, and I didn't know if he had any tattoos so I gave him a random one (yes,it is the natural symbol if you play an instrument). And Naruto's hair looks bad, and so does the stinking headband. Oh, and Naruto is eating.
Naruto, Gaara (c) I forgot the name, again...
Shaika, Link Jr. (c) LRA
art and the leaf of DOOM (c) hauu13
I will do requests, nothing else to do...
8 commentshauu13
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