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Akako.jpgAkako59 viewsI got done with this, I think...Either Christmas Eve or the day before. The dress came from Alyssia who did this with Akako for Christmas. Anyway, even tho I didn't get a lot of presents, I will say this, this year was the BEST Christmas ever! It acutally snowed on Christmas day, we here in NC, actually had a White Christmas, and I think the last one was, 100 and some years ago.

Sorry it's up so late. The side it suppose to be saying Merry Christmas, but dad's stupid Scanner cut it out.

Akako © by Me
7 commentsAmy122
Aneko.jpgAneko66 viewsShe's second in command to Emiko who's the head handmaiden. She's also Gerudo as well.

Aneko © by: Me

Remember, I'm accepting requests, either freehand or MS Paint weapons.
5 commentsAmy122
b-medalions.jpgMagic Medallions390 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: Left to Right they are- Bombos, Quake, and EitherMelora
bloody_link.PNGLink has hinamizawa syndrome!110 viewsEither Link's killed a lot of enemies, or he's got hinamizawa syndrome and killed his friends. Ahahahahaha! Okay, seriously I have no clue why I drew this. This was a real quick slipshod drawing in paint, so that explains why its not very good.
art (c) hauu13
link (c) nintendo
hinamizawa syndrome (c) the person that created higurashi
7 commentshauu13
Castle.PNGJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 331 viewsI was talking to Princess of Twilight and I asked her if I should actually leave or not, and she told me no and I figured to maybe give this place one last chance...After this page every page will be together so meaning page 4 and 5 will be together. As you can tell, I'm no longer writing on the pages. I'm not too far from just letting the characters talk. Also hopefully Princess of Twilight will get Armon Castle looking almost like the “rough draft” I made mths ago. Hopefully it won’t be too big…

"But, Hyrule isn't the one with a Princess who needs a Prince; the land is just pass the lands of Ordona province, a secret way to another land ruled by a Princess that no one has noticed. Not until the Princess of Hyrule found out when she was a child." I'm going to say this for one last time. I'm accepting request's by either paint or free hand drawings. And if I don't get enough comments I will leave. In a way I do find it a bit unfair that when someone posts something they get like idk a lot of comments and when I post it's like only a few comments...

OC's, Storyline, style © by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
11 commentsAmy122
darknesswithin.jpgThe Darkness Within1032 viewsI don't have the full scale drawing for this one either. :( Anyway, this drawing was on this gallery before, and I hope everyone likes it again.15 commentsGanondorf
darkworldbg.pngDarkworld709 viewsFirst uploaded image, whoo. Image is of Saria from OoT (with wings). The image is being used in a stepfile (any DDR fans in the house?) I'm creating; it's of a remix of the Darkworld theme from LttP. While they don't really have that much in common, I was out of ideas. Either way, image was done mostly in Corel Painter 8.10 commentsVirgo
fiercedeity0005.jpgMy Oni Link252 viewsWow, seems like everyone here is working on Oni Link lately, thats cool, I LOVE HIM!!!! Here is my version, pencil sketch, Ill color it later, either with pencils, or if I'm feeling brave, with Photoshop!!!!13 commentsGirlink
g-ether.jpgEther Medallion357 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
grab.PNGGrab264 viewsThis is another manga panel from my fic. It's from chapter 4 of 'The Power of Five', where Shadow's just become possessed and Vio's reaching out to him. This can be read either way really =P Makes sense both ways.

Vios' saying "Shadow-Chan" in both of his speech bubbles, and then "!!" in the last one.

I love Shadow in the first slide! =P So very evil..

Shadow and Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
Impaclose.jpgImpa portrait343 viewsYes, yes, I know, another Impa. and yes, Iknow this one isn't perfect either, but I like it.
7 commentsSusie Q
IM_A0027.JPGZelda96 viewsYeah, it's WW Zel in OoT style...or, it's OoT Zel in WW garb. Either way works.zeldaiskoollink
LinkWithGuitar.jpgLink With A Guitar241 viewsI was feeling stupid that day. XD
* you got an item music*
Congradulations, Link! You got the Rock Guitar! Now you can STICK IT TO THE MAN with your PWNING power riffs!
... Yeah, I'm aware that Link looks kinda stoned. XD But haven't you ever pictured Link rocking out?

No? Me neither. XD
5 commentsMalon Aniku
link_marin.jpgLink + Marin + Egg380 viewsthis is a scene i think should have been in the game. link doesn't even talk to marin before he makes her and the island disappear. this is the night before he goes to wake the windfish, and he is trying to comfort marin even though they both know she will soon vanish forever, a mere dream. that game really is very sad. ;_;
i painted this today because I was bored out of my mind and sick of doing all my art with the computer. i've wanted to do Link's head at this angle for quite some time. i think it makes him look so sleek. i've been on a link/marin kick latley. in this painting, i didn't want either of their eyes to be showing, it should be more impressionistic. i am quite fond of this, especially Marin's hair. I didn't use any references so please don't harass me about clothing. I wanted to draw Link with all his clothes on, but i was having a horrible time with his shirt, so i decided to leave it out. He is supposed to be in those little white tights he wears, having just finished a swim. yes, i know he doesn't wear them in LA and his hair is different... deal with it. XP
5 commentscerasly
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpg
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpgThe Legend of Zelda: La Fantome De l'Opera237 really like Zelda, and I really like Phatnom of the Opera, so, i decided to combined the two, so, if you're familliar with Phantom, then here are the characters for you! Link is Raoul, Oni Link is the Phantom (it was either him or Ganondorf, so I went with the hot one), and MARIN is Christine, NOT Malon.7 commentsMusica
MedliDrawingColourYAY.jpgMedli Hovering125 viewsI realised that I havn't done any WW art (except for my Handcopy of Medli that i did aaaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ago) wich is silly, cause i'm a huge MedliXKomali fan, so rlly i should have done some pics of them....

ANyway moving on. I was in a bit of a state, 'cus I was bored of drawing Gerudo and I aske my aunt to pic a name from a list (it was a list of species in LoZ) originally she picked gerudo, then picked shiekah.... But i complained i couldn't draw them, so she picked Rito. And who's everyones faveourite Rito???? No, not Quill.... No not Komali either.... Medli.

So this is her all grown up!!! I was gonna draw Komali, but couldn't be bothered.

So here she is, hovering in the wind...

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
Midna_Collage.pngMidna Collage130 views This is just a collage of screenshots I captured, sprites I made in Paint a long time ago, and my personal fav, my anime Midna! I di this as a dedication to one of my favorite Zelda characters, Midna. I hope you all like it!
Midna (c) Nintendo
'Art' (c) Princess of Twilight
(p.S. Amy122, Akako will be up either later today or tomorrow, is that okay?)
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Phantom Ganon.jpg
Phantom Ganon.jpgThe Forest Phantom177 viewsCreepy eh? While it really doesn't work the way that it should, I really like this picture. Unfortunately it comes out like the mask is in fact the face, and not a mask. I couldn't really change anything either, did it completely with a sharpie on a note card when I got bored...6 commentsBlackHawkA100
readytogobg.jpgAnticipation140 viewsNewest Zelda fanart so far, and I actually really liked the lineart itself even though I already spotted quite a few mistakes. The figure itself and all his stuff took me around six sheets of paper to piece together. Background was done straight into the computer. A lot of details were lost when I reduced the image to a more web-friendly size, but you can find the larger version either at my DA gallery or personal site.2 commentscyen
reallink.GIFReal Link120 viewsThis is my attempt at drawing a realistic face for Link. But now that I think about it...he's better animated. Either that, or I need some serious drawing skills, hee hee.6 commentsManicAlpha
Saruriuniformresize.pngSaruri431 viewscopy/paste from DA:

New deviation for 2006. o:

If Hyrules schools had a school uniform, they would look like this. Well, maybe the middle to high schoolers would look like this. :O


She's either trying to keep her skirt down or holding something. I don't know.
1 commentsMariaGemini
scan0006.jpgMerry Christmas or something like that.406 viewsThis is a Christmas card/drawing for my bestest friend. If you don't get it, you're either really young or insanely ignorant.4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
scan0015~0.jpgKiichi :D292 viewsThis is a little chibi Kiichi I drew in Psychology class. I was screwing around and trying to make up a style for myself, and I got this. I drew his hair in a braid because every time someone sees a picture of Kiichi they either think he's a girl or they say he needs a haircut. I think he's fine how he is :P4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
sheik_nude.jpgmale sheik361 viewseveryone is entitled to their opinion concerning sheik's gender, and here is mine:

sheik is a man. no doubt. if you want proof, look at the official art of sheik ( compared to the official art of zelda ( there is NO way that zelda and sheik are the same person. i think zelda either transforms herself into a man, or takes on the body of a man. zelda's body simply doesn't have hips as narrow as sheik's, shoulders as wide as sheik's, or muscles like sheik's. also, the skin, eye, and hair color completley changes. so, we know the two bodies are completley different. but, you say, "maybe she transforms into another person, but that person could still be female!". if zelda can transform into any person, and she wants to be disguised as a BOY, why would she choose to take the body of another female? the conclusion: sheik is male.

you don't have to agree with me, but there it is...
5 commentscerasly
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