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blueskull.jpg1586 viewsSkull enemy protected by blue fire.2 comments
Darnaku.jpgDurnaku274 viewsThis is the first of my darknut designs. The first and formost change is the name. These are enemies that you fear to fight in Wind Waker, that are great and ruthless fighters, yet they have one of the worst names. So I changed it to durnaku (Dur Na Ku). At least that is what they would call themselves in their own tounge. I could see hylain common folk calling them darknuts for a shorter, easier to remember name (like gator for Alligator). They still have their bulging design seen in Wind Waker, but they have become more animal like as well. This design is the base of the Durnaku. All other designs will be based on this( The same goes for my Goron and Zora, they are all bases to draw on). I plan to do a armored Durnaku, and also a wild one, untamed by the dark powers and fully animalistic in nature. Keep an eye out for them4 commentsBraxis
dekuscrub.jpg1447 viewsThe enemy Deku Scrub, who spits nuts at Link.2 comments
enemysketch.jpg5320 views14 commentslord-of-shadow
fourswordsguys.JPGFour swords guys111 viewsThe six main dudes from four swords; Vaati, Shadow, Green, Vio, Blue, and Red (in that order). Vaati's wearing a button up shirt, loose purple pants, and he has an eye patch. Shadow, Green, and Blue are all wearing their normal tunics. The Shadow and Green pic is almost as if Green were touching a mirror and his reflection was Shadow. Blue just killed some enemy, probably a deku baba. Vio's wearing his preferred clothes. And Red is wearing a traditional unmarried woman's kimono.
Vaati,Green,Shadow,Blue,Vio, and Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open to requests and trades now! :3
6 commentshauu13
ganondorfdarklinkskullkidys7.pngThe Enemy296 viewsGanondorf, Dark link and Skull Kid.... it needs a description ? xD4 commentsGanondorf shadow
Heros.jpgThe Hero of Time and the Hero of Winds285 viewsMany Heros, One big enemy...The most recent drawing of the Legends of Zelda series of black and white drawings. Maybe more will come.Ludovic
hyruletreedragon0001.jpgHyrule Tree Dragon346 viewshey I always thought it would be cool if in Hyrule field, when Link rolls into a tree, that sometimes an enemy would fall out, not just bombs and skulltallas and rupees... maybe if you defeated it,you would get a purple rupee or somethin..anyhoo, this is what I imagine might be hanging out up there with all the goodies in those trees... (pencil, prismacolors)12 commentsGirlink
link 2.JPG
link 2.JPGhe yah!125 viewslink again doing a fighting stike on an evil enemy. hah2 commentsladykatey
linksearching.gif872 viewsLink looking for secrets in a labyrinth; an enemy is sneaking up on him.
Link___Epona_3_redone.JPGlink n epona142 viewsya ya..the sword's cut off...biig woopty-doo
that's an enemy on the bottom corner btw.. haha
6 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
LoZ1--Enemy_Bait.jpgLoZ1 Enemy Bait17 viewsEnemy Bait from the first Zelda game.

The manual art was my reference.
LoZ2--Megmut.jpgZelda 2 AoL Megmut44 viewsThe bouncing armadillo, Megmut. Well, the official art (which I used as a reference) of Megmut looks like an armadillo to me.

Anyway, it's another Zelda 2: Adventure of Link enemy.
LoZ2--Tinsuit.jpgZelda 2 AoL Tinsuit54 viewsYep! That one hopping enemy in Parapa Palace (in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link)... the one that looks like a dog enemy in armor... it has a name in North America. It's called Tinsuit. So whoever takes care of the bestiary on this site, please note. (In the Bestiary, we only know its Japanese name--WOSU).

Anyway, I used a sprite as a reference for the character. For the Parapa Palace BG, I used as a reference.
octorok.jpg1720 viewsOctorok, the water enemy that spits rocks at you.10 comments
shadow_link_AotW.JPGShadow Link256 viewsShadow Link is one of Angua's best friends in my fic. He always gets into fights with Angua's ex, Marche, who has a large rear end (SL is really skinny). Angua thinks Marche's jealous of Shadow Link's skinny butt. One of the only ones that can call him Shady is his best friend, Angua. His worst enemy is no longer Link. In Age of the Wizard, the one person he wants to kill the most is none other than Fado.

Shadow Link has an uber huge crush on Angua, btw.
4 commentsvaati_girl
Tyrannus.jpgTyrannus122 viewsThis is a bad guy from a fanfic I'm writing. I'll only give the name, because he only appears once. "Tribes at War"

This guy is forty percent larger than your average T-rex. That means he's more than sixty feet long, between twenty and twenty-eight feet tall, and weighs more than 8 tons.

His ribcage is different from the rex at your local museum. A t-rex has a barrel-shaped ribcage while this guy has a much narrower one like a dog's or a tiger's.

That mark on his shoulder? That's the symbol of a group he works for. He's a member of a group of cutthroats known as The Separatists headed by, yours' truly, Ganondorf. It's a good thing he was wiped out before the war began.
Niko the ninja
vaati_4.png136 viewsVaati the minish
I love this enemy
5 commentsangel of light
Vaati_s_Pet.jpgVaati's pet128 viewsIn my fanfic, Curse of Charanatos, Vaati sics this dragon on Link. And NO, one eye is not bigger than the other like King K. Rool. That large eye is right in his forehead.

I hope you like the whole crooked teeth, crocodile look for its face.
1 commentsNiko the ninja
wiiEnemy_Defend.midEnemy1024 views4 commentsIron Knuckle
wiiEnemy_Fight.midFighting an enemy885 views3 commentsIron Knuckle
ZoraCollab-Final-Elfwood.jpgFrom His Scaly Maw171 viewsAt dusk, a creature of the murk in the mire comes birthing, from his scaly maw, a fiery missile. A hand-drawn, digital-work of classic fantasy.

This is a picture of a Zora, aka Zola, aka River Zora. I did this one as a collaboration with Cuccolady from VGF. She did the final lines for the Zora, I added in bits and did the background, colors, & additional shading.
2 commentsPsytronic
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