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007heaven.PNGHeaven262 viewsFor the 100 pic challenge on DA.

This is from when I had a Four Swords dream about a manga sequal. This was one of the pictures I saw, where Shadow seems to be reaching up for heaven, as he is dead. This dream I had will eventually be made into a fan-fic XP

I kinda copied his facial expression and hand positions from the manga too, but mirrored XP

Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
2 commentsKeitii
4swords.pngSeventh Maiden272 viewsThis here's Princess Zelda from Four Swords. She's got a pretty interesting design, it's too bad I don't see much of her.7 commentsavroillusion
7th Sage.jpg
7th Sage.jpgWisdom589 viewsThis pic has prolly taken about 6 months to finally be finished cuz' it just sat around, I like it on the black, cuz' it makes the colors vibrant.7 commentsSusie Q
Captain_Link.JPGCaptain Link264 viewsThis is a design for Link's captain armor that he wears in a fanfic I plan on writing eventually maybe possibly... in a little while, after I finish my Link's Awakening one. 3 commentsjiminycricketX
creation_of_hyrule_part_1.swfThe Creation of Hyrule456 viewsTHIS IS NOT THE FULL THING!!!!!
I wouldn't even recommend watching this at all. The full version is almost 4MB, so it
didn't fit on this site. NEW SITE: (there's a link below) to see it
(be patient, it's a big file), then come back and comment (please comment!).
Note that I made that site just for this file, there's nothing else on it. If it doesn't
work, that's because too many people have seen it and I've exceeded the data
transfer limit.
Now go, watch it,
and then finish reading this description (if you want to). Go. Now.

I realize that the lightning didn't work out like it should have. I think I'm going to add
sounds, including thunder, to it. eventually.
Also, I know it's
jerky, especially when the camera jerks before the sun moves. And the rest is just too
But overall, I think this is my masterpiece (which, you could argue, isn't saying much....)
and I'm really happy with how it came out.
I used Terragen (obviously), Irfanview for renaming and JPEGing, MX Flash 8 for converting
it to Flash, and... that's it. BTW, KR, the code didn't work.
6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Daydreamer_(sketch).JPGDaydreamer (Sketch)157 viewsThis sketch is another of my many marin pictures. I was bored and wanted to try to draw someone in an actual pose, unlike all the standing on a white backdrop pictures I usually draw, so I drew Marin lying against a sand dune, gazing at the stars. I plan on making a colored version of this eventually.1 commentsjiminycricketX
FiveLinks.PNGFive Links526 viewsYeah... pic two for today... sorry if that's a taboo or something... and also sorry for this being a tad bit big... I would have had to mess with it's quality and lines and all this bwizness and I was like "Fo'get dat, yo!" But yeah... all the stages of Link from Majora's Mask... I was thinkin' of maybe puttin' a background on it eventually... maybe something with the giants doin' something... does that sound like a good idea? yes? No? maybe so?13 commentsTeevo
impacrouch.jpgImpa - Sage of Shadow347 viewsThis is the first of hopefully a series of all the sages. I think it is really sad that there isn't much artwork for any of the sages. Like I said, hopefully I'll eventually do a picture for all the sages - if I don't get too behind in homework:) I always love feedback!5 commentsslvrwlf05
Lake_Hylia.jpgShoot at morning light in Lake Hylia255 viewsSeventh drawing... to be honest, I don't really like this one. Link looks extremely odd. Sorry, but I was not very good in poses back in 2003.Ludovic
link_navi.gifLink Random Event102 viewsSomething that most people would want to do to Navi.Red_Fan
Li_l_Link_Outline.pngYoung Link200 viewsI just wanted to do a picture of li'l link. man its hard to do lineart with a mouse! i need a tablet way bad! well i'll color this eventually but this is my first lineart on the computer so i had to post it! ^_^2 commentseponagirl
melora_summerdays.jpgSummer Days867 views--Very Large File-Wallpaper Size--
Done for a little fan art event I was having at my site, this is just a bunch of the characters coming from the beach. I was tired of the fan idea that Malon and Zelda would be fighting over Link for some reason, so they're friends here AND ignoring him as much as they would be anyone else. :p I drew a quick sketch and did most of it in photoshop
12 commentsMelora
ocarinacg.jpgOcarina of Time930 viewsBleh this picture is one year old XP... Sorry about the watermark, it's to prevent people from stealing my art. I still kinda like this picture although i see a lot of mistakes ^^;; Thanks for looking!15 commentsChibi-Rinku
PreventFires.jpg215 viewsFrom Next Generation
ricky_the_kangaroo.jpgRicky and Link (version 2)216 viewsIf you've ever played 'Oracle of Seasons' on Game Boy Color then you'll know you can choose 3 different companions to help your quest, so this free-spirited boxing kangaroo 'Ricky' was an instant fave with me. =3

I did said fan artwork years ago then eventually uploaded it to ZeldaLegends, then deviantART under a different alias name "Roo-meister", but various problems and random DA n00bs made me quit the site for a while. Anyways I've now decided to revamp the colours, give it b/g and share it with everyone here.

Characters belong to Nintendo and Capcom 2006.
Saria_Sketch.PNGSaria Sketch208 viewsThis is Just a Nice little Sketch I drew of Saria one day when I was bored.

I might color it eventually.
taurus_1680x1052.jpgZodiac - Taurus818 viewsI think I might try a zodiac series for my Sisters of the Heart fanlisting: We'll see how far I get! This is number one, Taurus with Princess Zelda. -Even though the colors and image is kind of based on another myth. It was going to be just a tiny quick drawing, but I don't know when to stop myself, so I ended up doing way more than I originally wanted. I know there are problems, comes from the fact that I WAS only going to do something simple- by the time I realized I was really going to work on it, it would have taken so much work to fix the really obvious ones. There's also the chance that I just got lazy one some things- or something. Done in photoshop with a tablet, it's wide screen wallpaper size, I'll eventually have multiple sizes up on SotH for downloading.9 commentsMelora
tpyay.PNGTP Random Event104 viewsThis actually happened to me lots of time.Red_Fan
Veran_Sketch.jpgSorceress of Shadows117 viewsIt's Veran, one of my favorite Zelda baddies ever!! I may produce a colored version of this eventually, because I was so happy with how this turned out!

I did this as a sketch in class instead of paying attention. Woot.
Elphaba Boy
windlink.jpgOlder Link242 viewsHey, yeah, eventually he will lose his boyish looks...And the hat too, I imagine...:) (pencil sketch, pen and ink, photoshop....)8 commentsGirlink
WW sunset~1.jpg
WW sunset~1.jpgWind Waker Sunset191 viewsWow, it's been awhile since I've done anything on this site. With school, I have so little time. (did you notice i'm now capitalizing? it's a habit now)
Actually, I've had this picture for at least a month. But I wasn't quite sure what to do with the water. I eventually made at least 10 different versions (each one had 700,000 polygons), waited a week or two, and then just picked the first one i had done.
This was actually (partially) inspired by lord-of-shadow's article about the clouds. Yes, that one several months ago. I tried to do a stunning sky in a Wind Waker environment. I think I succeeded.
5 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Zelda.jpgThe Seventh Sage359 viewsThis pic was originally posted on me ZP account but ZP is always down, so I'm moving over to ZL. So um yeah. This is just a pretty basic zelda, I like it though. So Enjoy^_^8 commentsSusie Q
ZeldaWaiting2.jpgI'm waiting....483 viewsZelda is waiting for the return of her love form his latest quest. She is missing him so much and is afraid he may never return.7 commentsSusie Q
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