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din.jpgDin, Goddess of Power321 viewsThis was my very first Zelda fanart ever! I was less experienced, I think I have gotten better. What do you think?3 commentsMalu CLBS
Lana.jpgLana462 viewsI finally finished photoshoping Lana. It didn't really take that long, I just don't have that much time on my hands. Lana is one of Sheik's best friends growing up. The two train to be Sheikah together and, through their experiences on the battlefield, gain a strong connection. Sheik's feelings for Lana are close (if not greater) than those for his own wife, who he marries through an arranged marriage when he becomes a teenager.
6 commentsHeroftime
Link_and_Zelda_s_kiss.JPGA kiss1053 viewsI got Link and Zelda to touch their lips together perfectly! I have been trying to do as such for a long time and I finally got it!! I've done Melee snapshots a lot so, I have a lot of
experience! I hope you enjoy this.
7 commentsHyruleZelda
LoZ2--Moby.jpgZelda 2 AoL Moby100 viewsThe experience-stealing bird from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I used a sprite as reference for this one.

Take it down before it steals some of your hard-earned EXP!
3 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ2--Treasure_Bag.jpgZelda 2 AoL Treasure Bag89 viewsThe Treasure Bag in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

It's kinda bizarre that Zelda 2: AoL is the one of the few Zelda games (if not the ONLY official Zelda game) that has EXP. Anyway, the treasure bag gives you a little extra experience points. Careful, though--some are menacing mimics that hide enemies!

I used a sprite as a reference.
3 commentsDBoyWheeler
OoT_Anniversary_Pic_Uncolored_copy.pngOcarin of Time Belated Anniversary drawing (un-colored)261 views Phew! This took awhile to do but it was worth it because OoT is one of the BEST games ever made! This was my first time drawing Darunia(Fire Sage/ goron) and Ganondorf (in this style!) so I hope u enjoy this pic. And happy 10th Anniversary to one of the besta and most enjoyable gameplay experience that I and many others have played. And congrats to OoT for 10 succesful years...
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
seagull.PNGKifan12's request: Waugh!45 viewsThat is WW Link's reaction to having something, no matter how cute, on his head. I wonder if he had a bad experience when he was little? Hope you like it Kifan!
Link, Makar (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do reqeusts, that I do
4 commentshauu13
Thisonesforniko.jpgSages sword of light172 viewsLast week (or so,) niko_the_ninja asked me to model one of the swords from his fanfic. so, here is an artists rendition of the sword of the light sage. I hope it looks alright. I kinda tried to make the blade glow, but I don't have much experience using the materials system in blender. 2 commentsPng_pyro
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