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Invisi-Link.jpgInvisi-Link43 viewsWell, he doesn't really appear in stories, but he is pretty neat and I wanted to draw him. Hope you like!

Link is (c) to Nintendo
Invisi-Link is (c) to me
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I'm gonna make you comment on one of my Fail-stories!
4 commentsVaati_Lover
mjsceneinblue.jpgMajora's Mask340 viewsthis was a pic i started working on a long time ago, then canceled because of failuristic reasons, but now i bring it to you; the finished product! Oh and i have now started puting a signiture on the pics...and ya...'bother'17 commentsdude_thats_evil
Razor Sword.png
Razor Sword.pngRazor Sword388 viewsI tried to make a cool looking razor sword but i failed. So here is my attempt to make a razor sword. I really need to get something better then MS paint11 commentsbounty hunter
Sariaprofilever2,_cleaned_upcolour_copy.jpgSaria's Profile Coloured116 viewsOkay, I know the transition from Saria to the background is iffy i did my best and failed.
Right I coloured most of this at 11:30 last night (2/2/08, gee, in a few years time ppl will look at this and think blimey, that was AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS ago) and i was very pleased with it (well, i suppose you could be pleased with anything at that time of night). In the morning i was *gasp* still pleased with it? yes, anyway finished the colouring like, 5 minutes ago...

Anyway, got to do Geography homework now *yawn*... enjoy

PS. Looks better full view

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured with Mouse (still waiting for a wacom tablet)
Coloured In Photoshop Elements
6 commentsFaerieEpona
self pencil.jpg
self pencil.jpgA Different Gerudo King316 viewsI've always wanted to know what the other gerudo kings looked like. This is a postulation of mine, using just an ordinary pencil and plain white paper. Not even photoshop.

The reference for the pic was, bleh, me. I have a very Egyptian look to me (gee, wonder why...), and so what better way of designing something than using your own body parts? yes, i do have a beard patch, but no, the rest of my hair is not like that. i have very bushy wild hair that i did not feel like drawing. i tried to get the shadows under the eyes right but it kind of failed.

oh, and the background... kind of cropped up halfway through the sketching process, i got tired of following reality. but then i wnet back to shading, which erased a lot of the Egytian details. There were several shading things i didn't like, but my hand was getting shiny and cramped, so i stopped.
7 commentsKoroks Rock
The Aftermath.jpg
The Aftermath.jpgThe Aftermath338 viewsI wanted to do somthing that looked evil but I think I failed. 5 commentscoasty30
them_enemies_sneak_behind_you_by_red_fan-d4pnokv.jpgThem enemies sneak behind you!866 viewsSomething I did for a project in school.

I'm pretty sure I failed on the shading somewhere.

Boy, I haven't posted a Legend of Zelda pic in a while.
the_chosen_ones (better).jpg
the_chosen_ones (better).jpg(insert name here.... )235 viewsI was really bored and felt like messing around with some of toot's official art... i know i've done this same idea before, but i REALLY failed the first time, and now all the mistakes i made before are now corrected... if you don't like it i won't be offended, cuz i know its not all that great... but who knows... btw (i want to see if anybody can tell the slight, yet very visible edit i did to each person)5 commentsdude_thats_evil
Union.jpgA Spiritual Aid241 viewsYour probably saying to yourself... "WHAT!!! Dte actually did stuff! thats crazy!", and yes it is crazy that i actually found time to.... do something... anyway, I thought this would look freaking awesome.... but because of my lack of skill in the drawing area, it failed to be as cool as it could have been.... I still like it, in fact, it is one of my better drawings! I drew everything, then scanned it in and.... i couldn't help myself! I ended up cheating.... I won't mention where, but i'm sure you'll notice! lol ENJOY!10 commentsdude_thats_evil
winteroekaki.PNGWinter Snow106 viewsHah. Amazing title.
Ocarina Link, of course. Just in a cloak and alternate outfit. >D

An oekaki done in ShiPainter on Oekaki Art.
Drawn with a mouse... I don't have a tablet, nor have I ever used one in my life.
So it pretty much fails.
3 commentsFiggy
ZatLonRI.psd.jpgThe mystical lampshade172 viewsThere is a game called, "The Legend of Zelda and the Lampshade of no Real Importance," or something like that, I can't remember. It is pretty fun, although very short.fairyfreak812
zeqwboots.jpgfixed equipment collage685 viewsFollowing some advice, I've fixed this pic so the mirror shield is more fitting and so are the hover boots. I deleted the other (inferior!) pic in favor of this one. I halfheartedly tried to remove the halos on the tunics, but failed and didn't want to spend the time when I could just use the excuse that it "adds effect" or something.11 commentsdudeofrandomness
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