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fight_scene.jpg3290 viewsLink fighting a group of Miniblins in Forsaken Fortress.5 comments
Forsaken_Fortress.jpgFaces of Evil in the Forsaken Fortress275 viewsOuch. Unfortunately, I knew how to dray Link way better than Ganondorf. Sorry, but the Ganondorf sucks. Hope I can cut the Link and make the Ganondorf again some time.2 commentsLudovic
forsaken_fortress.midForsaken Fortress629 views3 commentsIron Knuckle
Forsaken_Fortress_Invasion.midForsaken Fortress (Entering)500 viewsIron Knuckle
Forsaken_Fortress_Invasion_2.midForsaken Fortress (Enter Catapult)538 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
ganon.PNGGanondorf39 viewsI have no idea where he is, maybe the Forsaken Fortress... Yeah, that's it! It's Wind Waker Ganondorf before he grew a beard. Or it could be OOT Ganondorf wearing WW's get-up. (This shows how much thought I put into my drawings...)
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
gerudo thief.jpg
gerudo thief.jpgGerudo Thief242 viewsThis was one of my earliest drawings from the Legend of Zelda. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite places to go in the OoT was the Gerudo Fortress. I loved the Gerudos because they were tough and knew how to survive. Plus I liked the music...4 commentsslvrwlf05
gerudofortressadult.jpg888 viewslord-of-shadow
linksailing.jpg1860 viewsLink sailing away from Forsaken Fortress.1 comments
Pirates_ Fortress.jpg
Pirates_ Fortress.jpgThe zora eggs rescue at the PIRATES' FORTRESS420 viewsThis was made with pencil, only. Since I didn't use any rulers it's a bit odd. Most of my work has the date, name of the game when the scene appears, title and sometimes other extra info. Thanks for visiting my gallery and hope you like it. Ludovic8 commentsLudovic
Sereniti_and_Harmoni.jpgSereniti and Harmoni142 viewsSerenity (On the left, with the buns) and Harmony (On the right, with the short hair) are the guards(-in-training) in my story, A New Life in a Pack. They're triplets, the third is their brother Diligence. ... Odd choice of names, I know. I f you must know where I got their names, I got them from Metroid Prime 2. There are three robots in the Sanctuary Fortress called the Serenity Class drone, the Harmony Class drone, and the Diligence Class drone. I thought, "Wow, those names really go good together... I'll create triplets with those names!"
So, yeah.
2 commentsLinksLove
WoodlandFortress1024-2.jpgThe Kokiri Fortress98 views"In days long past, the children of the forest known as the Kokiri were numerous. Here it was that they amassed to fight for the ancient lords of the wood."

This piece was inspired by a location called the "Kokiri Fortress" in a version of the strategic message board game "Hyrulean War" in the zelda forum at
3 commentsPsytronic
wwchibis.jpgWind Waker Chibis150 viewsMy style of drawing chibis. The top row (Aryll after forsaken fortress, Link the conductor of wind, & Zelda) is after their lives changed (meaning after Aryll was kidnapped in Tetra's place). Middle row (Aryll before forsaken fortress, Link in the awesome lobster pjs, & Tetra) was before any one was kidnapped. And the Medli drawing was just drawn 'cuz I wanted to draw her. Medli is saying, "Jammie Dodgers!?!?" just in case you can't read it. I don't blame her for saying that, Jammie Dodgers are good.
Link, Aryll, Zelda, Tetra, & Medli (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
z6-pirate_fortress.mid2893 views17 commentsdavogones
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