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01 The King of Bad.mp3
01 The King of Bad.mp3The King of Bad!!!506 viewslol i like this song... ok, its ganondorf's song with the the lttp dungeon theme.... I tried to fix as many errors as i could before posting this song, but there is still one section that went all crazy on me during the transfer from studio to computer... and i have a question please tell me what u think about the beat! 60% of the tracks were devoted to making it the coolest freaking beat ever! (hopefully) 23 commentsdude_thats_evil
01 Twist.mp3
01 Twist.mp3Dragon Roost Isle Theme505 viewsHECK YA! this is me and random dude's song! we composed this and we are finally finished! Seriously this song is so freaking awesome! you'll love it!!! almost as much as I love exlamation marks!!! Please note that there are still some rough edges, and might be fixed some day, but for the time being, ENJOY! If you'd like me and dudeofrandomness to make more songs, let us know!
NOTE:!!! i really need comments! i need to know what is working, and what isn't working... that kind of stuff! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS SO I CAN MAKE A SONG THAT EVERYBODY LIKES
28 commentsdude_thats_evil
angel of darkness.jpg
angel of darkness.jpgVaati... With WINGS!!! XD210 viewsThis is the best pic of anyone I have ever drawn with wings. I'm freaking serious.8 commentsvaati_girl
freakingbadeyeflat.jpgPalantir of Zora394 viewsthose obsessed with lord of the rings will know where i got the name, idea, and pretty much the entire thing... i got bored in a Web media class, and whipped this out... and I DREW EVERYTHING!!! THATS RIGHT, EVERYTHING!!!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
itemsfullon.pngLotsa Freaking Items695 viewsThis has every freaking official art item in the entire game of OOT, and i pretty much had to solve this puzzle and make it all fit without any of the regular items touching. Ya it took a long time. please comment on it!36 commentsdude_thats_evil
link-may06.jpg4260 viewsNintendo Press Release, waayyy freaking huge21 commentsMelora
scan0002.jpgBane of Shadow384 viewsok, this is a random sword that is supposed to be the exact opposite of the master sword... (aka) ganon's sword... its my own design, (which ended up randomly looking like the soul edge from soul caliber II, but i really didn't plan it... lol... and ya... (hand drawn...)(pencil obviously)... lol
12 commentsdude_thats_evil
Twilight_princess_finished.jpg-Into The Twilight-374 viewsI need to do more Zelda fanart. :o Considering i'm a big fan of the series, i hardly draw any fanart.
The last pic i uploaded here was ages ago. Some twilight princess fanart was in need, cause its such a freaking awesome game.
So this pic is the fruit of about 10 hours photoshopping. I know it took a long time, but i suck when it comes to speed. As for the proportions and crud? I didn't really intend to go for good anatomy in this one, they're all sorta chibi-ish.
I hope you guys like. (sorry for the feeble background)
Please no critique, i know whats wrong with it and don't appreciate being reminded. :(
Link, Midna, and wolf link are (c) the big N
Pic is (c) me.
2 commentsLinkmaster
Union.jpgA Spiritual Aid241 viewsYour probably saying to yourself... "WHAT!!! Dte actually did stuff! thats crazy!", and yes it is crazy that i actually found time to.... do something... anyway, I thought this would look freaking awesome.... but because of my lack of skill in the drawing area, it failed to be as cool as it could have been.... I still like it, in fact, it is one of my better drawings! I drew everything, then scanned it in and.... i couldn't help myself! I ended up cheating.... I won't mention where, but i'm sure you'll notice! lol ENJOY!10 commentsdude_thats_evil
vivi.jpgvivi258 viewsit's vivian she usually has buns in her hair so thats why the ribbons are flowingin the wind. yea...its her outfit. 0-0 I beat devil may cry 3 it was so freaking hard! (just thought you should know that.)9 commentsdin
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