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boat_color_small.jpgBoat Ride292 viewsA Wind Waker/Super Smash Bros fanart... I drew this for the Zelda Anthology Project ( in which I'm one of the editors. We just sent our book off to the printer and hopefully the fruit of our labor will be seen very soon. For larger version of this pic, you can find it on my personal site or Deviant Art. No critique is necessary. I'm not going to work on this pic anymore.2 commentscyen
footballteam_small.PNGFootball Team534 viewsHere's the 5 Links playing Football =D Heh, this is in time for the World Cup ^ ^ Go England!! =D Does anyone know when it is anyway?

Anyways, Green's in the middle, since he's the main guy, so he's got the football.
Blue, as over-confident as he is, wants the football so he's peeved and trying to get it.
Vio's concentrating, since he's the calm one, so he's choosing the right moment to take it away from Green.
Shadow's been put in as goalie 'cause he's a 'shadow' and wouldn't want to be out in the open field too much.
Red's decided to be a cheerleader. Seems typical of him. I think of him like Momiji from Fruits Basket. Momiji wore girls uniform to school 'cause he said he likes it so I thought Red would like to wear a girls uniform too ^ ^ That's why Shadow's kinda confuzzled.

Now I look at it, they're not really being a very good team o.o; I guess they need to work a bit more on Team-work..

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul
6 commentsKeitii
fruitstand.jpgFruit Stand189 viewsNot sure why I forgot to upload this... Anyway, I got this idea for the picture when I was playing Twilight Princess. In the castle town is a market where flowers, fruits, bread, etc were sold. Unfortunately, the game kept giving you excuses for Link not to pick up those random items. Apparently, all that bling Link's carrying is only good for buying supplies that he'll need for fighting.4 commentscyen
Koichi.jpgKoichi136 viewsKoichi is Link's older brother in my story, A New Life in a Pack. Obviously, this is Koichi in his "birth form", as opposed to his wolf form. He is half Hylian, half wolf. He has wolf ears, tail, feet, claws, ans, though you can't tell, long, sharp canines.
The base inspiration for Koichi's creation wasn't, as it may appear to be, Inuyasha, but rather, Aayame, Yuki's older brother, in Fruits Basket. The idea was for Koichi to look like Link, only with longer hair. The wolf features came later as I sorted out Link's mother's origins.
2 commentsLinksLove
seagull.PNGKifan12's request: Waugh!45 viewsThat is WW Link's reaction to having something, no matter how cute, on his head. I wonder if he had a bad experience when he was little? Hope you like it Kifan!
Link, Makar (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do reqeusts, that I do
4 commentshauu13
SliceofFruitPie.gif277 viewsIron Knuckle
Twilight_princess_finished.jpg-Into The Twilight-376 viewsI need to do more Zelda fanart. :o Considering i'm a big fan of the series, i hardly draw any fanart.
The last pic i uploaded here was ages ago. Some twilight princess fanart was in need, cause its such a freaking awesome game.
So this pic is the fruit of about 10 hours photoshopping. I know it took a long time, but i suck when it comes to speed. As for the proportions and crud? I didn't really intend to go for good anatomy in this one, they're all sorta chibi-ish.
I hope you guys like. (sorry for the feeble background)
Please no critique, i know whats wrong with it and don't appreciate being reminded. :(
Link, Midna, and wolf link are (c) the big N
Pic is (c) me.
2 commentsLinkmaster
vio4lra.jpgVio 4 Link_Rules_All177 viewsI couldn't draw it in the four swords manga style, so I used the Fruits Basket style for the middle pic and the side views were done in my more "serious" style. Hope it turned out at least halfway what you want Link_Rules_All!
Vio (c) nintendo
Fruits Basket (c) Natsuki Takaya
art (c) hauu13
11 commentshauu13
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