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112.JPGUh...168 viewsJust a quick sketch of Link making a funny face. Thought it was kinda cute! Miss Fearsome Pirate
2xNavi_and_dots.jpg2xThe Navi209 viewsSomething I made for this.
Cute and funny.
1 commentslinkiala
achitka.pngachitka256 viewsThis is an edit of achitka's avatar, made for ZLFF reasons. i find it quite funny, so I'm sharing.Koroks Rock
baka_na.gifChristmas195 viewshaha, isnt funny!....again Red and Link!...i know its stupid!!

Red- Hey I'm Santa Claus!
Green-Another fool....
well if you could read it in japanese i think it would be more fun!, but there's people that cannot read japanese, well i hope it'll make you laugh!
6 commentsfiorella
Bugging Link.jpg
Bugging Link.jpgBugging Link374 viewsI thought this one was kinda funny. The other person there is me when I still had long hair. It's actually two three-pannel comics, not one six-pannel comic. I might color it in sometime, but I'm not sure. Hope ypu like it!8 commentsLinkFan
celiawouldlaugh.jpgJust a little stupid laugh for you..maybe140 views Thank you Zeldadreams for making the Linebeck for me (that I crapily traced over with black). Yeah, It'll be kinda funny if you've played the "Phantom Houglass" game. So...yeah. I hope you think it's funny because it's supposed to be.

5 commentsKifan12
Crimbo Link.JPG
Crimbo Link.JPGCrimbo Link115 viewsThis is a little picture I did about 2 years ago, I thought it would be funny to depict Link in a christmas atmosphere. Nothing special, just thought I'd add it... :)1 commentsCheebee
easter.PNGHappy Easter, peeps!61 viewsPoor Zelda, she got up too late and somebody ate her chocolate bunny's ears (don't you just hate it when that happens?).
Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c)
5 commentshauu13
fire.PNGVaati 48 viewsThis is what happens when I listen to Hell is For Children. Vaati's in the pic because the song is about chld abuse, and my background for Vaati shows him as an abused child.
Vaati (c) nintendo
Hell is For Children (c) Pat Benatar
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
Friends for Ever.jpg
Friends for Ever.jpgFriends forever324 viewsYay! 1000th pic for the fan art gallery! it's saria and link, kind of an old pic. And Yes, I know his boots look funny8 commentsSusie Q
funny_face.JPGA funny lookin' face438 viewsBlue is really weird.

I did hand-copy this dang thing from FS Manga, but I thought of what they were saying.
6 commentsvaati_girl
Funny_Joke.gif157 views1 comments
ganonarmy.jpgGanon's Army252 viewsAh Ganon. This is my first pic of him in his new design. It's also my first pic on Photoshop in college. Funny how it took me four months to do one. I was experimenting with backgrounds. I really like how the evil army turned out. This is also when I first started experimenting with the blur tool and special effect like the glowing eye.
5 commentsHeroftime
ganonbush.PNGGanonbush541 viewsThis one I made a few years back. As you can tell, I was bord. So what I did is get a Ganondorf pic, cut off the head, and replace it with President George W. Bush's head.

Most of my friends find it funny and makes jokes of it. Who you believe that some of them like George W. Bush and find this pic funny? XD
9 commentsInuLink
haharutoisabitchop.jpgWhy Link runs avoids Ruto...412 viewslol this is a comic style picture, just having a laugh at how i think Ruto would be as a wife! OLD2 commentsRachel
Hate_n_on_the_octorock.JPGHate'n on octorock132 viewsfsa official art with funny captions!2 commentsdarklinkbeta200
l.jpgSheik355 viewsthis is my first anti-photoshop and just plain drawing of mine that i have put on my computer. This drawing took forever and a half. Something funny about the history of this pic is, i didn't mean for this pic to turn out this good. This drawing is actually on the back of my progress report for my English 10 class, and by the way my grade was an A- at that time. Please email me if you want me to do more of these, or just type some comments saying the same thing dude_thats_evil@yahoo.com19 commentsdude_thats_evil
Leave_me_be...color_copy.pngHackneyed, but hilarious.125 viewsYeah, I know this joke has been run about 24 feet into the ground (at a minimum), but I still find it funny. Kind of like when people fall down, but not.
Like I said before, my chibi style is ever changing...
And this is some reaaally lazy coloring.

2 commentsthepbjninja
Link Avatar.PNG
Link Avatar.PNGLink, in a TP TWW fusion style.191 viewsHello people. It's me, Home VCR, back with a vengenge! *Lightning strikes in background*
Well, here is my situation. For those who remember, I made funny comics, which I do not have any more. Now I have a scanner so I can put up drawings. But the damn thing makes the pictures too big! I'll have to shrink them, deforming the picture, or draw really little...*sigh* It's a hard art life for me.
Well, anyway, here is the face of a link picture I drew a while ago, in a TP TWW fusion style.
The Keyword is "Link's face"
2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
link.JPGWho were you expecting? Legolas?322 viewsIts Link, in horrible .jpg compression! I shoulda saved it as a .gif, but I didn't. Marvel at my awful CGing skeelz! Pose stolen from SSBM. Thank you Snapshot Mode. Many things wrong, though. His legs are funny and the skirty part of his tunic, and much mooore.5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
links-zeldas_dream.jpgjust a dream142 viewsfunny how link and zelda has a good dream. But not for shara, it is a nightmare.

1 commentslinkwolf48
Link_in_The_Caramel-Filled_Chest.JPGLink in: The Caramel-Filled Chest; part three86 viewsThis is a part from my story, 'The Search for A Key'. Actually, it's the last part. It will be in comic form, and this is kinda old. I tried to draw a hand... I hope it came out right. And it doesn't have to be funny. Where Link got that stick, we will never know. Until I turn this humor comic into a story. Again, old thingy, I made it in... ummmmm.... 2007 or 2006. Yeah, that old. Stop bugging me about it.
Link and Aryll is (c) to Nintendo
Random stick is (c) to me
Drawing is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I will send Butterfly after you!
4 commentsVaati_Lover
link_kolor_z_tlem.jpgtake off your hat link162 viewstoday was my "legend of zelda day", sort of, becouse i found few very funny vids about the LoZ and read some mangas and fanfics

2 commentscahir-the-witcher
link_spikes_ouch.jpgOuch- Link got impaled263 viewsI drew this pic cause I think it's kinda funny that the main characters in games get beaten up, but it never seems to have any effect. Dant'es there 'cause he gets run through about a million times each DMC game, so he knows what it's like for Link. =P
And I hate it when there's traps and stuff in games, and you fall into them- it's so annoying. >.<
3 commentsaquawolf
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