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Aryll.JPGKindergarden-Aryll116 viewsI did not draw this! My sister did! So there!
Aryll is (c) to Nintendo
Art is (c) to my sister, Shade
Steal or claim and I will send Butterfly after you!
4 commentsVaati_Lover
Kinder_Dark_Link.JPGKindergarden Dark Link56 viewsHoi! Here's Dark Link as a three-year-old. Yes, I thought he liked pink bows at that age. I think it's cute. I kind of copied Blue Link and made him like this.2 commentsVaati_Lover
Kinder_Ganon.JPGKindergarden Ganondorf93 viewsHe looks like a girl. Bwahahahah! Well, here's Ganondorf as a three-year-old. What I like to do: make him say that he wants to SAVE the world. I'm so evil.10 commentsVaati_Lover
Kinder_Link.JPGKindergarden-Green, Red, Blue, and Vio98 viewsOkay, here's the four Links as Kindergardeners! By the way, I still thought Blue was weak and Red was evil, so... there!

The Links are (c) to Nintendo
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and I'll send Butterfly after you!
9 commentsVaati_Lover
LinkEntersTheLargeGarden.jpg141 viewsFrom
moodygreatfairy_copy.jpgGreat Fairy96 viewsI think this is my Magnum Opus. Well... Until I find another which is even better. This is supppose to be a Great fairy, and this is in one of my fan fics (which I havn't posted yet). I've just remembered that that I havn't done her reflection. Oh, Well.

She is called Autumn and she is in her little pond. She lives in a secret area in the royal castle gardens that only Zelda can find, and instead of being in a cave she is outside. But there is a twist. Aswell as only Zelda can find her pond, she also is only visible to the sages and Link.

*WARNING* During Autumn and Winter she gets very moody, because she gets cold.
2 commentsFaerieEpona
Tetra_Start.pngTetra - Oekaki219 viewsJust a picture of Tetra from the Wind Waker a few years older. Sort of a scene from my fic. She keeps ending up in a particular Garden and it's starting to make her a little bit angry.5 commentsachitka
The_Garden.pngThe Garden190 viewsKind of done fast... not my best work in terms of drawing these two characters but it is my best in my attempts at a background! lol :D
Here, Princess Zelda is in a simpler outfit and is (in a way) flirting with Link (who is now a knight) in the Hyrule Castle Gardens
(this was a request)
4 commentsbrigette
Zelda in Garden.jpg
Zelda in Garden.jpgZelda in the Garden431 viewsUm... the title kinda sayes it all. This is the adult version of zelda in, well, a garden. I also have another version with a cherry tree in the backround, but I chose to upload this version cuz' I couldn't decide which one was better. So feel free to leave comments!5 commentsSusie Q
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