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18_Pegasus_Ring.gif115 views
59_Gasha_Ring.gif211 views
b-pegasus-boots.jpgPegasus Shoes280 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
darkhuntress.jpgDark Huntress225 viewsYea, I finally got it drawn and uploaded! *does happy dance*

Her name is Katrina, and she's a dark huntress. She is Lezaford's (look for him in Lalibo_X's gallery) partner, and his opposite. While he wields light magic, she has mastery over dark magick. (Important note: her magic is NOT like Riuminku's- that's something different entirely.) She uses primarily a bow and arrows, which she can (and occasionally does) imbue with dark magick. She also has a long thin blade that she uses as backup when she runs out of arrows. Her past is something of a mystery, not even Lezaford knows it completely. What is known is that... well, you'll have to read the fanfic! no way am I giving you spoilers!^^

And *gasp* OMG a B/G!! (albeit a simple one). It's the sign of the nethergods of Arrün, and it's there for a reason. You'll see.
1 commentsaquawolf
Dark_Link.JPGDark Link240 viewsOk, first off, wow, I haven't seen this place since I was maybe...15? THREE YEARS! *gasp* I've changed a lot, and so has my art. this is the latest vertion of Dark Link from my story LoZ: Child of Darkness. He's sadistic, a masochist, and likes to mess with people's minds. In other fords: Pure Evil. He and his group, the Shadow Kin, are opposing evil force to Ganondorf, and wants to break his ties to Link by gaining enough power to break the bonds that keep their two destinies intertwined. Just a nice pencil work thing. Toko about three days. Enjoy.1 commentsLinkFan
Explorar0021.jpg"gasps" Ari >3806 viewswell, just a lil doodle I did during my class of Costs and Graphic Production.
This is what I want for Ari's final design. Longer hair, this outfit for her every day life, and small breasts. She wants bigger breasts, because people calls her boy and then she has to beat their poor arses X)

Just pen, no pencil, nor idea of what I was doing until halfway, then I started shading X)
15 commentsdan heron
Female_Link_painting.PNGFemale Link Painting293 viewsRe-done in Gimp. I did this a while back for AMA 06 (an anime convention that comes to town in June) and actually sold a print of it *gasp!* Aside from the older style, it looks MUCH better than the origional (I brightened it and smudged it to look like a painting) I'm thinking about completely re-making this pic for comparison purposes (and I'd rather have a European-style dragon there. I was still a newb, so crossing over Asian style into a medieval based world was a verry newb-ish thing to do) 2 commentsLinkFan
g-pegasus-boots.jpgPegasus Boots490 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora.Melora
Gasha_Seed.gif183 views1 comments
Gasha_Tree2.gif322 views2 comments
Ghiranhim.pngDebbie~105 viewsLe gasp! An upload from me. Yeah, I've kinda been inactive on this site, but I still do art and all. But I'm on dA now, for most of it.

So anyway, the Fabulous Debbie! I mean Demon Lord Ghirahim, the villian in Skyward Sword. He is rather bishi and fabby~

Debbie/Ghirahim (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
link_kolor_z_tlem.jpgtake off your hat link162 viewstoday was my "legend of zelda day", sort of, becouse i found few very funny vids about the LoZ and read some mangas and fanfics

2 commentscahir-the-witcher
Link_N_Lloyd-3.JPGLink 'N' Lloyd139 viewsAn illustration for the cover of a fanfic a friend and i made up. I found a copy of the 3rd chapter in my room and decided to do a cover sketch for it, lol. I may try to color it in with GIMP sometime in the future. I've also thought of turning the few chapters we have into mangas, but who knows if that'll happen or not. Anyway, enjoy!MysticWarriorTai
Mezlas_001.jpgMezlas498 viewsThe boss I bet no one was really waiting for is finished! DONE. I AM DONE UNTIL TWILIGHT PRINCESS COMES OUT. (Though I know one of the bosses and can work on that one...c_C; )

I know the design is kinda' simple but I had to mostly go with memory. My memory doesn't like me very much so, ...yeah.

4 commentsMariaGemini
MSPaint-Manga-Tetra-.pngManga Tetra76 viewsHello everyone!^^ This is just a pic of Tetra that I drew in MS Paint.^^ It's my attempt to make "screentones" like the ones that appear in mangas, (it was inspired by the PH and WW Manga and 4-koma that just appeared on ZL not too long ago) =D I hope that I was successful, I'm pretty satisfied with it. And I hope you all like it too! ^~ Please comment and rate if possible.

Tetra (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Pegasus shoes.jpg
Pegasus shoes.jpg251 views
pegasusboots.gif249 viewsThe Pegasus boots.
pegasusboots.gif199 viewsdavogones
PegasusBoots.gif304 viewsIron Knuckle
PegasusBoots.gif287 viewsIron Knuckle
pegasusboots.jpg217 viewsSmaller version of the above image.
Pegasus_Boots.gif283 views
Pegasus_Seed.gif166 views
Pegasus_Tree.gif157 views
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