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5--Gooma_of_Palace_on_the_Sea.pngZelda 2 AoL: Palace on the Sea Guardian Gooma118 viewsGooma (JP: Jaianto), Guardian of Palace on the Sea, from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

A mix of in game sprite, official art, and some artistic license were used here. Just be careful in this fight.
Darkpower.jpgGanon's Navi Sucking Vortex307 viewsthis is the vortex thingy ganon makes right before Link and him fight... this is the way i see it... oh wait no... thats what link would see from his eyes... ya thats it... (its wallpaper size) at least i think it is... if its not, its still works as a dang cool bg!12 commentsdude_thats_evil
FiveLinks.PNGFive Links526 viewsYeah... pic two for today... sorry if that's a taboo or something... and also sorry for this being a tad bit big... I would have had to mess with it's quality and lines and all this bwizness and I was like "Fo'get dat, yo!" But yeah... all the stages of Link from Majora's Mask... I was thinkin' of maybe puttin' a background on it eventually... maybe something with the giants doin' something... does that sound like a good idea? yes? No? maybe so?13 commentsTeevo
GiantBubble.gif217 views
GiantBuzzBlob.gif299 views
giantfrog.jpg738 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
GiantGhini.gif218 views
GiantHardhatBeetle.gif315 views
giantknife.jpg1552 viewsGiant's Knife.2 comments
Giants...jpgGiants...171 viewsWow... I did this in like September 0_o... Anyway, however lame this comic may be, I still enjoy it, and if you happen to like it, I have a whole bunch of Zelda comics I did in the summer... Btw, the girl is supposed to be Malon...Melundomeiel
Giant_Goponga_Flower.gif212 views
IMG.jpgDawn of Aeross147 viewsThis mural worships the sky guardian Aeross from my fanfic. Aeross is a giant eagle that soars over the skies of Ishchi and protects the Rito tribe. Link rescued Aeross from Yudin Island and Aeross helped him to save the great land from the evil emperor Necrosis.4 commentsDivine_Link
LoZ1--Digdogger.jpgLoZ1 Digdogger17 viewsThe giant urchin, Digdogger. Maybe it's in the middle of shrinking after hearing Link's whistle.

I used a mix of the main art in the manual, and the sprite, as reference here. And I had trouble getting the side wall to look right. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.
LoZ1--Gohma.jpgLoZ1 Gohma19 viewsThe giant spider crab of DOOM! Get that bow and arrow ready!

I used the official art in the manual as the reference here.
LoZ1--Moldorm.jpgLoZ1 Moldorm17 viewsThe giant earthworm from Zelda 1.

I tried to draw it as it appeared in the manual art of Zelda 1 (as opposed to how hit appeared in game), and had it climb a cave column.
LoZ2--Geldarm.jpgZelda 2 AoL Geldarm44 viewsThe giant desert centipede frol Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.


I used the sprite as a reference. Oh, and between Geldarm and Lowder, I wanted to do an AoL version of Goriya, but forgot--didn't realize it till it was too late. D'oh! Ah, well, you can see Goriya in my Zelda 1 art. Not too much of Goriya changed between the two games.
LoZ2DoomraddleByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Doomraddle53 viewsDoomraddle, aka Guma, in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I'm calling him Doomraddle so he won't be confused with the fifth boss, Gooma (whom Japanese fans named "Giant"/Jaianto), but anyway, here he is dancing about in Midoro Palace.

Is it just me, or does Doomraddle look like an effed up Taz? Anyway, I used a sprite as a reference.
Miniboss1_Giant_Ghini.gif226 views
saria yali.jpg
saria yali.jpgSaria and Yali rough sketch949 viewsI couldn't leave out at our lovely Forest Sage, now could I? XD
Saria has total control of the forest and is known for creating huge forest giants that are under her complete control. Yali is her loyal guardian fairy and you'll always see them together. They know how the other thinks and feels, sharing that special conection of the Kokiris and Fairies
10 commentsdan heron
Shadow1GiantGel.gif224 views
The_Giant_Bat_s_domain.jpgThe Giant Bat's Domain33 viewsFor curious people of why I uploaded this strange image:
Who is this? She is the final boss that will appear in Vaati's New Goal.
Why does she have hands? Because if she didn't, the part where she grabs Magma wouldn't make sense.
Why a girl bat and not a boy? Hah, that's what I'd like to know, but I guess girls can be more rough and rude than boys.
Why such strange color pattern? I was thinking of just a normal brown bat, but that'd be no fun! So I added a little purple to the mix.

Giant Bat is (c) to me
Vaati is (c) to Nintendo
Art is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
6 commentsVaati_Lover
Trophy_FourGiants.jpg436 viewsIron Knuckle
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