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8--Shadow_Link.pngZelda 2 AoL: Final Challenge Dark Link59 viewsApt title for this--it's the final boss of Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, Dark Link (in this incarnation as Link's Shadow).

I used the screen shot as a reference, and added some glowing eyes to make it more evil.
Death_valley.jpgDeath mountains185 viewsMore like Death Valley.
Ok, I'll make this quick. It all started a few months ago when i saw my old death valley pics (the ones that looked like the volcano in Mario 64; they've been deleted now for being bmps), and noticed that someone (RICKY, maybe?) kept suggesting that i add a "glow" to them. I had just learned how to do that, so i started changing some stuff, and after a few hours had something like this. About a month later i came back, made some changes, and went back to school. a couple weeks after that, i wrote a few scripts, and my comp worked on rendering a movie of this for 4-5 days (really). it was 26 MB, i got it down to 6MB, but my trial period for flash ended (KR: Help!!!). anyway, i took one of about 450 frames, converted it to jpeg, stuck it as my wallpaper, and uploaded it.
Yeah, it's Death Valley. That's lava in the bottom. I've gotten better at mist and sunbeams, as you should notice. enjoy. and, of course, COMMENT!!!!
7 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
fairies.jpgFairies beneath the glow116 viewsThis is what I think the main Zelda fairies look like underneath that light. Navi's got a baton and looks like a marching band leader, she's even got a blue cummerbund! Nothing real special about Tatl. Tael looks like a samurai, or a soul reaper (from the manga Bleach) wearing purple.
Navi, Tatl, and Tael (c) nintendo
Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests.
9 commentshauu13
ganonarmy.jpgGanon's Army252 viewsAh Ganon. This is my first pic of him in his new design. It's also my first pic on Photoshop in college. Funny how it took me four months to do one. I was experimenting with backgrounds. I really like how the evil army turned out. This is also when I first started experimenting with the blur tool and special effect like the glowing eye.
5 commentsHeroftime
Gilded Sword copy.jpg
Gilded Sword copy.jpgBH's Sword315 viewsGot a couple other projects going on at once, so I figure I'd do something quick to put something new in my album. Nothing terribly imaginiative, and the guard doesn't feel right, but I guess it's ok. Really it just ended up as a way for me to try to make glow effects (some with the brush, otehrs with layer effects (BH's name, for example)). It's something to tie over my album anyway. Enjoy6 commentsScipio
Hakumei_the_Twili_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngHakumei329 viewsThis is my newest OC, I'm not going to have art up for awhile, because I need to set up my another scanner. My other one died, and brokeTT^TT Anyway...

Hakumei is of the Twili race (as you can tell^^) she's around 11 in this pic, and she is not related to Midna. I tried to add the Twilight in the background in Paint Shop, and I hope it looks okay...^^; And I also made her markings glow in Paint Shop too. Enjoy! =D

Hakumei & Art (C) Me
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
linkfightpt2.swflink against his dark(but peppy!) self part2 (is there a part one? yes there is.)965 viewsyes i realize the second scene here with the balls look like sh*t. when i converted it to flash i made the framerate a lot smaller, to save memory, unfortuantely, the balls fly fast already, and got reeeaaallly choppy afterwards.
amazingly this only took up 1 500 kb.. meaning i had at least 500 kb left to upload. guess i could have made it longer.. i was hoping to add sound effects (makes the animation way better if theres sound) but whenever i convert it to flash the sound gets screwed up and plays at the wrong times so.. ah well. ive only played one rayman game and the dude was like shooting balls (er- glowing balls) and stuff. i wanted to put a face on link, but that wouldnt have worked since i wouldnt be able to animate the face. Phew, aaaaand im spent.
15 commentsbathroomhacker
LinkSwimsInTheGlowingWater.jpg201 viewsFrom
LRA_Concept-001.PNGLRA Sword Ideas54 viewsUmm had these brilliant ideas to start off with then I hit a major blockage and couldn't think of anything else to make these work. But here's what I have so far.
Darkness Blade on top, needs new grip and I have to figure out a way to blend the sword to the handle.
Triforce Blade or Courage/Wisdom/Power Blades, need to decide if I want to go with my first idea with this or try something new, all falls on a glow effect.
Light/Thunder Blade, this was actually a first attempt at the Darkness blade that went way wrong.. ^_^;
1 commentsParaclete
mastersword.jpgMaster Sword284 viewsThis is my first official drawing of the "new" master sword design. Wow, that seems like a long time ago. I was also learning how to make glowing effects and little balls of magic, like the ones falling off the sword.5 commentsHeroftime
Navi revamped.jpg
Navi revamped.jpgNavi423 viewsThis is another concept of what Navi looks like onder that crazy glow she has! I had an old pic, and I've been redoing some of my old stuff, so here is a new version, I hope you like it!11 commentsSusie Q
navi.jpgNavi90 viewsA bit too dark... oh well. My hand hurts from srawing the glow. DXMystery_Girl
OniHotness.jpgDemon in the Dark294 viewsmy first picture ever done with real art inks! I'm so proud of it! I did do a little with it in photoshop, but mostly just the black background and the glowing of his eyes. He's so cool!!!8 commentsMusica
tael.PNGTael sideview86 viewsThis is what I think Tael's face looks like without the little glow (whole body will be posted later). Drawn %100 in MS Paint, I think I'm getting a bit better at paint drawings. It's purple!
Tael (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests, and I'd really like some (I'm running out of things to draw other than chapter covers for my fic).Speaking of my fic, I uploaded the 2nd chapter so it should be up by tomorrow.
6 commentshauu13
TetraSpeckcolorNew.pngTetra and a Speck207 viewsThis is Tetra (or at least how I see her in my fic) The little guy is Kage. Prior to this he was bound by the fairy queen to Saimon and his sister Kageri was bound to Senkyoku. They were then charged with 'looking after' the children they had helped the bad guy of the fic to corrupt When Link broke the binding between Saimon and Kage, he reverted back to his old self. But he's a fairy with a reputation for doing not nice things.

So Tetra decided to call him Speck instead of the name he held as a Tekuragari with the hope he could find his true purpose. Speck is minus his ethereal glow for a reason, but that's just too complicated to get into here.
TheDekuBabaGlows.jpg145 viewsFrom
TheHarpGlows.jpg209 viewsFrom
The_Twilight_Princess_version_2_by_kisssh0t.jpgThe Twilight Princess - Version 2432 viewsThis is an updated version of my Midna drawing that I did last year.

You can compare it against the old version if you want, you will notice I have drawn a new face, fixed her neck to look less doll like and added some extra glow effects to the pattern across her body. I have also made color alterations to her body as a whole.

The reason for the update? I felt I needed to fix some things because at the time I rushed the image.

Thisonesforniko.jpgSages sword of light172 viewsLast week (or so,) niko_the_ninja asked me to model one of the swords from his fanfic. so, here is an artists rendition of the sword of the light sage. I hope it looks alright. I kinda tried to make the blade glow, but I don't have much experience using the materials system in blender. 2 commentsPng_pyro
TP_Great_Fairy_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngTwilight Princess- Great Fairy 225 viewsHello Everyone!^^ I'm back! Yay! =3 I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile I've been really busy with end of the year tests and projects. (My teachers are all jerks!) I've been kinda slow on ideas too, so if anyone has any I'll be more than glad to hear them!
About the pic....
This was drawn at random one day, and then I wanted to do something special with it....I used my Prismas that I got awhile back! Now keep in mind that this is my first time using them and I realized how hard they are to blend cuz' they blend with any color on contact... I used Paint Shop Pro to darken her skin in some spots because I press too lightly when it comes to skin... and I used it to make a little bit of spots "glow". Now for those of you who have played TP you will notice I've added a...*ahem* Top, to make it a tad more appropriate. anyways, I hope you all like it!^^ Yeah I'll stop typing now...
Great Fairy (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twiligt
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
treasure3.pngTWW Link finding real treasure125 viewsYay for repaint and the smudge tool - makes for nice insta-glow1 commentsachitka
Two_wolves_by_Chosen_of_Xenodrupe.pngThe wolves within45 viewsHey people, it's been a while! :) This was drawn last year.1 commentsWaann
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