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anniversary_grey.pngAnniversary242 viewsA bg made for ZLFF's first anniversary, it shows a greyscale Link and Tetra with some simple text. Both Link and Tetra have been somewhat altered in Photoshop.1 commentsKoroks Rock
ArmosGrey.gif199 views
Before_being_sealed.pngFierce Deity136 viewsThat'll be the last one for today. :) The portrait was drawn and painted in Photoshop CS2. ^^ It's still my favourite even though it's not the most recent; yet there are many details off, proportion-wise at least. :/ Well, enjoy <36 commentsWaann
CukemanGrey.gif136 views
DarkNutGrey.gif316 viewsIron Knuckle
legend at work LOZ shirt.jpg
legend at work LOZ shirt.jpgLegend at work LOZ shirt121 viewsJust another linkstuff.
it scanned kinduv weird but its hard to scan a shirt..those weird grey lines shouldn't be there the shirt,is allbrown with yellow logo...GL this it what the one shirt I told you about looks like..apart from the scanner fuzz..heh
4 commentsFyrborn
shadow.PNGShadow310 viewsAh, this came out nice =3 Sorry for the lighter grey line cutting off near the bottom of it. I dunno how that happened ^ ^;

Next character will be Zelda..

Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
3 commentsKeitii
SoldierStrongGreyBallandChainFront1.gif494 views
SoldierStrongGreyBallandChainFront2.gif504 views
SoldierStrongGreyBallandChainFront3.gif625 views
WW_Midna_redone.pngWW Midna Re-done170 viewsI made some minor changes with this Midna. like getting rid of the big spot of grey near the upper right of the fused shadow. This version might be clearer... (its supposed to be at least) Just like the prevoius version I would like you to comment, please. Thx! ^-^ 1 commentsPrincess of Twilight
z64cart-grey.jpg338 views
Zelda-himelian.jpgThe Princess of the Elves2163 viewsHi everyone!! Long time no see!!
As you can see, this picture has been completely re-done!! And I really like it how this new version looks like! I had this picture drawn for a loooong while and every time I could I color a bit of it, I hate doing pics like that, I always want to do all at once but I didn't have the time... and when I finally colored her, I had to think of something to draw as a background so that kept me thinking for a while... and then I though of flowers! Since she loves them in my fanfic, and a looong time passed until I colored it all! All because I was studyng like crazy, but now I have all the free time in the world! I add that grey in the backgroung so the pic would blend with the one at DA.
Ohh!!! I have to explain something about her!! Well, as the title says, she's the princess of the elven country, Laion's best friend, and Link's sister! Yep! They're siblings in my fic ^__^
I used as reference a lovely pic of Akane from Ranma 1/2 for that giggling pose! It's so sweet and cute
16 commentsMagalink
ZLWallpaper.png1280x768 ZLegends wallpaper91 viewsthis is a wallpaper of the game I'm working on. I don't know how to make it appear on the wallpapers album, but im posting it here o_O I love the grey Z on the black background(Do i have to say i love the hole wallpaper?lol :D)Hyrule_SwordsMan
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