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b-hook-shot.jpgHook Shot325 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Note: A Heart Piece, a Heart Container, and a Piece of HeartMelora
Fishing_Hook.gif289 views
g-hookshot.jpgHookshot407 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora.Melora
grapplinghook.jpg646 viewsGrappling Hook.
Hookshot.gif333 views1 comments
hookshot.gif628 viewsThe Hookshot.
Hookshot.gif334 viewsIron Knuckle
hookshot.jpg193 views
hookshot.jpg229 viewsLarger version of the above image.
hookshot.jpg787 viewsThe hookshot used by Adult Link.
hookshot2.gif253 viewsLarger version of the above image.
hookshot2.jpg388 viewsHookshot.
Hookshots_are_handy_for_girl_saving.jpgHook Shot's Are Good For...336 viewsChick saving... all the way. 2 commentsMudora
Link.jpgLink412 viewsWell, here it is, my design of Link. Im not sure which game this link could fit into, so lets just say he is my own link, from my own game, that I designed, and ill never release. So there. With that said, here are some things id like to share about the design:

Well, first of all, There is the overall look. Hes adult, mature, and definitely made to kick some moblin butt. Some major things added would be the steel armor on the shins, gauntlets, and chest plate and shoulder gaurds. The chainmail makes up for the lack of true armor, and keeps him flexible. Also you can see little pouches here and there at his belt, and even some slash and stratches on his tunic, one of which has been quickly repaired.

Here are some things I would like to point out in detail. First of all, his sword, which is a original design. I donít have much reason as to why I drew it the way I did, it just kind of came out of my pencil. The same goes with the sheath. As you can see, I made sure they would fit into each other nicely.

Next would be his pack and bomb bag. I always thought since link is a great traveler, and has so much stuff, he would need a pack. So I gave him one. In it he would keep the things that he doesnít need at the ready all the time, such as potions, jars, cloths, and various other items. The bomb bag is much different then the one seen in the games, and has its inspiration from a mail pouch. Easily accessible, but always at the ready. See my goron weapons design for more on the bombs.

The bow and arrow. Nothing so special here, just put a lot of detail into this stuff to make it unique.

And finally the hookshot. I spent a long time designing this. First of all, its strapped to links gaunlent, which was just a idea that I liked. Now here is how it works. Link points the hookshot at the intended target then presses the inner button on the handle. It releases the spring, which shoots the hook. As the hook hits the target and goes into it, the sensitive tip triggers the hooks that come out from the side of the main blade. They keep the hookshot in place. Then link pulls on the other lever on the handle, which triggers a spring on the opposite side, pulling him closer to the extended blade. When he reaches his destination, he simply slides the button on the side of the blade stem that disables the extra hooks, retrieves the blade, and there ya go.

Well thatís it. I love comments, so tell me what you think and what changes or additions can be made. ThanksÖ
10 commentsBraxis
sheikvsbongoresize.jpgSheik vs Bongo Bongo663 viewsWell, I did it. I found a way to color under the outline without tracing over the whole thing. This is another landmark in my photoshoping skills. I got hooked on it today. 5 hours in front of the computer. I'm ready to go out and get some excercise, eat some food, get some sleep, and uh...bathroom break.
17 commentsHeroftime
switchhook.gif249 viewsThe switch hook.
Switch_Hook.gif151 views
Vio_Kitty_Pose.pngCat Vio220 viewsLet me explain why this is what it is. First of all I was drawing a pic of the animals that the Links were most like, (Blue and Green were wolves, and Red was a bunny) the animal I thought Vio was most like was a cat. Cuz' in my fic Vio is quiet, likes to be alone sometimes, and he likes to keep things to himself, and that reminded me of my cats who just sometimes want to be left alone. So that's why he's got cat ears and a tail.
Now about the pose....When
I drew him with cat ears and a tail it reminded me of Ichigo Momomiya. Ichigo was a character from Mia Ikumi's manga: Tokyo Mew Mew. (Which was the first manga series I've ever read, and it helped get me hooked on manga) In the manga, Ichigo was part cat and she always struck this pose before her battles.(along with saying her main catchprase) X3 So yeah...Vio's probably posing like that cause he lost a bet to Blue. XD Enjoy everyone!
Vio (C) Akira Himekawa
Tokyo Mew Mew, Ichigo Momomiya, and Pose (C) Mia Ikumi
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
zora.PNGZora Concept398 viewsThe release of TP is drawing nearer, and since Nintendo released some Goron art, I decided to create a picture of what I think the Zora might look like in the game. This is the 2nd picture I have fully Photoshop...ized(?)

Things I really like about this picture are the fish hook earrings, and the cool little fin goatee on the male. Also I didn't realize until I finished, but the girl kinda looks like Laruto, and the guy looks like Mikau (thanks to his tats)

>.> also there is a reference to another, famous Zora.... its not too hard to spot :D

feel free to comment!
4 commentsTheUrgeT0Herbal
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