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01 selena.mp3
01 selena.mp3The Triumphant Hero420 viewsOk... i made this song in literally 2 hours... and i also wrote this song... (ya notice the fact that it doesn't sound like any zelda songs u are familiar with *lol*) first off, this is (again) a rough draft (sadly) i would like to get in to more orchestra stuff... btw, i suck at playing cymbals... i need a little more practice... but this song is meant for any of the (future) zelda games... my guess is that it would be the ending/closing song of the game (the song that plays during the credits) ya and thats just about it.... let me know what u think!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
darklinkbeer0001.jpgDark Link, Dark Beer593 viewsUh-oh, looks like he is working on his 3rd beer, I heard that Hyrule brew is pretty strong...Must be pretty humiliating having been beaten by the good guy...:) (pencil sketch, prismacolors)47 commentsGirlink
emma6.jpgEmma Sketch184 viewsThis is my first complete sketch of Emma. I have been looking for a permanent kind of look for her like I have for Green. Her it is. Now, I just have to get all those others in my other fics. I have a lot of characters at fictionpress but I don't know where to post them. If anyone has any idea of a good and secure website, I'll appreciate it. ANyway.
Emma is thirteen years old. She has brown hair and eyes. She lives on an uknown island no too far away from Hyrule. It's a mystery why it's there, and Link is trying to figure it out while trying to save Emma and islanders from a mysterious, yet familiar creature terrorizing them for a powerful ancient artifact. This story might have a bit of romance.
I think my writer's block is dieing (did i spell that right?) anyways. If you want to reach my stories, go to My username is kitana5055 in the zelda section. Use search, it's easier. ANyways, please comment. I'm trying to get better at my drawings, and I'd appreciate your input. Thank you! :)
1 commentsjade2824
epona.pngEpona120 viewsWell she thinks she is. Was having lunch when she heard a familiar song4 commentsachitka
Fireworks_viewing_copy.jpgLink and Ilia- Fireworks viewing148 viewsWow...been a little while since I uploaded anything here...
Anyway, just a little something I did for the 4th of July. :)

I really love the LinkxIlia pairing, btw. ^^
1 commentsLinksLove
Great_Fairy_TP.jpgThe Great Fairy..271 viewswhenever battle makes you weary pleasue come back to see me..2 commentsIlia
Green_Salamander.jpgGreen Salamander121 viewsAnother of Ryu's generals: he's the only one without horns.

And YES. He's about as insane as he looks. He has the personality of a serial killer and the ability to turn reptilian soldiers into Dragonoids as well.
Niko the ninja
Group_Picture.pngLink, Midna, Zelda, and Ilia1613 views Just a picture of what I think would happen to Link when he transforms from a wolf into a human, and something goes wrong....So um..Yeah enjoy! P.S. I drew Midna in my hair style for her, and I tried to make them look chibi-ish.
The Watermark reads:
Link, Midna, Ilia, & Zelda (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Ilia.jpgIlia976 viewsI havent seen a fanart of Ilia yet! so i made one. hope u like it!27 commentseponagirl
ilia.jpg1148 viewslord-of-shadow
ilia.png2561 viewslord-of-shadow
ilias_theme.midIlia's theme1183 views9 commentsIron Knuckle
linkilia.jpgTogether in the Twilight243 viewsMidna's true form and exclusive character made me draw this piece. She is one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen in a game.
Moreover, I really like Ilia and the tense between Link and her. I even think a normal, lovely girl like her is the better partner for him ^^
6 commentsBlackfang
Linkote.jpgHero2283 viewsYou might find this pic familiar, and you'd be right to, I took the pose of this pic of a very know image of Trunks (my favourite character of DBZ!!)34 commentsMagalink
Link_and_the_Ladies.jpgLink and the Ladies522 viewsLink and most of the female characters from OoT. And yes, 2 of the women are unfamiliar. They're my original characters: Sakaya and her evil alter-ego, Mesine.8 commentsSora
Midna_3d_Model-001.PNGMidna102 viewsAs soon as I can put a skeleton to move them around with I'll start adding them to scenes.
I don't seem to have the meshes for Epona, Ilia, Agitha, and the Master Sword to name a few, gonna need to see if I can find someone that has them or see if I can figure out how to rip them from the game.
4 commentsParaclete
oola.jpgOola148 viewsThis is Oola. She is from the fanfic I've been working on- The Hilt of Hyrule. She is a Louwux- a race of creatures that resemble Wolfos. They have amazing fighting skills and retractable claws that can pierce flesh on impact. Oola helps Link and Midyedai navigate their way through the caverns to find Princess Ruzailia. Miss Fearsome Pirate
PrincessZelda.jpgPrincess of Hyrule.222 viewsZelda..3 commentsIlia
Ruz.JPGBleh174 viewsI know it's blurry, but this is the young Princess Ruzailia from my fic. Guess what? She turns EVIL! Bet ya never saw that comin' huh?1 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
secret.jpgSecret334 viewsLink and Sheik on Lake Hylia's little island. Link still wonders why Sheik is so familiar, and Sheik thinks "It's still a secret! ^_~"3 commentsMalu CLBS
Star_gazers_copy.jpgStargazers170 viewsLink, Ilia, and two fan characters, Teo and Chiaki, laying in the grass on a clear night, watching the stars. 4 commentsLinksLove
strolling.jpgA Walk in the Forest219 viewsDrew this as a gift for someone in the Zelda gift exchange that I'm running. She wanted Link, Ilia, and Epona and that's what I drew. Hardest thing to draw was Epona.4 commentscyen
theylookfamiliar....PNGThey look familiar...512 viewsWell, I wanted to make a pic of adult Link looking at the 5 Links thinking 'What the f*ck?', but I couldn't decide on a scene..until I thought of this!

Waiting in the rain, probably for a bus, and Link's trying to think who those kids remind him of. Navi's like "They look like you, you idiot!!"

Meanwhile, Blue's peeved of getting wet and trying to get it off Green. And Vio's being all nice to Shadow like "Come close to me.." keeping him dry. =w=

Link and Navi (c) Nintendo
Blue, Red, Green, Vio and Shadow (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
5 commentsKeitii
Twilight_Princess_Chibis_Chibi_Ilia_Colored2.jpgChibi Ilia281 views This is just a cute, chibi picture of ilia I drew. I hope you guys like it! 5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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