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3--Boss_Ironknuckle_of_Island_Palace.pngZelda 2 AoL: Island Palace Guardian Boss Ironknuckle86 viewsThe Boss Ironknuckle, aka Rebonack, who protects the Island Palace.

Get ready for one hell of a jousting match!

Official art was the reference for his design. But the shade of blue was from his in-game sprite.
harshcomic.gifThe Harsh Comic907 viewsHistory Time!
Way back in the day, before the Fall of the old Zeldalegends (ooh, how mythical sounding), there were wars. Terrible wars between the Fan Artists and the Spammers, fighting for the sanctity of the Gallery. They were know as the Spam Wars.

Leading the forces of good (the origianal Artists) were heros such as Imazeldagirl, Ganondorf, Hacker Z, IronKnuckle, Dan Heron, Obsessed_Zelda_Freak, and myself, just to name a few.

Leading the forces of 3vi|_ were spammers such as black_link and his many personas- white_link, red_link, green_link, gray_link, rainbow_link, etc. They sought to poison the gallery by posting unaltered official art and making irrelevant comments. No one was safe.

In an effort to fight the 3vi|_, Hacker Z and I began a campaign where we not only refuted the spammers with our commets, but also with our art. This particular picture is a compilation by me of several brave pics by HZ. I post this pic today in the aftermath of Rhyksha, to remind spammers what waits in the Depths of the Gallery.
25 commentsKoroks Rock
ironknuckle.gif314 viewsRebonack (nicknamed Ironknuckle).
ironknuckle.gif454 viewsIronknuckle.
ironknuckle.gif1999 viewsIron Knuckle wielding an axe. Head looks like the Nabooru Iron Knuckle.1 comments
ironknuckle.jpg507 viewsIronknuckle.
ironknuckle.jpg443 viewslord-of-shadow
ironknuckle2.jpg2757 viewsHigher quality image, looks like regular Iron Knuckle.4 comments
IronKnuckleBlue.gif185 views
IronKnucklecolor copy.jpg
IronKnucklecolor copy.jpgIron Knuckle343 viewsThis is actually my first time to use photoshop to color anything. I'm pretty happy with how everything looks (I guess the cast shadows on the shield could use work, but I'm just glad they don't look completely off). Most of the fanart on this site is a little on the cutesy side, so I thought I'd darken the place up a little. . . Should get something else done in a week or so.18 commentsScipio
IronknuckleOrangeRight1.gif180 views
IronknuckleOrangeRight2.gif167 views
IronknuckleRed.gif185 views
linkage.jpgMessing with Fierce Deity in PaintShopPro96 viewsRefer to the title...

I used to come around here a lot something like three years ago as IronKnuckle - perhaps this is a resurfacing.
1 commentsTeamGastly
LoZ2--Ironknuckle.jpgZelda 2 AoL Ironknuckle114 viewsIronknuckle, or one of them, from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I used a sprite as the lineart reference, but the color is from the official art.

This one is in Midoro (Swamp) Palace (I used as a reference here).
4 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ2FokkaByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Fokka108 viewsFokka, the birdbrained version of Ironknuckle in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. You'll encounter him and his ilk in the final Palace, the Great Palace.

Don't "fokka" around here! (Ha ha, I tell bad joke!)

Anyway, I used the sprite (and some of the official art) as reference here.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
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